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Remnant Rome Report

Remnant Rome Report (3)

The Remnent Newspaper traveled to Rome for coverage of the Conclave.

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Tradition Remembered

Tradition Remembered (3)

The Remnant Will Never Forget

The Remnant devotes this section of our exclusively to testimonies by those who lived through the revolution of the Second Vatican Council.

This page is reserved for those who saw what happened, or heard what happened from those who did,  and who truly understand how Catholic families were blown apart. Visitors who have personal reflections, or memories of traditionalists pioneers, or reminicences of the revolution are encouraged to tell their stories and share their pictures here. . . so that we will never forget.

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Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome (0)

RTV Covers Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

Remnant TV was in Rome this past week covering the Vatican’s clerical sexual abuse summit on the “protection of minors”. It seemed a dismal assignment, to be sure, but the reason it was necessary for The Remnant to be in the Eternal City was so we could throw in with our traditional Catholic allies in Rome who’d organized an act of formal resistance to the Vatican sham summit.

Going in, we all knew that the ultimate goal of the summit was to establish child abuse—not rampant homosexuality in the priesthood—as the main cause of a crisis in the Catholic Church which now rivals that of the Protestant Revolt. (Remnant TV coverage of this event as well as the Vatican summit itself, can be found on The Remnant’s YouTube channel, and for your convenience is laid out below:

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In this RTV Special, Michael Matt is interviewed by the high school students of the Youth Apologetics organization. In the wake of Pope Francis's crackdown on Traditional Catholics, the students ask Mr. Matt to go over the history of this movement and to help them develop strategy moving forward based on how traditionalists did it back when Mr. Matt was a boy.

Complete with photos and vintage video clips, this one might be called Traditionalism101, as Mr. Matt takes us back in time in order to prove his point that we're much better off today than the pioneer traditionalists were back then, right after Vatican II.

I am begging all Catholics to participate in a rosary novena from today (November 22nd) to November 30th, in order that Roe vs. Wade would be overturned in an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Hearing. The hearing, which begins on December 1st, concerns a Mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks. To implement it, the state is asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade, which gave American women the constitutional “right” to abortion.

In his 1943 encyclical on the Mystical Body of Christ, Mystici Corporis Christi, Pope Pius XII wrote of the resemblance between Jesus Christ and His Church:

“From the outset it should be noted that the society established by the Redeemer of the human race resembles its divine Founder, who was persecuted, calumniated and tortured by those very men whom He had undertaken to save.”

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Question: Does Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate apply to people on welfare, or just to those gainfully employed?

On Thursday, November 4, 2021, the United States Department of Justice Special Counsel’s Office released a statement which begins as follows.

Special Counsel John Durham today announced that a federal grand jury returned an indictment in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia charging Igor Danchenko, 43, a Russian citizen residing in Virginia, with five counts of making false statements to the FBI. The charges in the indictment stem from statements made by Danchenko relating to the sources he used in providing information to a U.K. investigative firm that prepared what are identified in the indictment as “Company Reports.” (

“Every one therefore that heareth these my words, and doth them, shall be likened to a wise man that built his house upon a rock.” (Matthew 7:24)

The First Vatican Council’s decree on Faith sets forth the basis for our believing all the truths which the Catholic Church teaches:

“Since human beings are totally dependent on God as their Creator and Lord, and created reason is completely subject to uncreated truth, we are obliged to yield to God the Revealer full submission of intellect and will by faith. This faith, which is the beginning of human salvation, the Catholic Church professes to be a supernatural virtue, by means of which, with the grace of God inspiring and assisting us, we believe to be true what He has revealed, not because we perceive its intrinsic truth by the natural light of reason, but because of the authority of God Himself, Who makes the revelation and can neither deceive nor be deceived.”

President Joe Biden does not have a reputation as a “truth-teller.”  Mr. Biden said the armed forces generals all told him to pull out of Afghanistan without leaving a small force.  Under oath in testifying to Congress the top generals contradicted the President.   Mr. Biden didn’t really visit the border, as he claimed in a recent town hall.  He only drove by.  It’s been proven he did not visit the Tree of Life synagogue after the massacre as he claimed.  Newsweek magazine calls it “tortured logic” that allows Joe Biden to claim that his plan $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” bill will “Cost Zero Dollars.”    The Washington Post has even given up on fact-checking President Biden.

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Speaking at a Catholic Church in Platteville, Wisconsin, Michael J. Matt addresses Traditiones Custodes, resistance, the Kingship of Christ, and coming underground Church.

Why is the Vatican attempting to shut down one of the few thriving movements in the Catholic Church today? Because the trads were right! It really IS the Mass that Matters. Rome has spoken!

The Right Choice at a Hard Time

The Hancock family is moving. Their living room is filled with boxes, their possessions are being crated up to be sent ahead to an as-yet unknown destination. The devoutly Catholic family is leaving their Seattle-area home, that much seems certain. But when they join me for an interview early one October morning, they don’t know where they are going to end up.

Jeff Hancock is losing his job. He has worked as a deputy sheriff for the King County Sheriff’s Office in Seattle, Washington, for twenty-four years. His record is exemplary. But he refuses to be injected with a COVID vaccine, and so he will be terminated.

They have ten children, two of whom are studying at university—one at Christendom College, and one at Wyoming Catholic College. The future is, suddenly, up in the air.

New from RTV...

At this year's Catholic Identity Conference in Pittsburgh, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò delivered a call to action in the face of the diabolical Great Reset.

The full transcript of this talk appears below. 

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