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Remnant Rome Report

Remnant Rome Report (3)

The Remnent Newspaper traveled to Rome for coverage of the Conclave.

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Tradition Remembered

Tradition Remembered (3)

The Remnant Will Never Forget

The Remnant devotes this section of our exclusively to testimonies by those who lived through the revolution of the Second Vatican Council.

This page is reserved for those who saw what happened, or heard what happened from those who did,  and who truly understand how Catholic families were blown apart. Visitors who have personal reflections, or memories of traditionalists pioneers, or reminicences of the revolution are encouraged to tell their stories and share their pictures here. . . so that we will never forget.

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Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

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RTV Covers Vatican Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

Remnant TV was in Rome this past week covering the Vatican’s clerical sexual abuse summit on the “protection of minors”. It seemed a dismal assignment, to be sure, but the reason it was necessary for The Remnant to be in the Eternal City was so we could throw in with our traditional Catholic allies in Rome who’d organized an act of formal resistance to the Vatican sham summit.

Going in, we all knew that the ultimate goal of the summit was to establish child abuse—not rampant homosexuality in the priesthood—as the main cause of a crisis in the Catholic Church which now rivals that of the Protestant Revolt. (Remnant TV coverage of this event as well as the Vatican summit itself, can be found on The Remnant’s YouTube channel, and for your convenience is laid out below:

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Did Vatican II abolish the use of Latin in the liturgy?

Would the apostles have understood the language Jesus was speaking at the last supper?

Why does the priest face the people when Vatican II never called for it?

Why is Pope Francis cracking down on the Latin mass movement when it is the healthiest movement in the church?

These questions and so many others are answered  by Bishop Athanasius Schneider in this groundbreaking  new interview.


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Joe Biden and the Democrats pitched her as a Black woman. But that is a canard. Ketanji Brown Jackson is a Trojan horse for anti-humanism. 

During the nomination hearings for the Biden administration’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, Senate Judiciary Committee member Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) asked Judge Jackson what should have been an easy question.

On Tuesday, March 22, after Judge Jackson had deflected two of the Senator’s previous questions relating to a ruling by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the “enduring” significance of differences between the two sexes, Senator Blackburn put the matter in the simplest of terms:

“Can you provide a definition for the word, ‘woman’?”

Judge Jackson answered, “No. I can’t.”

New from Remnant TV...

THIS WEEK'S HIGHLIGHT: Whether you're Catholic or not, you need to know what's going on inside the Vatican right now. Michael Matt unmasks the globalist threat that is Pope Francis.

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt returns briefly to the war in Ukraine, noting that President Zelensky has now confirmed exactly what the Underground argued at the very start of the war. This is all about The Great Reset.

Speaking of the Reset, President Biden takes center stage to get his fourth shot. Yes, and on live television. Why? Well, that is the question.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is trying manfully to protect little kids from sexual predators in the classroom. But where are the Catholic bishops of Florida? Why don’t they have his back?

And for that matter, where is Pope Francis? Well, at the moment he’s hosting Indigenous Canadians who are at the Vatican demanding a papal apology for one of the greatest missionary success stories of all time.

Why is Francis so neglectful of the spiritually marginalized millions of young people all over the world? Why does the world’s foremost moral authority seem more concerned about polar icecaps than the abortion genocide? Why is fossil fuel more of a threat to humanity where Francis is concerned than a global rejection of the Ten Commandments?

Bottom line: On every moral and spiritual question today, where is Francis?


Watch Michael Matt's full interview with Bishop Schneider Interview on

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Chartres Pilgrimage 2022 Promo video: 

Chartres Pilgrimage 2022 REGISTRATION:

In late March France relaxed the majority of it's Covid-19 protocols and vaccine requirements. It was too last minute for a formal full-length Remnant Tour to be arranged, but Michael Matt will be returning to the Chartres Pilgrimage for 2022 with a small group. There will be no airfare or airport transportation provided, but anyone wishing to join us for the three-day pilgrimage itself as member of Our Lady of Guadalupe USA Chapter is welcome!

Remnant Tours is accepting registrants wishing to join the official US Chapter for the three-day Pilgrimage to Chartres ONLY. Dates for this event are Saturday June 4th through Monday June 6, 2022.

This package includes a wristband for full participation in the pilgrimage event itself, with access to all rest areas, van services, and US tents at the campsites both nights of the pilgrimage.

Registrants will be responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from France. You will rendezvous with us at 6:30 am Saturday morning (June 4th) before the walk begins at the Pilgrimage starting point (Cathedral of Saint Sulpice, Paris).

Total: $90 per participant - Walk ONLY (Registrants will be responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from the Pilgrimage)


Please sign up quickly if you’re interested in being with us, since this pilgrimage will sell out soon.

God bless you, and I look forward to returning to walk the road to Chartres with you in June on the most important annual event happening in Christendom—the great Notre-Dame de Chretiente Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres.

- Michael J. Matt

 When the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the children of Fatima over one hundred years ago, there were many problems in the world, but rampant heresy within the Church was not one of them. Whereas today almost the entire Church hierarchy has at least tacitly accepted the proliferation of the most baneful lies to ever be preached from Catholic pulpits — that all Protestant religions please God; that hell might be empty; and that all souls may go to heaven — Our Lady of Fatima appeared at a time when Catholics knew that they must be good Catholics to save their souls.

At that time, Catholics who loved God and their neighbors tried to encourage each other to always consider the “four last things”: death, judgment, hell, and heaven. A brief excerpt from Fr. Martin von Cochen’s 1899 book The Four Last Things emphasizes why we must live our lives with our last end in mind:

“How many are now in Hell, who for a time were remarkable for their piety and virtue, but who gradually grew careless in the service of God, and finally fell into mortal sin and died without having become reconciled with God. Even the great St. Teresa was in danger of damnation, for God showed her the place destined for her in Hell, if she did not give up certain faults.”

Who benefits from the wolves’ “merciful” attempts to broaden the path to heaven?

If even pious Catholics can fall into sin and go to hell where they will suffer eternal torments, we can see why the Church always sought to encourage souls to stay close to the sacraments and far from occasions of sin.

New from Remnant TV...

Buckle up, Buttercup, Joe Biden says he's gonna "lead the New World Order!"

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt argues that if Biden's the leader, the New World Order is the New World OVER.

HIGHLIGHT: Pope Francis consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Michael finally reveals his thoughts regarding this consecration.


George Soros wants YOU to know that he is displeased with China’s… COVID lockdowns?? Great! But why is he doing this? This Soros condemnation of Xi Jinping is more telling than you realize.

Justin Trudeau’s name is mud, according to the EU parliament. Michael shows you footage of an epic roasting of Trudeau’s tyrannical abuse of his truckers. One of the most cathartic things you’ve seen since 2020 exploded.

Another bit of karma: the CEOs of nearly every major commercial and delivery airline sign a letter telling the Biden Administration to “sunset” the COVID travel mandates – testing and masks included.

Plus! Do you know what Ukraine and Femen have in common?


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“This is a great day, not only to man, but even to God Himself; for it is the anniversary of the most solemn event that time has ever witnessed. On this day, the divine Word, by whom the Father created the world, was made flesh and dwelt among us. We must spend it in joy.” (Dom Gueranger, The Liturgical Year, March 25)

The Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary to announce that God had chosen her to become the mother of the Savior. As Fr. Cyril Papali described in his Mother of God: Mary in Scripture and Tradition, at that moment the “destinies of heaven and earth were placed in the delicate hands of a young maiden”:

“He comes to Mary and delivers a message to her. He does not depart immediately; he does not instruct, command or reproach as we see him do on other occasions; he does not at all behave like a superior being, but waits in reverent anxiety for her reply. Surely there must be something of cosmic significance in the message, and what is more, her reply must be of supreme importance. That is why the Angel waited and perhaps all heaven held their breath. All creation must have trembled if it knew the true significance of the moment. For at that sublime moment the destinies of heaven and earth were placed in the delicate hands of a young maiden. It all hung on her word.”

New from Remnant TV...

In this episode of the Remnant Underground, Michael Matt looks behind the noise of “Putin’s War.”  It’s easy to repeat after the talking heads on TV: “I stand with Ukraine,” or “Putin’s an evil madman!”  But how does this help the suffering Ukrainians on the ground? And how is it beneficial to Americans, now that powerful voices in Washington are beating the drums of war in Europe?

This one will challenge the safe narrative. If you want the Sean Hannity version, you know where to find it. This Underground offers something you won’t get anywhere else:  Great big chunks of the rest of the story.

What led up to this crisis? Who stands to gain from war in Ukraine? And why is this dominated by the ghost of John McCain?

George Soros brags how he’d set up a foundation in Ukraine to “reimagine and rebuild” the country, and Michael asks about that steady stream of neo-conservatives – Democrat and Republican – running in and out of Ukraine for the past ten years.

Think the Crisis in Ukraine started three weeks ago? Think again! 

Joe Biden, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Amy Klobuchar, Hunter Biden…what were they doing over there, and don’t we have the right to know what’s going on before we start sending our kids off to fight another war in Europe?

Plus, a huge curve ball: Jaw dropping footage of George Soros denouncing the Chinese Communist Party. What’s it all about? Looks like the NWO is hitting another iceberg.

Putin's talk (mentioned in video):

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For many people, the first weeks of Lent 2022 have coincided with a relaxation of the Covid mandates that began in the first weeks of Lent two years ago. Despite this temporary reprieve from some government imposed penances related to Covid, the state of the world, and our precarious security in it, hardly gives us reason to rejoice. The sudden change in Covid “science” reinforces suspicions that our leaders maliciously imposed remedies that were far worse than the disease, all to promote their globalist Great Reset agenda. Now, the tragic situation in Ukraine appears to share many of the same characteristics of the Covid disaster: the architects of the Global Reset have seemingly coordinated to permit (if not directly provoke) the Russian invasion and, through a process of gaslighting us with their misinformation machines, seek to convince us to support remedies far worse than the disease they caused.

“Something Told Me to Keep Going”

Chatham County, Georgia, police officer Joseph Robertson was on duty in the middle of December, 2021, when he got a call about a two-vehicle crash on a dead-end road. He was on the scene within minutes.

When he arrived he immediately ascertained that the driver of one of the vehicles was unhurt. He then ran to the second vehicle, which was on fire. Officer Robertson broke the rear window with his baton and reached inside of the burning wreck, which by that point was engulfed in flames and billowing smoke.

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