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Privacy Policy

The Remnant's Privacy Policy

Because your privacy is very important to us, we do not sell, donate or rent your name to anyone or for any reason. And neither do we file your personal contact information except as needed for subscription fulfillment.

For those who request a free sample copy of The Remnant, we use your name and address only one time, after which we delete that information. You will not receive further solicitations from us.

Also, we do not track activity on our site and have no interest whatsoever in following your movements or counting how many times you visit us.

This site is dedicated to spreading the truth and we have no interest in spying on those who visit it. You're free to spend as much time here as you like and we hope you will come back often, tell your friends about us, and find our on-line efforts to be of service.

All we ask in exchange is that you at least consider subscribing to our newspaper. So long as the newspaper continues to thrive, there will be no charge for any of the services offered here on our site. So, please support this apostolate by ordering a subscription to The Remnant today.

If you would like to have your personal information removed from our systems, please contact [email protected]

Thank you!

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