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Catholic Action


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Pope John XXIIPapal Reaction


Once ignited, this crisis in the Church only began to spread like wildfire. So how did Pope John XXII react?


It was not long before vigorous protests and rumors of angry excitement began to pour in upon the Pope from the four quarters of the globe.  Alarmed at the storm he had stirred up, John XXII sought refuge behind the Scriptures and the Fathers, particularly St. Augustine. He maintained that he had not advanced the teaching advocated in his sermons as of his own making, but had taken it from the great Doctors of the Church, and from the Sacred Text itself…

Pope-Pius-X-1905When I heard the news back on June 11th that The Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences was organizing a “study day” on the Pontificate of St Pius X, my first reaction was to wonder what the Committee was up to. The Vatican has issued so few words about this illustrious Saint in the post-Conciliar years one would have thought he never existed. So why now of all times, in the midst of one the most liberal pontificates in history, would this Pontifical Committee choose to study Pius X? 

On the “study day” in question ZENIT interviewed the President of the Pontifical Committee of Historical Sciences himself, Fr. Bernard Ardura. The ZENIT headline ran: Pius X Is Misunderstood, Says Leader of Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences: Study Day Aims to Give Fuller Vision of Little-Known Pre-WWI Pontiff”

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