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This was, of course, inevitable.  A group of progressive clergy, theologians, academics and politicians, many with records of radical dissent from the Magisterium, has created a website called Pro Pope Francis whose aim is to defend the Bergoglian juggernaut against its Catholic opponents, above all the signatories of the Correctio Filialis.

The Correctio, of which I am one of the original signatories, identifies “7 heretical positions about marriage, the moral life, and the reception of the sacraments” that have been spreading throughout the Church solely on the basis of the moral novelties of Amoris Laetitia (AL). Chief among these unheard-of propositions is that divorced and “remarried” people may receive absolution and Holy Communion without ceasing their adulterous sexual relations while they “discern” their moral obligation according to “the concrete complexity of one’s limits” (AL 303).  In short, situation ethics applied to the exceptionless Sixth Commandment in order to excuse sexual relations outside of marriage, which are intrinsically evil and never permissible under any circumstances. To quote John Paul in Veritatis splendor, whose teaching, in line with all of Tradition, is now being overthrown in practice in one diocese after another:
Christopher Columbus, Apostle to America Christopher Columbus, Apostle to America
(Reproduced from The Remnant, October 1992) 

This year of Our Lord 1992, Quincentenary of Columbus’ discovery of America, finds the Black Legend demonstrably renewed in vigour and purpose. As Columbus Day approaches, the old hispanophobia so dear to enemies of Christ the King is taking on a new allure.  Already on Holy Thursday, March 28th, 1991, giving way before unprecedented pressures from outside the Church, Rome suspended the beatification process of Queen Isabella which had begun in 1972 and was nearing a favourable conclusion. As the defamatory exposes of Columbus, indicted for opening the American continents to ruthless Spanish exploitation, approach a crescendo in the media, our hallowed October 12 bids fair to provoke more controversy than celebration.

Early on the masters of disinformation turned their attention to arousing the indignation of the young. Last December’s issue of Accuracy in Academia’s Campus Report, published in Washington D.C.  sported a front page story on radical students’ condemnation of Columbus entitled.  Discover Columbus’ Legacy: 500 years of racism, oppression and stolen land.” Already the University of Illinois student government had proclaimed last Columbus Day “People of Color Genocide Remembrance Day,” which it declared ‘marked the beginning of slavery, colonialism and other manifestations of White Supremacy’ Native American Indians, Jews, Moslems, African Americans, even Asians have now been inspired to join the ranks of those voicing protest against the Columbian encroachment on their rights, past or future, real or imaginary.
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