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Remnant Petitions

Editor’s Note: This article was published in The Remnant in 2006 after having first appeared on the Your Guide to 20th Century History website. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author. The original song by John McCutcheon is well worth listening to as you read this incredible story from a day and age not so very far removed from our own but, alas, fading in every way from the consciousness of "grown up" and "enlightened" men who've lost sight of God, Country and even who and what they are anymore-- much less the true meaning of Christmas. MJM

(White House Photo) (White House Photo)

When this video reached 777 (biblical number), I was reminded to encourage our readers to see how even just the Name of Jesus Christ, when spoken with respect by a politician, can inspire the hearts of millions of people.

It's really important for us at Christmas time to think about that, maybe to let our pet-peeve political narratives take a back seat for a moment, and just let the power of the Name of Jesus resonate throughout the world.

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