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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Land of Androgyny: And I’m the Odd Man Out

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"While checking out a book on Thomas More, she checked into...the Twilight Zone."

I enthusiastically thumped up to the cashier and tossed my keys on the counter where they made a satisfying clatter. “I need Life of Thomas More, by Peter Ackroyd –you carry that?”.  The cashier moved with the speed and agility of a gecko in winter. It took her fully five seconds to bring her eyes up from the phone at her navel to meet my expectant gaze. And during that time I realized that I wasn’t actually looking at a “her”. Well, maybe. I did a quick bustline check; didn’t seem to be any, but they make some pretty efficient binds these days, I’d imagine.

Since 2013, many Catholics have been in denial about Rome's collusion with abortionists, despite the fact that notorious abortion advocates like Paul Ehrlich and Jeffrey Sachs have repeatedly been invited to speak at the Vatican.

Once again, several advocates of abortion and euthanasia were given a platform to voice their views at a two-day "end of life" conference co-hosted by the Vatican's Pontifical Academy for Life on November 16-17. The conference was conjointly organized by the World Medical Association, which supposedly opposes euthanasia, the German Medical Association, and the Pontifical Academy for Life, but it unfortunately provided a forum for the enemies of life to advance their agenda.

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