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Catholic Action -

On This and That

By Walter L. Matt

Printed in The Remnant, February 1, 1973

Abortion, sterilization, a misnamed women’s “liberation” and lusting for “equal rights” – all of these things, currently so much in the news, are designed, ultimately, not for the advancement or progress of civilization, but for its extinction, for the eradication of Christian wedlock and family life, and the return to barbarism. 
- Walter L. Matt, The Remnant February 1, 1973.

In reading the encyclicals of Pope St. Pius X, one stands in admiration and amazement at the clear insight and sober analysis of modern society which this great Saint manifested when he was called upon to occupy the Chair of Pete in 1903. 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Some Common Census

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Every action undertaken or proposed by the Trump administration seems to be subject to challenge.  The resistance movement appears capable of tying everything up in legal knots, while complaining that nothing is being accomplished as a complicit federal judiciary goes along. 

To wit:  Asking one’s citizenship on the 2020 census.  

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