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St. Boniface fells the Oak St. Boniface fells the Oak

“The saint attempted, in the place called Gaesmere…to fell a certain oak of extraordinary size, which is called, by an old name of the pagans, the Oak of Jupiter….But when the fore side of the tree was notched only a little, suddenly the oak's vast bulk, driven by a blast from above, crashed to the ground, shivering its crown of branches as it fell; and, as if by the gracious compensation of the Most High, it was also burst into four parts, and four trunks of huge size, equal in length, were seen, unwrought by the brethren who stood by. At this sight the pagans who before had cursed now, on the contrary, believed, and blessed the Lord, and put away their former reviling.”

In one of the most famous and splendidly-triumphalist scenes in Christian hagiography, the 8th century Christian chronicler Willibald depicts the destruction of the fabled Donar Oak by St. Boniface, an English missionary, which marked the beginning of the end of Germanic paganism and served as one of the definite symbolic catalysts of the new Germanic Christian Middle Ages.

Fr. Pasichnik's First Blessing Fr. Pasichnik's First Blessing

The summer of 2018 was a time of great happiness for traditionalist Catholics in Moscow.  A community of Catholics who stayed loyal to tradition exists in Moscow since August 1991 when Fr. Jean-Marc Rullo (presently Br. Bernard in the monastery of Notre Dame de Bellaigue) visited on the very eve of the overthrow of the communist regime.

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