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Catholic Action


Of all the issues orbiting throughout our political universe, there is none more substantive, none more important than ending abortion and the mere thought of this has leftists terrified.  After all, their foremost secular “sacrament” is abortion on demand.

With the growing Trump judiciary, Democrats are desperately working to fortify the culture of abortion while fearing the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg from the Supreme Court, who infamously stated that abortion eliminates certain “populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

The longstanding American fabric of life, liberty and justice for all that has been monogramed throughout our republic for all intents and purposes does not apply to the unborn. 

This past December 16, 2018, was a special anniversary, a significant one in the continuum of our Western Christian civilization, but one that went largely unnoticed or uncommemorated by the vast majority of our fellow citizens….but should not be forgotten.

On that date, 248 years ago in 1770, the great musician and composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born in the city of Cologne (Koln) in the Rhineland in what is now the Federal Republic of Germany, then part of the Holy Roman Empire. Traveling to Vienna as a young man, he spent much of his life there as one of the greatest composers of music of all time. His compositions and his persona continue to resound through the ages—as long as there is a Western and Christian culture to admire and celebrate.

Biographies of Beethoven abound, and I will not spend time recounting facts and events that are easily obtainable via the Internet or in hundreds of books written about him.

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