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Catholic Action

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Divine Mercy, Divine Justice

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In this week's Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father speaks of the importance of repentance for sin when it comes to attaining the mercy of Christ the Divine Judge. All men are not saved, and to suggest that a just God is somehow failing in mercy is, in fact, to blaspheme. God is all just and all merciful. Please, God, may we never forget that.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Ted Talks (When Will Francis?)

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tex talks 

Evil looks for innocence.” ~Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

For half a century, Ted talked and talked his merry way across the globe. While he performed on the world stage, Ted McCarrick hunted for innocent victims in the shadows.

He is now laicized, but still not scrutinized.

Pope Francis is stonewalling, hoping McCarrick passes on, and the Catholic laity moves on. The Church sex scandal will never end, unless and until Francis exposes all cleric and prelate abusers and opens all dossiers on Theodore McCarrick.

But will Francis ever fully expose the evil of his biggest fan?

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