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Tired of the open season on Catholic priests?

The Covid pandemic is producing priestly heroes all across the country.

Forced out of his own church, the original "Parking Lot Priest" delivers an Easter Sunday sermon for the history books.

This could have been lifted right from the Battle of Stirling:

"There is no weather, and there is no force or principality in heaven and on earth, that can stop us from offering the sacrifice of the Mass."

In other words: "They may take our lives but they will never take our Mass!"  May God bless and protect this courageous brave-hearted priest.

#COVID19 #UniteTheClans

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What is in dispute here is not the potential lethality of this particular virus, but the ongoing COVID-19 agitprop campaign by the media, their Democrat allies, and clearly left-leaning elements of the globalist medical establishment.


As I write this piece, I have just been informed by my sister that my 96-year-old father, Joseph, who has been locked into a veteran’s nursing facility since March 12 because the Wuhan virus is present, now has fever of more than 102°. While his COVID-19 test results will not be available for days, as a precaution he will be taken by ambulance to the local hospital where we hope he will receive the drug hydroxychloroquine—the same drug the evil, lying media have been on a “jihad” to discredit, as Attorney General Barr put it, merely because President Trump endorsed it.   My father has an iron constitution, so we are hoping and praying that if he has the Wuhan virus he will overcome it, as did this 103-year-old woman in Italy

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