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Friday, March 22, 2019

Noxious Masculinity

Written by  Greg Maresca
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Noxious Masculinity

Masculinity isn’t noxious or a pathological disorder, but if you read the American Psychological Association’s (APA) latest white paper, you might come away with such a conclusion, provided you didn’t know better.

Throughout this mound of pulp that who knows how many trees were sacrificed for, the APA insists that “traditional masculinity marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression is harmful.”

No, that is how wars are won.

Imagine D-Day and Iwo Jima without masculinity. Get rid of masculinity and the world will be ruled by those who practice masculinity to the extreme.

The paper advises psychologists “to recognize that masculinities are constructed based on social, cultural, and contextual norms” as if biology had nothing to do with it.

men dont cry

The APA demonizes masculinity as an evil to be restrained, rather than a force for good.

The modernistic creed the APA has bought into sermonizes that “masculinities are constructed based on social, cultural, and contextual norms.” That “traditional masculinity ideology,” includes “anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence.”  

Only liberals can get away with castigating half of the population and not have it denounced as sexist. The APA is just another dysfunctional, left-wing hate group, but they never seem to find their way on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s annual list.

It is critical to acknowledge that gender is a non-binary construct.”

We are not men or women. Gender is described as simply “fluid” and that a bevy of influences are to be included where one’s biological sex is just one of them. The APA said that men “create their own concepts of what it means to be male.”

It is amazing how supposedly educated folks fail to recognize the simple facts of biology.

Apparently, traditional masculinity is an abnormality to be treated as a disease, while a biological male who believes he is a female is just another variation of “normal.”

This is Alice in Wonderland come to life.  

alice in wonderland 2010

The message is clear: all the things that men were good for before our latest era of enlightenment are now useless, superfluous and even dangerous. 

Telling boys that aggression, competitiveness and protectiveness is a sign of sickness would equate to telling girls that their desire to nurture children is a disease.  

Queen Isabella Of Castile

isabella 2Many psychologists and psychiatrists are in the business because they have more than their share of emotional enigmas.  When organizations like the APA are involved in formulating policies and even laws, their dysfunction is exposed.

They are driven by ideology rather than biology. 

The APA is not a scientific organization. 

The study of psychology is mostly conjecture.  The scientific method is absent. When policies and laws are enacted on such speculation, it only propels our society toward the abyss. When your science isn’t scientific, but the salaries and perks are considerable, it tends to attract quacks, and charlatans.  This latest APA diatribe was most likely written by effeminate liberal men who are misogynists.

neville chamberlainI wonder where Neville Chamberlain would rank on the APA’s masculinity scale. 

If you are a male and enjoy watching and playing sports, fishing, hunting, and belong to the NRA – masculinity in its purest form – then any suggested antidote is a waste of time.

There will come a time when the psychiatric community will look back on this demonization of the male gender with the same ridicule they now have for the lobotomy and eugenics. 

Thomas and Margaret More

margaret MoreMasculinity does not preclude sensitivity nor does it condone abusiveness or harassment, and tying it in with such malfeasance is simply, unjust.

In a country where college students need safe places because they are too traumatized by Halloween costumes, the excess of masculinity is not the problem.  If we are being true and honest, it is wrathful feminism that has done more real harm to civilization than masculinity.

If good and decent people will not nurture and support masculine virtues, criminals certainly will.  Do we want to be free from criminal violence?  Do we want political freedom?  Do we want to control our own destiny?  Without masculine virtues, none of these are possible. 

Without masculine virtues, we will be conquered and enslaved.     

Have we learned anything from history?

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Last modified on Friday, March 22, 2019