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Catholic Action

“Lay Homilist” in Rochester Diocese “Lay Homilist” in Rochester Diocese

No, this headline is not from the Remnant’s satire site, Allium Cepa. Unfortunately it is all too real. As the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper reported on July 19th:

For the better part of 40 years in churches across the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, clergy ceded the floor to laypeople for the delivery of the homily — the sermon that follows the reading of the Gospel at Mass.

Thus for FORTY YEARS an entire diocese of Catholics have been subjected to illicit lay preaching at Sunday Masses they are required under pain of mortal sin to attend. I have a question. Where have the Neo-Catholic apologists been for the last forty years regarding this situation? Aren’t these the same people we hear thumping their canon law books, waving them in the air, as they lecture Catholics about such canonical terms as “faculties”, “jurisdiction”, etc. when it comes to SSPX marriages and confessions?

Yet here is an entire diocese that absolutely flouted and disregarded the same canon law, with the apparent complicity of its former Bishop Matthew Clark, for four decades, and apparently little to no peep or organized action from the apologists was to be found.

In a July 21st blog post, Neo-Catholic blogger Mark Shea claims to “love” the following quote from a Facebook poster:



Interesting perspective. However, in order to be true, Pope Francis will somehow have to save Scalfari’s soul without his converting to Catholicism. For as Scalfari himself wrote in his first interview of Pope Francis:


Scalfari: Your Holiness, you said that you have no intention of trying to convert me and I do not think you would succeed.

Pope Francis: "We cannot know that, but I don't have any such intention."


Earlier in the interview the Pope had elaborated on this point:


Scalfari: The Pope comes in and shakes my hand, and we sit down. The Pope smiles and says: "Some of my colleagues who know you told me that you will try to convert me." It's a joke, I tell him. My friends think it is you want to convert me.

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