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Catholic Action


Parts I and II of this series should be read first.

Part I: http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/fetzen-fliegen/item/729-how-catholic-resistance-saved-the-church-and-how-it-can-do-it-again-part-i

Part II: http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/fetzen-fliegen/item/732-how-catholic-resistance-saved-the-church-and-how-it-can-do-it-again-part-ii

Seal of the Dominican Order

Profiles in Courage

In our own day, when many tell us that the worst sin is not submitting to the will of the Pope, we do well to remember the example of the following three brave Dominicans. Hidden for far too long between the pages of dusty history books, I now intend to do my small part in bringing the heroic actions of these Catholic men to light. I will let Fr. O’Daniel tell their tales in their entirety:

Among those of the order who were made to feel the anger of John XXII, we shall single out three:

Part I of this series should be read first. Click here:



Pope John XXIIPapal Reaction


Once ignited, this crisis in the Church only began to spread like wildfire. So how did Pope John XXII react?


It was not long before vigorous protests and rumors of angry excitement began to pour in upon the Pope from the four quarters of the globe.  Alarmed at the storm he had stirred up, John XXII sought refuge behind the Scriptures and the Fathers, particularly St. Augustine. He maintained that he had not advanced the teaching advocated in his sermons as of his own making, but had taken it from the great Doctors of the Church, and from the Sacred Text itself…

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