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Catholic Action



Friars from Boston's St. Anthony's Shrine pose for MassResistance as they put up the banner for their booth at the Boston Gay Pride Festival.


God help us, how much more of this rot are we supposed to take?

Parts I, II, and III of this series should be read first.

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FFI Rally

The Holy Ghost Intervenes


Fr. O’Daniel describes Pope John’s reaction:


In  the  light  of  the  events  that  immediately  followed, this joint letter,  we think, clearly exerted a salutary influence on the Pontiff; for may we not refer  to it John's subsequent steps as here related?On January 3, the very next day after it was forwarded to him, John held a consistory in which he showed himself more than ordinarily tolerant towards those who had opposed him, and declared anew that he had never intended dogmatically to settle the question, but had only sought, as he was still seeking, to have all possible light thrown on it, with a view to having it set at rest for all time.


Seven days later, January 10, he wrote Philip VI, declaring absolutely false the report that he had sent the Minorite, Gerard Eudes, and the Dominican,  Arnold of Saint-Michael, to Paris for the purpose of winning favor or making proselytes to the doctrine he had  preached; he positively asserted that  such an idea had never entered his head. Again, on March 12, he wrote and admonished Peter Roger, Archbishop of Paris, of the order given at the late consistory, requiring cardinals, bishops and others to make a careful study of the question of the beatific vision and then to make known to the Pope the conclusion to which they should come relatively to the merits of the two debated theories on the subject. And finally, on March  20, he informed  Philip VI  by letter  that  Father Thomas Walleys had  been  transferred from  the  prison of the Inquisition to a room in his own Papal  Palace, and gave assurance that there he would be well treated. Here the English Dominican remained a prisoner until after the election of Benedict XII, John's successor.

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