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On Vatican II: Lefebvre from 1972...

trad pioneers

Editor’s Note: NEWSFLASH: Being ‘rad trad’ is now very much en vogue.  I guess nobody wants to be on a losing team, and Team Bergoglio will surely never make the playoffs.  Strange days indeed!  Folks who were defending the regime just a few months ago are suddenly presenting themselves as traditionalists who’ve more or less been here all along. Good for them! Welcome to the front, boys. Still, natural justice impels us to recall that the pioneers of Traditionalism didn’t need to be on any winning team. In fact most of them were losers for Christ, who died excommunicated or otherwise disgraced for the lonely stand they took. But history will cast them as the heroes they surely were—men and women who didn’t require a buffoon like Francis to help them recognize a massive problem in the Church that had first outed itself in the Vatican, not in 2018, but sixty years earlier in 1958. Francis is hardly the ramrod. His arrival on the scene was as inevitable as sunrise. But now that resisting Modernist popes is all the rage, some Internet heroes are out there denouncing men such as Archbishop Lefebvre for doing fifty years ago what they finally mustered the courage to do just a few months ago.  This article is dedicated to the pioneer traditionalists—men who did their Catholic duty and became traditionalists long before Traditionalism was cool. Let’s never forget. MJM

New from the Remnant Underground...

vig thumb

Michael Matt takes on Catholics who are not supporting Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, including those so-called traditionalists who dismiss Viganò on the grounds that he's not a traditionalist. Plus, in the face of the Pope Francis crisis can faithful Catholics jump ship and join the Orthodox? Michael talks strategy and issues a clarion call to stay in the Church and fight, while standing strong with Archbishop Viganò.

Exclusive Access to CIC 2018 Via On-Demand Video:

Michael Matt head shot

Dear Friends:

I'd like to let you in on an early bird special for this year's Catholic Identity Conference (November 2, 3, and 4).  We're opening up early registration this week for the CIC On-Demand service, which means that if you cannot be with us physically this year, you can at least join us virtually.

There are only 25 seats left over at www.CatholicIdentityConference.org which we hope to fill over the course of the next week; but there will be unlimited availability via Remnant TV's CIC On-Demand.

Our RTV crew is already hard at work making sure to bring you top quality video of the event, along with special interviews, interactive online features and full access to each exciting CIC talk within minutes of its completion.

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