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"We grew up in the shadows of the steeple." - Bruce Springsteen

In this RTV Short, one of the most popular rock stars in the world says some surprising things about the old Latin Mass, the nuns, Catholic education, and how his early Catholic formation influenced his life.

Please understand, this is not an homage to 'The Boss', one of the music industry's premier champions of liberal causes. This is about the impact of the Revolution of Vatican II, not just on Springsteen but on his entire generation, who watched as the Church in her human element auto-destructed before their eyes.

New From Remnant TV...

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From the Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt takes a hard look at new initiatives to shut down the Church in Poland, Spain and Ireland. He then examines Pope Francis's response and concludes that what is needed is what he calls "Practical Application of Traditional Catholicism." Michael argues that, even as a good man like Jordan Peterson is making great arguments against the evil secularist spirit of the age, it's nevertheless doomed to fail if said arguments are not rooted on the single most important even in human history--the Incarnation of Jesus Christ -- a historical figure who really lived, really died, and really rose from the dead to found the greatest civilization in human history. Michael announces a new chapter in Remnant TV's war on secularism and the establishment of a new world order.

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He will rarely bless the faithful, preferring instead to wave at them or wrap them up in a bear hug...

He makes fun of altar boys folding their hands. . .

He won't kneel in front of the Blessed Sacrament. . . 

He won't wear the shoes of the fisherman...

He won't live in the papal apartments...

And now he won't allow Catholics to receive the indulgence that comes with kissing the papal ring...

trump russia

For almost three years the DNC-mainstream media consortium has labored to elevate a fantasy about a non-crime—“collusion” between the Trump campaign and “Russia”—into grounds for invalidating the Presidential election of 2016. House and Senate Committees and a Special Counsel have embroiled the Trump administration from its inception in endless, absurd investigations into the inchoate conspiracy theory that Trump and “the Russians” somehow “colluded” to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

all the lines

Whether the Catholic Church is the one true Church of Christ depends entirely upon her infallibility as an organ of truth, for if she were not such then she would not be indefectible, Christ’s promise of indefectibility (cf. Matt. 28:20) would be void and He himself could not, therefore, be what he claimed to be: the God who can neither deceive nor be deceived. 

danneels liz grapphic

Opgeruimd staat netjes*

There he stands, like the smug, self-satisfied sentinel.

Six long years ago, jubilant and triumphant at long last, the covert St. Gallen plotters and schemers chose their man, Jorge Bergoglio, and firmly ensconced him in the Seat of St. Peter.

Cardinal Danneels looks down from the loggia over the evening crowd in St. Peter’s Square. Surely he's thinking, oh, those poor peasants are clueless of the utter devastation about to befall the Catholic Church.

The St. Gallen Mafia pulled off the great heist.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Unsustainable Papacy

Written by

Pope Francis tree“Nature, not human activity, rules the climate.” --Dr. S. Fred Singer

From the outset, the renown think tank, Heartland Institute spotted the potted papal plant in the mate change hoax of the Francis papacy. As the world was mesmerized with the merciful and humble green Pope, Heartland recognized a flawed and unreliable model, devoid of science, reason, and flush with politics.

In April of 2015, the Heartland Delegation went to Rome to attempt a dialogue with the Pope about his dangerous and incomprehensible partnership with the UN sustainable development climate change globalists. Yet, the dialoguer in chief was not interested in dialoguing with the foremost climate scientific experts from Heartland, among them a NASA scientist from the lunar program.  Rather, Francis chose his poison by dialoguing with the radical environmental socialists, assorted globalists, and Soros acolytes, like Ban Ki Moon, Joseph Stiglitz, Jeffrey Sachs, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, to name just a few.

kasper and saint

Abusus non tollit usum.

When prelates talk about “the universal call to holiness” it is difficult to stop oneself scoffing. When we hear the Kasperian/Bergoglian phrase “process of discernment,” for instance, in reference to the programme to mandate the systematic desecration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, we experience a reflexive reaction of revulsion. And we might have a problem there. With all the deliberate, calculated distortion coming out of the Church in our times, perhaps the greatest danger is not that we will listen to them and be taken in by their blatant nonsense, but that we will end up rejecting the truths they are twisting and distorting.

sheherds in jail thumb

From the Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt points out that the worst pro-abort politicians in the world are Vatican II Catholics. And now that the neo-Catholic compromise has failed to appease the world--with Cardinal Pell and other shepherds off to jail--Michael contends that we are in the last days of the Modernist Revolution in the Church, and that the only hope of the world is the traditional Catholic restoration. Plus, was the priesthood always corrupt, as so many revisionist historians contend? Michael takes a walk down movie memory lane to put the lie the Catholic-bashing claim that "it's always been this way." And, finally, Michael points out how the Modernist regime is intentionally destroying the old Catholic Church--the Church that built the greatest civilization in history--on purpose in order to make room for the New World Order.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How to Fight the Coming War

Written by

Praying Soldier

The bell rings. Everyone stands. Incense fills the air. The priest and altar boys make their slow and humble procession around the pews and down to the altar. Several words are chanted in a language set apart only to be used for speaking to God during the Holy Sacrifice. Next, we all kneel. As I look down the aisle and up at the altar, with the engraved marble and gorgeous statuary surrounding the celebrant, I say to myself, "THIS is the Church.” That moment of overwhelming joy, however, is quickly darkened as my mind drifts off to the question, "Is there a future for people like me in the Church of Francis and beyond?"

A quick bit of background. I am a convert. I came into the Catholic Church almost a decade ago. I have always considered this a tremendous blessing as I do not have a single Catholic in my family and yet somehow the Holy Ghost still guided me into the Ark of His Church, which for me, is the most beautiful and majestic thing this side of Heaven. Blessing though I view it to be, I still see a tinge of humor in God's doing so. He called me home to His Holy Church, yes, but He also just so happened to do so at a time when it was on fire.

massey graphicBl. John Sarkander, St. Mateo Correa-Magallanes, Fr. Felipe Císcar Puig died rather than break the seal of the confessional.

Editor's Note: This article appeared in a recent issue of The Remnant Newspaper. Given anti-Catholic laws recently passed in Australia, this piece is now so timely that we decided to share it with our online friends. MJM

In Australia the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was recently concluded. It focused (in a disproportionate, but sadly not unwarranted way) on child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

The Commission made 409 recommendations and the Church accepted and agreed to implement 98% of these. In Australia, though, you would be hard-pressed to find a single person who could name any of these recommendations, except the one focused on by the media - one that the Church has rejected. The Commission stated:

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