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Hey, remember 'contact tracing'? Whatever happened to that? Joe Biden's mask mandate never happened, either. What gives? Even Team Gates is falling apart. Did the lunatics at Davos jump the shark?

In this edition of The Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt talks good news. With mask mandates collapsing all over the country, and Blue state governors losing in court, there's an opportunity to push back against the COVID Stupid.

Radio Spada (RS): Your Excellency, we are happy to “complete” our interview with you, which we began in March on the occasion of the presentation of the new book Neo-Vatican Gallery by Marco Tosatti, along with your preface (in addition to the English translation, the book has also been published in Italian and Spanish). First of all, let’s observe that that first conversation went all over the world in just a few weeks; it was translated into many languages and opened a lively debate. There was widespread interest and attention; here and there a few minor criticisms – above all on the theme of “Benedict XVI” – but not very consistent on the theological level: the polemic mainly concerned the theme you raised in relation to a certain Hegelian influence on the thought of Ratzinger. Have you been aware of this aspect of the discussion? If you like, this interview could be an occasion for you to reply; otherwise, we can proceed with the rest.

Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., 18th President of St. John's University Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., 18th President of St. John's University

At the end of April, Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., the new president of St. John’s University—an ostensibly Catholic institution—sent the following email to faculty and staff, under the subject line “LGBTQ+ Climate Assessment”:

Earlier this semester the Office of Equity and Inclusion engaged the Transgender Training Institute to conduct an LGBTQ+ climate assessment. As I read the survey results, I was disheartened to learn about the many negative experiences of our LGBTQ+ students, employees, and alumni: a lack of support, neglect, ignorance, bias, and prejudice. As the report indicates, our non-binary and transgender members have experienced acute distress, and the lack of BIPOC participants leaves gaps in our knowledge of the oppression experienced by those who hold multiple minoritized social identities. It is clear, both from the climate survey and my own observations, that much work needs to be done to transform St. John’s into a place that is equitable and inclusive for LGBTQ+ people.

One of the Vatican’s most recent grave scandals — the conference exploring the “Mind, Body & Soul” — has provided further evidence that Pope Francis and his entourage no longer feel obligated to keep up the appearances of trying to honor God or save souls. If they occasionally ramble off something that resembles Catholic thinking, they invariably follow with ideas that mock the Church’s traditional beliefs and practices. Even if everything else in the world was ideal, the current state of the Vatican hierarchy would be enough to convince us that we will soon see the wrath of God.

Those of us who actually still have the Catholic Faith know how this ends (God wins), but we understandably have some anxiety about the details that will unfold between now and that day of victory. How bad will it get? How long will we have to endure? Will we completely lose access to the sacraments? Are we in the last times?

Michael Matt interviews Jason Morgan at Tokyo's March for Life, 2019 Michael Matt interviews Jason Morgan at Tokyo's March for Life, 2019

New from RTV. . .

On Cajun Cooking and Liberal Tolerance


Is liberal tolerance possible? Does the Enlightenment have a dark side? And what does any of this have to do with Cajun cooking?

Remnant columnist, Jason Morgan, Ph.D., speaks at the Symposium in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Morgan's talk was streamed in Tokyo on April 29, 2021.

Kathy Thompson's article about the late Fr. Malachi Martin's book Windswept House (The Remnant, April 30) was very interesting, but its chronology regarding the enthronement of Lucifer in the heart of the Vatican needs clarification. I am able to contribute some personal testimony of my own about this matter that I believe will interest Remnant readers. Also, it will add to what is publicly known about a reported event which, if indeed it took place, was very probably a significant factor in exacerbating that 'smoke of Satan' which has corrupted so many aspects of the Church's life and witness since Vatican Council II.

New from RTV...

Michael Matt again speaks at Jason Morgan and Paul de Lacvivier's conference in Tokyo, Japan, albeit not in person this year due to COVID restrictions.

Michael's talk on the Enlightenment's connection to Globalism was streamed in Tokyo on April 29, 2021. A transcript of this talk also appears in the May 15, 2021 issue of The Remnant.

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In this Sunday Sermon from So. Saint Paul, Father takes off the gloves where the Vatican's upcoming international health and human services conference is concerned.  

Evidently, Francis just can't wait to become Chaplain of the New World Order. 

Here's a 3-minute bombshell from Michael Matt's "Editor's Desk" in which TV personality, Bill Maher, no conservative, destroys the Branch Covidians.

We hope you'll share this with those who believe only "stupid Trump voters" question the science behind the Covid narrative.

Maybe they'll listen to Bill. We hope so, since this country is clearly running out of time.

New from RTV. . .

In this episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt addresses the following:

- Greta Thunberg admits that while inciting climate panic at Davos, she was being metaphorical…not scientific.
- Michael’s been talking about it for over a year, and this week Team Biden launched The Great Reset with a little help from Pope Francis, Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg.

From May 6-8, 2021, the fifth International Vatican Conference will take place, entitled Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul. Unite to Prevent & Unite to Cure. A Global Health Care Initiative: How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health. The event is being hosted by the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Cura Foundation, the Science and Faith Foundation, and Stem for Life.

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