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In March 28, 2023, the National Catholic Reporter published an article entitled “Top synod cardinal says church could one day revisit ban on ordaining women”.  In it they inform us of a “newly named top adviser to Pope Francis and leading organizer of the Vatican's ongoing synod process [who] believes that it might one day be possible to revisit Pope John Paul II's prohibition on the ordination of women to the priesthood.” 

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In this RTV Spotlight, Michael Matt makes the point that Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but rather the preservation of fire.

That preservation of fire is happening right now all over the world, and the more the Globalist Vatican tries to shut it down the brighter that fire burns.

Taken from one of the most hopeful Remnant Underground episodes this year, this Spotlight should be shared with anyone and everyone who is tempted to give up the fight.

Many home-educating parents tell of a series of signs that led them to take the plunge and begin to school their children. It is my hope that this article will be one such ‘sign’ for families who are hovering on the brink of making that life-changing, life-enhancing decision.

Remnant readers are well aware that the COVID-19 “vaccine mandates” and “vaccine passports” imposed in Western nations, or certain political subdivisions of those nations,  represent the last stage in what  objective historians will record as one of the greatest public policy debacles in Western history, and certainly the greatest in the area of public health policy. Government coercion to be injected with still-experimental vaccines that soon proved to be worthless[i] at preventing viral infection or transmission—the only arguable public health rationale for universally mandating them in the first place—was only the last in a series of failed government prescriptions for “flattening the curve” and “stopping the spread” of COVID-19. 

After ten years of destructive attacks on the Faith, it has now become clear to all with eyes to see that Francis’s vision for the Church is an unholy nightmare. Traditional Catholics knew this from the beginning, but today many people who respected John Paul II and Paul VI also wonder how we can see Francis as Catholic, let alone pope. Significantly, though, Francis follows his predecessors in claiming to adhere to Vatican II — is he mistaken in this regard or does his failed vision actually flow naturally from Vatican II?

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In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt takes a hard look at skyrocketing persecution of Christians worldwide. As teenage assassins shoot up Chicago’s southside, Michael asks why the Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago would want to cancel the Latin Mass parishes in Chicago. Seems a bit counterintuitive.

How strange also that as the Zelenskyy regime shuts down Ukrainian Orthodox Christians in Kiev, Pope Francis is shutting down traditional Catholics worldwide.

Bumper stickers can speak volumes about the person who owns the vehicle. Apart from the free political advertising that adorns many car bumpers, we can be easily entertained while tooling through town or across the country by clever wing dings that challenge us to COEXIST, encourage support of one sports team or another, and my favorite: the sometimes humorous or thought-provoking sayings with a subtle edge. The one that I have seen quite frequently of late is the insipid statement that “Well-behaved women seldom make history”.

A pastor friend recently launched a postcard campaign to attract more people to his small parish. The photo featured 100 plus smiling faces from his congregation, with a caption that read, “Come Join Us!” On close examination, I noticed a rather comical looking face, which appeared many times in the photo. The pastor had photoshopped 10 faces a dozen times to give the appearance of a larger congregation.

Here he goes again. It’s Lent. Time for Bergoglio to scandalize the Church and the world once again.

The Vatican’s New Age Freelancer in Chief chooses Lent and his 10th papal anniversary (10 years of our own Bergoglian hell)  to announce to the world that Hell is not a place but a “state of the heart and a “posture in life.”

Monday, March 20, 2023

Hell, No!

Written by

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BREAKING NEWS: Announcing the name of the archbishop who will offer the most prominent Latin Mass of 2023 (The Chartres Pilgrimage in France)

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael J. Matt starts off with a look at the latest indicator of full-blown apostacy in Catholic Ireland – a muezzin inside a Catholic church, calling the Irish to Muslim prayer.

The Catholic countries are dropping like flies. Well played, Vatican II!

Michael Matt, who is Irish-American, is OFFENDED at the cultural and religious appropriation -- to say nothing of the ethnic stereotyping -- that he must endure each and every March 17th.

Michael is woke, he's wounded and he's wicked mad!

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