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No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation.  -David Spangler, Director of the United Nations Planetary Initiative Project (Reflections on The Christ, Findhorn, 1978)

For more than a year and a half we have been helplessly witnessing the succession of incongruent events to which most of us are unable to give a plausible justification. The pandemic emergency has made particularly evident the contradictions and illogicalities of measures nominally intended to limit contagion – lockdowns, curfews, closures of commercial activities, limitations of public services and classes, suspension of citizens’ rights – but which are disavowed daily by conflicting voices, by clear evidence of ineffectiveness, by contradictions on the part of the same health authorities. There is no need to list the measures that almost all the governments of the world have taken without achieving the promised results.

As Michael J. Matt has reported in a recent video at The Remnant (here), Bishop Hélder Câmara, Archbishop of Olinda and Recife in Brazil, had a meeting with the young Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum and theorizer of the Great Reset.

If we limit ourselves to the presumed advantages that the experimental gene serum should have brought to the community – above all immunity to the virus and renewed freedom of movement – we discover that an Oxford University study published in The Lancet (here) stated that the viral load of those vaccinated with a double dose is 251 times greater than the first strains of the virus (here), despite the proclamations of world leaders, starting with the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, according to whom “whoever gets vaccinated lives, whoever does not get the vaccine dies.” The side effects of the gene serum, cleverly disguised or deliberately not registered by the national health authorities, seem to confirm the danger of taking the vaccine and the disturbing unknowns for the health of citizens which we will soon have to face.

"We've moved from pandemic to end-demic."  -- Governor Tim Walz


When Donald Trump left the White House in order to make room for the guy the Lunatics of Davos had personally selected to replace him, I had one hopeful thought: What happens if not enough Democrats are willing to sacrifice their own careers in the name of this lunatical Great Reset? 

Consider the following staggering admissions made by Minnesota's very liberal Democrat governor, as reported today in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: 

StarTribuneMN: Gov. Tim Walz says Minnesotans must learn to live well into the future with the lingering threat of COVID-19 — but not necessarily with the executive orders and mandates that dominated the early months of the pandemic.

"We've moved from pandemic to end-demic," Walz said Thursday in a wide-ranging interview. "What we've learned over the last 18 months is we're going to have to figure out smart ways to live with this into the future.

"I don't like to acknowledge it, but we're going to have to live with this for years."

While states such as Oregon and Illinois are moving to reinstate mask mandates in many situations, Walz said his executive orders became so politicized in Minnesota "that it might be counterproductive."

Starting last year, Walz issued dozens of executive orders, such as mask mandates and business closures, over a span of 15 months to respond to the pandemic. He gave up those emergency powers in July as part of a deal with the divided Legislature to pass a biennial budget and avoid a government shutdown.

"We're going to have to learn to live with this without the executive orders," said Walz.

walz dial

"I think you have to come to the realization [that] we're going to be living with about 20 percent of folks unvaccinated, and what does that mean?" he said. "It's not throwing up my hands and giving up, but it's a realization that I'm not going to crush this like smallpox and eradicate it from the world. It's going to be with us."

COVID has dominated Walz's first term as governor and will provide plenty of fodder for Republican candidates seeking to challenge him in 2022. Walz had a 57% approval rating in a September 2020 Star Tribune/MPR News/KARE 11 Poll, dropping 8 percentage points from a high watermark earlier that spring.

Five Republicans have jumped into the race, including former state senator and physician Scott Jensen, whose campaign seeks to bring together opponents of Walz's handling of the pandemic. State Sen. Michelle Benson, R-Ham Lake, and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, who frequently sparred with Walz over COVID restrictions, are also considering a run for governor.

Let’s call it the Bill Maher Effect.  It wasn't too long ago here in liberal Minnesota when they were talking contact tracing, vaccine passports and another lockdown. What happened?  Well you don’t have to be a conservative to not appreciate it when bureaucrats start playing you for the fool. COVID fatigue is very real.  And just as there are plenty of “regular Joes” who are sick and tired of the Covid Show if only because they want their football, beer, and good times back, so too there are politicians on the other side of the aisle who may not wish to go down with this clown show. Unless they happen to be billionaires, even many Dems are not even close to the inner circles of Team Davos and as things spiral out of control in the Swamp, they will begin asking themselves one key question: What’s in this for me?

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And the answer to that is so simple, especially if you're a governor from Flyover Land: Nothing! There’s nothing in this for you, unless you're a globalist insider who likes to ski in Davos.

And that, friends, provides light at the end of the tunnel for the rest of us, as we begin asking questions of our own:

  • Can the Lunatics of Davos actually pull this off?  
  • How many politicians are in the same boat as Minnesota’s liberal Democrat Governor Tim Walz?
  • What happens if they like America, and really don’t want to see her destroyed in the name of some goofy New World Order?

The bottom line is this: Many Democrat politicians, like Governor Walz, are simply not going to get reelected if they toe the globalist line much longer. They are going to be thrown out of office before the Great Reset ever happens, if it happens. And at some point, in the name of self-preservation, these folks are going to start putting themselves and their future first. 

Minnesota is a very liberal state. So what is happening here can happen anywhere. Those “regular Joes” have had enough of mandates, masks, and emergency powers. Many of them took to the streets and shouted their resistance so loudly and so passionately that they managed to wake up a Republican or two, who suddenly saw very real political opportunities open wide before their eyes.

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(anti-lockdown rally outside Governor's mansion)

The Democrat game plan over the course of the past 15 months has become a serious political liability. And with Great-Grandpa Joe now stumbling and mumbling into La La Land, it’s becoming a no-brainer: Every Democrat’s political career could be history long before anyone is ever led into the Promised Reset Land. 

Next up? We're going after Minnesota businesses. If they mandate vaccinations as a condition for employment, we pledge to boycot them across the board, sue them, and denounce their policies as discrimination and violations of human rights. 

For now, here's the good news: 

No mask mandates in Minnesota!
No vax mandates in Minnesota!
No contact tracing in Minnesota! 
And our governor says we must learn to live with Covid in Minnesota! 

Thank you, Minnesota! You did this. We all did this! We held our ground as we must continue to do until this globalist nightmare comes to a merciful end. 

This is war. We are patriots and soldiers. And, here in Minnesota, we just won a round.

The fall of Kabul to the Taliban should give all Christians pause. What have we—Christians, Americans—been doing in Afghanistan for twenty years? That’s one question, but it’s but a small part of a much bigger one: What have we—Christians, Americans—been doing everywhere during the Great Potomac Jihad?

“Great Potomac Jihad”?

Pope Boniface VIII’s 1302 Bull, Unam Sanctum, sets forth one of the greatest sources of consternation for faithful Catholics today:

“Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

In ordinary times — when the pope promotes and defends Catholicism, or at least refrains from attacking it — this truth presents no problem for Catholics. For better or worse, we have a different situation today, as summarized by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò:

Recent headlines involving Pope Francis and the Traditional Latin Mass remind me of a case I’ve been following for quite some time: the unsolved murder of Father Alfred Kunz, a priest and canon law expert of the Diocese of Madison, Wis., who was known for celebrating the TLM.

The staunchly orthodox and pro-life Kunz was seen as a polarizing figure in the community. A number of Catholics held him in high regard, including Cardinal Raymond Burke, who wrote in an email to me in response to a very similar article I wrote for RenewAmerica, and subsequently sent to him, earlier this year: “Thank you for remembering me with your excellent article on the occasion of the twenty-third anniversary of the death of Father Alfred Kunz. May he rest in peace. The article is a worthy tribute to Father Kunz.”

As he suffers on what could be his deathbed, the media -- including the neo-Catholic media -- are ridiculing Cardinal Burke for having expressed deep concerns over vaccines developed through the use of the cell lines of aborted fetuses. Apart from the twisted timing of such attacks against a very sick man, has it not occurred to them that, should the Cardinal die, history will surely count him among those who earned the martyr's crown?

If you need any more proof than this new Vatican video that Francis presents a clear and present danger to you and your family, that's going to be on you from now on. Francis has declared his formal allegiance to the children of darkness by putting aside any and all legitimate and scientific concerns over rushed and now forced vaccines in order to join the effort to force-vaccinate the world.  But don't take my word for it. Here's your Holy Father:

Editor's Note: I reiterate The Remnant's urgent call for prayer for Raymond Cardinal Burke who at this moment is fighting for his life in hospital and on a ventilator. We must storm heaven for prayers for this holy and courageous shepherd.

I'm not sure many of us fully realize how dire our situation becomes if, for whatever reason, God calls His good and faithful servant home during this most horrific moment in history. His Eminence richly deserves such heavenly reward, of course, but his passing would be felt by the Church Militant here below as another piece of the Divine Chastisement our sinful world richly deserves. 

Please pray for Cardinal Burke, and especially seek the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of Cardinal Burke's magnificent shrine in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Long before the Pachamama scandal had landed, Cardinal Burke seemed to be anticipating the urgent need the world would soon realize to "flee to the protection" of Mary, help of Christians, the great Queen of Heaven who had once before reclaimed this land from the serpent and who will do so again.  Let us do as Archbishop Vigano suggests, and entrust Cardinal Burke to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

I add my voice to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano's urgent plea for prayers for Cardinal Burke, and I ask all our readers to share this post at this desperate hour. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Empress of the Americas, Pray for Cardinal Burke now and at the hour of his death. MJM

vigano crest 

A Message from Archbishop Vigano

In these hours of great concern for the health of our dear Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, I invite all of the faithful to pray for him, entrusting His Eminence to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I also exhort the doctors who are caring for His Eminence to not hesitate to seriously consider using the existing treatments whose effectiveness have been demonstrated.  

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

New from Remnant TV...

What if I were to tell you that a key Council Father at Vatican II was also an honored guest speaker early on at the World Economic Forum in Davos? What if I were to also tell you that, in addition to being close to Klaus Schwab 40 years ago, this archbishop also held a secret meeting in the middle of the night under the streets of Rome to plot the downfall of the traditional Catholic Church at the close of Vatican II? Wild conspiracy theory? A plot from a Malachi Martin novel?

Prognostication is notoriously difficult.  However, it can be said unequivocally that within human relations natural and Divine law prevail, and certain predictions can, therefore, be made with a high degree of certainty.  In that regard, it is beyond cavil that the recent Moto Proprio of Pope Francis, Traditionis Custodes, will have significant and chilling ramifications both inside and outside of the Church.