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Remnant Editor's Note: One of the signatories of this important document is a survivor of brutal medical experiments conducted in the Nazi concentration camp at Ravensbrück. We published her story back in 2019 in The Remnant Newspaper and online here at It goes without saying that we here at The Remnant are not only willing, but anxious to publish the following Press Release and Open Letter. -MJM


An international group of nearly 100 women doctors, consecrated religious and pro-life leaders have issued a bold appeal to Christians and all people of goodwill to cease morally justifying the use of abortion-tainted vaccines, saying that failure to stand up against them is fueling an expanding culture of death involving the trafficking and exploitation of aborted babies for medical experimentation. 

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March 4th came and went and nothing happened. No terrorism. No violence. Nothing. So is QAnon just CNN's useful idiot, or is there more to it than that? 

With the murder trial of Derek Chauvin to begin in Minneapolis on Monday, Michael J. Matt takes a look at the growing threat of domestic terrorism in America. Maybe it's time for the media to stop with the gaslighting? 

Officials in Minneapolis are understandably locking down the city this week, but the media are citing "lessons learned from January 6" for why this is necessary.  But what does the January 6 Capitol breach have to do with the George Floyd riots of 2020? 

Meanwhile, CNN is running regular reports on white supremacist domestic terrorism, claiming that "QAnon" is radicalizing the nation and that Fox News' Tucker Carlson is a gateway to a racist cult. 

How is this NOT fake news?  Why are they suggesting that the 75 million Americans who voted from Trump are actually just domestic terrorists in the making? Were Trump voters calling for violence against law enforcement? Were Trump voters burning cities and trashing monuments? 

What's going on here?  When does the Leftist dog whistling stop? When does the nation get to move on? 


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Untold numbers of Americans have gone without medical care for more than a year now, resulting in health conditions becoming worse, diagnoses being missed, unmeasurable stress for anxious patients and families, and worsening prognoses.

One reason people haven't received care has been ignored in the media, but reveals a disturbing decline of ethics in medicine and politics: The healthcare industry has been using Covid-19 screening tests to deny care to patients who do not want the test.

Super aspidem et basiliscum ambulabis, et conculcabis leonem et draconem. (On the asp and the viper you will tread, And trample the lion and the dragon.)  -Ps. 91:13


Up until the last century in Italy, free thinkers could spread ideas that were imbued with Masonic principles and rhetoric, because the social body was not liberal.  They could stand in front of church on Sunday mornings and spread their lies, even while their own wives and children went to Mass, received catechism lessons, and were instructed by the Church and the State in the moral principles and shared values of honesty, the sense of duty, and love of country.

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In this episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt discusses the Equality Act and its ramifications for the coming persecution of Christianity in America. 

Is it possible for conservative, patriotic Catholics and Protestants to make a defensive stand together, or will they let 500-year-old squabbles over “statue worship” and the “idolatry of Mary” stand in the way? 

Some of you might remember Kermit Gosnell. As an abortionist serving the cause of bodily self-determination, he went a little beyond the boundaries of a very permissive set of laws and was ultimately convicted of actual positive crimes – including “snipping the spines” of babies born alive. His practice, located with altruistic intention in the Philadelphia ghetto, throve for decades with the help of Democrat city officials and, toward the end, of the zealously pro-abortion Republican governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Ridge. Gosnell’s serving time now. Eternity is waiting in the wings.

Now that the provocative title has gotten your attention, an immediate proviso: Joe Biden holds the office of President of the United States, while Jorge Mario Bergoglio holds the office of Pope. In neither the Oval Office nor the Holy See is the chair of authority empty; a body occupies it in each case, even if in Biden’s case the body is barely alive. Neither presidential nor pontifical sedevacantism as such is at issue here—all arguments in favor being academic discussions of no practical effect on the possession of the offices in question, at least in my view. The issue to be considered is what we are to make of these two office holders beyond the bare possession of their respective offices. A number of disturbing parallels are apparent.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Not my President, Not My Pope

Written by

ROME IS WITHOUT a pope. The thesis that I intend to support can be summarized in these five words. When I say Rome, I am not referring only to the city of which the pope is the bishop. When I say Rome, I mean the world; I mean the present reality.

The pope, although physically present, in reality is not there, because he does not do what the pope does. He is there, but he does not perform his duty as successor of Peter and vicar of Christ. There is Jorge Mario Bergoglio; there is not Peter.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Is There Still a Pope in Rome?

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New from RTV. . . 

In this Edition of The Editor's Desk, Michael J. Matt Covers the Following:

  • The Death of Rush Limbaugh: Was Rush a racist?
  • Cow Farts Kill: Bill Gates to eradicate beef
  • How many vaccination shots per year? Bill Gates breaks it down
  • COVID Ash Wednesday: Smudging vs. Sprinkling
  • $3 Billion: The price for closing Catholic churches
  • Vaxinatican: Team Francis mandates vaccination
  • Masking the Truth: How long will the world be masked up?
  • Ranking the Covid pandemic ? Klaus Schwab's reality check
  • Climate Change: Pope Francis' new religion

As I was shuffling through my Missal on Sunday, placing the ribbons in the correct places for that day and reading some meditations to prepare for Mass, I came across a beautiful reflection written by Fr. Lasance on the Holy Mass.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Starting Lent Out Right, with Fr. Lasance

Written by

No matter what happens in Rome, with our most unfortunate Pope. No matter what the gods of the so-called New World Order have in store for us. Christ crucified is all that really matters today and for the next forty days of Lent.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Little Lenten Reminder Featured

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