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Greg Maresca | Remnant Columnist

Polling can be a lot like fishing – it all depends on where you cast your line of questioning and who is tethered to it. Being what they are, poll numbers can take on a life of their own. When sliced and diced, multipliers can morph into dividers, and dividers can be flipped into fractions of misinterpretation and duplicity.

Polls also have a storied history of being fairly suspect.

Your job’s payroll taxes, and your annual 1040 Federal Tax Return just is not enough.

The Biden administration wants access to your bank account provided you have a $600 balance or more than $600 worth of transactions, annually.

The recent Senate Armed Forces Committee hearings on the Biden’s administration’s Afghanistan cut and run was political theater at its most forsaken.  Claiming it an “extraordinary success” in unconditionally surrendering to a homicidal band of 8th century renegades made it such.  President Biden actually views the Taliban, who believe that 9-11 is the perfect age range for their bride, as a potential partner.  

In the sweet science, a skilled pugilist will be able to hook off their jab. The same holds for COVID era politicians and their obsession with vaccine mandates and boosters. 

President Biden leads the mandate vaccine charge yet allows tens of thousands to pass through the southern border daily who have not been tested let alone vaccinated. 

The adjective “milling” is described as moving around in a confused mass.  It certainly sounds like what is taking place daily throughout the Biden administration from COVID, Afghanistan, to the southern border.  

Enter Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s latest book:  Peril. 

The Executive Director of JPMorgan Chase admitted that the stock market’s “biggest nightmare periods have tended to be October.  You go back to obviously the crash in 1929, but the 1987 crash, and in 1989... was in October. You tend to have these October moments.” 

It was theatrical in its design and a Shakespearean tragedy in its unfolding. As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approached, President Biden desperately desired a historical and symbolic end to the nation’s longest war.

Biden’s vision turned out to be nothing short of a ‘70s era U.S. military and intelligence debacle taken to an unprecedented scale paid for in American blood, fortitude and treasure.

Where are the resignations of all the generals and admirals who argued against capitulation?

Since we are on the cusp of Labor Day, have you ever noticed when leftists gather, COVID precautions are never – belabored. 

When Barack Obama celebrated his 60th birthday last month, hundreds of his prized friends, many of whom claim to be ardent global warming disciples, arrived by private jet on Martha’s Vineyard forgetting to pack their masks.  Granted, you only turn 60 once unless, of course, you are Nancy Pelosi.  The Speaker of the House was busy cavorting with unmasked, deep pocketed political donors as thousands of Americans were still mired in chaos in Afghanistan.

Jesse Jackson and his wife, both vaccinated, were hospitalized as were three vaccinated U.S. senators.

The CDC took the time to single out the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota but nary a word on Obama’s birthday bash at his $12 million beachfront mansion, which ironically resulted in a breakout of COVID. Imagine how much better things would be for the Obamas provided Americans were not so racist?  The boss plans to invite Obama to Thanksgiving.  If he comes, no masks and provided he spurns us, it will add to our blessings. 

Jesse Jackson and his wife, both vaccinated, were hospitalized as were three vaccinated U.S. senators. In Chicago, 127 of 203 cases linked with the Lollapalooza Music Festival were vaccinated. 

This is nothing new as new examples hatch daily. 

Politicians, academics, celebrities, and other authenticated leftists relish sermonizing us deplorables in flyover country who believe their rules are for you, not themselves. Their allies in the media want you to believe that only Trumpers are refusing vaccination, when in fact, vaccination is lowest among blacks. 

The vaccine was supposed to close the COVID circus and yet offers little protection from its latest mutation, Delta.

The “science” morphs daily according to the whims of the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and the Democrats.

The vaccine was supposed to close the COVID circus and yet offers little protection from its latest mutation, Delta.

A Mayo Clinic study underscores the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine at 40%.  Moderna is slightly higher.  If the dominant strain is Delta, there is no point in being vaccinated. You need to look at the aggregate data instead of anecdotal reports.  According to Johns Hopkins, less than a quarter of the deaths are from Delta than at COVID’s peak and the average age is 80. 

There is no differentiating between positive cases and fatal ones. The headlines say little about deaths going up because they aren’t. Overplaying the death risk and underplaying natural immunity results in lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and vaccine mandates. 

We need to understand the alternatives regardless of having had the vaccine or not.  America is about individual liberty to make our own choices.  What is utterly dismissed is how all vaccines available are linked to abortion making them morally compromised and still experimental.  

Social-media censorship of experts who question any of this are suppressed in the name of COVID, the leftist gift that keeps on giving. COVID will continue to provide the pretext for more government control. Fauci was asked when will Americans get their liberty back. He replied matter-of-factly: “I don’t look at this as a liberty thing.”   



More mandates, more debt, more dependence on Uncle Sam all mean less freedom. COVID’s politicization will continue through vaccination proof, mask mandates, contact tracing, and lockdowns. 

Allowing people to assess their own risk calculus and personal health decisions is paramount.  Vaccinate if you want, but it should not be required to hold a job, go to school, or patronize a business.  

Do you need to show proof of vaccination for measles? 

What about the next virus?  

This is all about total and complete control.

This is all about total and complete control.

The dark days of COVID should be in our rearview mirror.

Democrats desire to extend the COVID circus through the November 2022 midterm election.  Given the Biden Administration’s masterful performance in Afghanistan, the southern border, and inflation is it any wonder?  Besides belaboring the facts, it’s imperative that the mainstream and social media collaborate, echoing the left’s lies while censoring objective data.  

Science matters but so does one’s liberty and rights. COVID vaccinations are more politics than science.  No business, school or institution should mandate a vaccine for people who demonstrated natural immunity and where the recovery rate is between 97 and 99.75%. 

When they claim your health is at risk, it is your individual rights that remain in jeopardy.

The nation’s Founders recognized that a government of the people, by the people and for the people needed a consistent census.  That is why every ten years a census is required by the Constitution. 

The custodian of the national census are its numbers, but its progeny has always been – politics.  

The census boils down to Congressional representation, which in turn, makes the political stakes and the scramble for federal monies paramount. 

There is no denying that football has replaced baseball not just on the professional level, but at every level of play as the American pastime.   In its first schedule expansion since 1978, the NFL regular season will consist of 17 games resulting in more cash for players and continued peace with the players’ union – for the time being. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has extended his punitive consequences from yellow armbands to not getting paid to coercing players to accept the COVID vaccine.  Provided a game is postponed due to a COVID outbreak and not rescheduled, neither team will be paid.