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Monday, July 20, 2020

WEEDS & WHACKOS: The Roots of Chirstophobia

Written by  RTV
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statue of Christ vandalized at Calgary church statue of Christ vandalized at Calgary church

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In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father uses the parable of the weeds among wheat (as well as a personal anecdote about his own father’s battle with the weeds in his lawn) to illustrate the growing problem of the “weeds” in modern society, which threaten to choke the good fruits that make our world strong and Godly.

He mentions the weeds which are burning churches and decapitating statues of Our Lord and Lady…

Weeds in the media that call such unlawful, riotous acts “peaceful protests”…

Weeds in the education system which form our children into rebellious pawns for the leftist agenda.

“We live in unprecedented times,” says Father, “when the world is sown and supported by the Evil One while the institutional Church is very weak… And still, God will provide if we remain rooted in Christ.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, July 21, 2020