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Stop Christophobia!

Support the Catholic Press!


 The teachings of the Catholic Church are under global attack today.
The Christian family has already been targeted for annihilation.

The world is waging war on God Himself.
The nation’s oldest traditional Catholic newspaper is fighting back but needs your help.
Please consider a tax-exempt donation of any size to The Remnant Foundation to help subsidize this website::

We are outnumbered by the "big guys" in the Christophobic mainstream media but we feel confident that The Remnant is in a position to take a stand that matters to you, your family and your Church. For more information about how you can help us fight back, please visit the Remnant Newspaper Donation Page

We're tired of the militant Catholic-bashing going on utterly unchecked everywhere today, and we think you are too. Please join us in the name of Christ the King, and let’s never surrender the Catholic cause.

In Christo Rege,

Michael Matt  
Editor, The Remnant

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