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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Roman Forum: Church History Program New York City

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Dr. John Rao Dr. John Rao

War in Heaven and the City of Man: Laying the Groundwork for a Garden of Earthly Delights 1629-1689

Lecturer: John Rao, D. Phil., Oxford University

Associate Professor of History, St. John's University

September 7----Stairways to Heaven: The Baroque Cultural Environment

September 21-- Popes, Bishops, Religious, & Tridentine Reform: I

September 28-- Popes, Bishops, Religious, & Tridentine Reform: II

October 19----- Dévots, Bon Français & Ambiguous Christian Monarchy

November 2----Westphalia and the Collapse of International Christendom

November 16—Baroque Regalism and the Fractured Empire

November 30---The Regalist Onslaught in the Ibero-Italian World

December 14--- New World Christianity: Religion, Regalism, & the Creoles

January 18------ Jansenius, Saint-Cyran, the Great Arnauld, & Port Royal

February 1------ Regalism, Le Roi Soleil, and the Gallican Threat

February 15-----Piety, Mysticism, and Pastoral Discontents

March 1--------- Intercontinental Crimes Committed in the Name of Grace

March 15--------The Turk You Will Always Have With You

March 29--------Raskol and Russian Tsardom

April 12----------Descartes, Deus, et Machina

April 26----------The Dutch Kaleidoscope and the Shadow of Spinoza

May 10-----------Manifold Agonies of the Anglican World

May 17-----------Glorious Revolution & the Foundations of Locke Land

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All Sessions Meet on Sundays, at 2:30 P.M.

Wine & Cheese Reception. Entrance Fee at door of $15.00

University Parish Church of St. Joseph/371 Sixth Avenue

Church Hall Entrance on Washington Place, south of Waverly Place

A, B, C, D, E, F, V trains to West 4th Street Station

Wheelchair Accessible

Last modified on Tuesday, September 9, 2014
John Rao | Remnant Columnist, New York

John C. Rao, Ph.D. is an associate professor of history at St. John's University, director of the Roman Forum/Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute, and former president of Una Voce America.  In 1977 he received his D.Phil. in Modern European History from Oxford University. Notable works include Americanism and the Collapse of the Church in the United States, Removing the Blindfold, and Periphery. His latest book, Black Legends: The War of the Words Against the Word, a guide to the history of the Catholic Church, was published by The Remnant Press in 2012. A student of Dietrich von Hildebrand and a close friend and collaborator of Michael Davies, John Rao has been a frequent contributor to The Remnant since the early 1980s.  He is known for writing his Remnant columns from Rocco's Cafe, an Italian pastry shop in Greenwich Village Manhattan.