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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Fast Way to Heaven

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Christ calls us to fast from the things of this world and to feed on the Bread of Life. Our entire religion is based on sacrifice, with the Sacrifice of Christ being the foundation and model for all we do. This same Sacrifice is reenacted during Holy Mass, of which the Eucharist is the fruit, therefore fasting before Communion is an essential part of our religion.

Fasting starves out the demon of impurity, as opposed to over eating, which fuels impurity of heart and mind, especially, our spiritual directors tell us, when this is done before bed. The Church under divine guidance has rightfully maintained the rule of fast through the ages for our preservation and so that we may worthily receive Christ in Communion.

FMC President, Michael King FMC President, Michael King

President Provides College’s Perspective

Exclusive to The Remnant

Fort Worth, Texas, March 3, 2014—Today’s blogosphere and Catholic news sites were lit up by the startling news that His Excellency Michael F. Olson, STD, Bishop for the Catholic diocese of Fort Worth, Texas, had forbidden Fisher More College from having Catholic priests offer the Traditional Latin Mass at the college. This, despite the fact that the college had full diocesan approval since 2010, including a chaplain offered as a courtesy by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter from Feb. 2013 through June 2013.

"You do not have permission to have the public celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass" ...Bishop Michael Olson "You do not have permission to have the public celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass" ...Bishop Michael Olson

Fisher More College is the only fully accredited four-year Traditional Catholic College in America. The school is dedicated to the Traditional Latin Mass, which it considers an essential component to its mission of forming the whole person, intellectually, morally and spiritually.   The school’s website explains, the “mission of the College is to ‘cooperate with divine grace in forming the true and perfect Christian, that is, to form Christ Himself.’ (Pope Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri). … We pray the Traditional Latin Mass and the associated rich Sacred Liturgy that has been passed down to us through the ages. We are certain that fidelity to the usus antiquior is essential to achieving our mission.”

While other Catholic Colleges are being overcome by the winds and waves of secularism and the politically correct agenda of the Left, Fisher More is resisting the ways of the world, and the Modernism shaking the Church, by holding fast to Tradition, which, as Vincent of Lerins said, “cannot be led astray by any lying novelty”.

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