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Quietism and pious platitudes simply won't do this time, since all that is necessary for the Modernists to triumph over the Church is for faithful Catholics to remain silent...  --Michael J. Matt

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Editor's Note: If the following testimony is painful to read, just imagine how painful it must have been to write. Father has asked that his name be withheld from our readers, but not from me.  I've known this good and holy priest for  many years, and I know that his testimony is absolutely true. God help us, I wish it were otherwise.   MJM

We were young—very young; we were innocent—quite innocent; and we all had something else in common: we wanted to be priests. At the tender age of thirteen and right out of grade school, I and 40 other teen kids with a calling left home to explore the possibility that we might have a vocation to the priesthood. The seminary was remote and far away and we had few occasions to visit family. I remember my father remarking as he dropped me off at the seminary, “Looks like a prison.” It was that--and worse!

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There are a lot of things about what is happening now to be glad about. These mostly involve things that are now becoming more widely known and understood by believing Catholics that had previously been obscure. Taken together they are creating what could be termed “paradigmatic” changes – shifts of whole ways of thinking, a framework or paradigm for understanding the issues becoming clear.

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