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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Deep State Delirium

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trump putinTrump and Putin at a press conference in Finland. (Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

The increasing exposure of a Deep State conspiracy to cover up the crimes of Hillary Clinton and undermine the candidacy and then the presidency of Donald Trump with concocted allegations of the non-crime of “collusion with Russia” has produced a state of delirium in the Deep State-DNC-Media complex (DDM). The behavior of the DDM’s operatives is suggestive of something like a vampire’s exposure to sunlight.

A Bishop For Our Times: Robert Grossetestehead of a bisop

Editor’s Note: Though Robert Grosseteste is not a canonized saint, he remains nevertheless another one of those “men for all seasons” whose saintly example is well worth familiarizing ourselves with during this terrible time of crisis in the Church. Robert resisted the pope in his day; in fact, he resisted him to his face, and yet by all accounts was a holy and saintly bishop. His case is yet another example from history of two important realities of which we Roman Catholics must remain ever aware: 1) that popes can and do abuse their office, give scandal and become guilty of evil acts that confuse the faithful and 2) that Catholics of sound mind and adequate formation are called to resist the unjust commands of such popes…that, indeed, they are required to disobey him if ordered by him to do that which is contrary to faith and holiness. It is, perhaps, no coincidence that interest in this heroic 12th century English bishop is once again on the rise.

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