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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Light in this Darkness: A Real Nun Story

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Some time ago, I met a young woman who had come to Italy to pray at the tombs of the saints and beg their intercession for a project she felt God was calling her to undertake. She arrived in the ancient city, dressed – as we hope she will be for the rest of her life – in a white and blue habit that made her, entirely uncoincidentally, a dead ringer for the Blessed Virgin Mary. I can attest that it rather drew the eye.

Last night I and tens of other people had the misfortune to see part of CNN’s “Town Hall” with none other than Al Gore himself.  First, the fact that CNN is wasting time talking to the long since discredited Al Gore about fictitious man-made global warming is a testament to their growing irrelevancy and lack of credibility as a news organization. But beyond that, there was a special guest at last night’s Town Hall that made things interesting from a Catholic perspective.

It appears that a Fr. John Rausch, an environmental activist priest from Kentucky, found time out of his busy schedule to attend Al Gore’s town Hall. That schedule apparently includes Fr. Rausch driving 22,000 miles a year belching pollutants into the atmosphere as he travels to save the planet. However, Fr. Rausch is quick to apologize for this as he seems to see it as a necessary climate sin. In 2011 he wrote the following for Yes magazine:

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