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It is with no small degree of sadness that I hastily pen these few lines the day after the passing of my old friend and mentor, Baron Arnaud de Lassus, in my opinion the premier French traditionalist of the post-conciliar era.

The following obituary appeared earlier today in the French online journal, Le Salon Beige:

"Arnaud de Lassus, RIP. We announce the death of Arnaud de Lassus, who was a pillar of the former Cité Catholique, and of the "International Office for the Works of Civic Training and Doctrinal Action under the Natural and Christian Law", founded by Jean Ousset. He was head of the traditional Catholic magazine 'Action Familiale et Scolaire .  He is also the father of Dom Dysmas de Lassus, Prior of the Grande Chartreuse and General Minister of the Order. The Funeral will take place in Versailles on Monday, 30 January, at 10:30”.

ht pope fidel 04 jc 150921 4x3 992Fawning over Fidel, Carping over Donald

The Pope Who Cannot Stop Talking really must. At age 80, his rambling, semi-coherent replies to leading questions from reporters are routinely dropped like bunker-busters by the mediatic bombardiers of the New World Order that Bergoglio serves so well.

This time, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais (the newspaper’s own English translation is here) the endlessly loquacious man from Argentina, with a little coaxing, obligingly likened the duly elected Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. This is the same Pope who fawned over Fidel Castro, a communist dictator who (together with his murderous brother) seized and maintained power by force for over half a century before his death, committing war crimes and genocide against Catholics who resisted his tyranny or attempted to escape the island prison he created.

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