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There is a little-known case of a serious papal error concerning the indissolubility of marriage, which occurred in the 12th Century. The case involves a Catholic woman whose Catholic husband left the faith, abandoned her, and married another woman with whom he procreated children. The abandoned wife consulted her archdeacon and was given permission to enter into a second marriage, even though the validity of her first was not in question.

With her archdeacon’s approval, the woman remarried and had children with her new spouse. The matter became complicated when her first husband returned to the Faith, left the other woman, and desired to be reconciled with his wife. The case eventually reached Pope Celestine III (d. 1198), who considered the matter and judged that the woman should remain in her second adulterous union, rather than returning to her true husband. 

Now this was no minor error on the part of Pope Celestine, either in itself or in its consequences. Not only was his judgment contrary the teaching of Scripture, but it had the effect of confirming a woman in the state of adultery. For erring so gravely in this matter, Pope Celestine has been accused of heresy by men such as Alphonsus de Castro.[1]

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fake News for a Fake War

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Fake News of the War Hawks---Yes, “The Russians Did It” & “We All Love Israel”. And now Crimea tossed into the mix too.  So, haul out the NUKES?—Send in the Marines to “liberate” Crimea. And Uncle Sam Wants YOU too. Says who? Of course, it’s the twin War Hawks, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both old enough for draft-deferment in any new war. And both are also old enough for mental delusions, as excuse for their war-dance in the propaganda media. Human casualties would be for a “righteous cause”. But these two, who crave so much public attention, might be asked if they have checked with the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury as to paying the bill for such war games. Have they even checked first with George Soros as to preliminary preparations?  Multi-billionaire Soros is in some seclusion, but never to be ignored. 

Since the Crimea would be the cause celebre of this projected military expedition, do they realize that Crimean citizens have little or no desire to be “liberated”? Have they done their homework to discover that by a popular plebiscite Crimeans have expressed an overwhelming desire—by over 90% voting to remain in Russian nationality—Crimeans of Ukrainian blood being only 20% of total population?  And do they realize that the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea was for many centuries territory of the Romanov dynasty, always predominately Russian, by language, by blood, and by popular desire.  Who in the name of NATO is to revise Black Sea history?  
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