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Here's a video from a few years ago that’s become very timely again. During one of the late Father Nicholas Gruner's Fatima conferences, Chris Ferrara interviewed Michael J. Matt on:


- The Southern Poverty Law Center
- The Coming Persecution of Christians
- Fatima's Consecration of Russia
- Christophobia and the Demonic War against God and the Catholic Church


In his full-length address at a conference at which Ron Paul was the keynote speaker, Michael Matt defends Catholics against the ludicrous charge of anti-Semitism, exposing the ignorance of history, scripture and theology on the part of the Southern Poverty Law Center and other far-Left Christophobes



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tea with the Curate

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An unexpected conversation

For years now I’ve been presented with a complex challenge that I don’t know if I’m really equal to. All Traditionalists face it eventually: explaining why we are Traditionalists, and what the difference is between that and a “normal,” that is, Novus Ordo, Catholic. I’ve tried in blog posts and in articles here and there to clarify it, but I think I still haven’t really done a thorough job.

The other day I was again confronted with this problem – and my inadequacy to address it – in the form of an extremely unusual event; I got a pastoral visit in my new home from the local priest! Whoever heard of such a thing in our times?! Fortunately for me, our curate speaks excellent English and seems to be an extremely nice chap. I was completely delighted when he just turned up one Sunday shortly after the early Novus Ordo Mass I’d just attended in the church next door (the next place over, but still half a mile away across the fields and vineyards.)
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