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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Three Hearts Pilgrimage

By:   Tim O'Flaherty 
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Three Hearts Pilgrimage

The Three Hearts Pilgrimage began as the Our Lady Help of Christians Pilgrimage, a 35 mile trek to the Benedictine monastery, Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey. This pilgrimage was originally established by a group of young boys from the St. John Bosco Institute (SJBI) in the spirit of brotherhood as the next generation of leaders soldiering for Christ.

Three Heart Pilgrimage - October 20th-22nd, 2022
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Join us along with other pilgrims from across the U.S for a two day, 35-mile penitential walk offering our physical and spiritual sacrifices for the defense of the traditional family and the sanctity of life - While pursing that which is Good, True, and Beautiful.

Silence No More  -  Our Time To Awaken 

In response to the current pervasive evil in our culture, Catholics across the world are uniting in America’s heartland as a visible sign of resistance against forces destroying all that Christianity holds as good, true, and beautiful.

We band together as pilgrims for Christ on a two-day, 35-mile march offering our physical and spiritual sacrifices for the defense of the traditional family, the sanctity of life.

Join Catholics from across the Mid-West and beyond for a pilgrimage walk of reparation.

The Road to Restoration Begins Now.

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Last Year's Pilgrimage

October 22nd, 2021 found some members of The Troops of Saint George on the pilgrimage road up in Oklahoma, USA.  The third annual Three Hearts Pilgrimage, which is 36 miles long, takes place near Muskogee, Oklahoma, and ends at the Benedictine Monastery of Clear Creek Abbey.  Patterned after the Christian pilgrimages of old, it is a smaller version of the the Chartres Pilgrimage in France.  The Benedictine Abbey in Oklahoma is home to over 65+ monks, consisting of over 30+ brothers and 25+ priests, and is situated in the hills of Lost City, just outside of Muskogee, Oklahoma.  This year the pilgrimage consisted of over thirteen chapters from all over the United States, with some of the chapters with upwards of 90 to 100 pilgrims and down to as few as 20 in a chapter, and the age range was from small 1 yr old children up to some in ther 70s+.  Three chapters were from the Dallas Ft. Worth area; Troops of Saint George - Our Lady of Lebanon, University of Dallas, and Mater Dei from Irving, TX.  The TSG - Our Lady of Lebanon chapter had TSG troops from Troop 31 Flower Mound / Lewisville Area, Troop 77 from Plano and Troop 1171 from down in Waco.  Troop 1 had several marching with the Mater Dei chapter.   Overall, there were 900 pilgrims walking the route on their way to Clear Creek Abbey.  

Troops of Saint George - Our Lady of Lebanon chapter was right in the middle of the 13 chapters each day, marching along with our 23 pilgrims consisting of dads, sons and daughters.  The TSG troops were well represented with several captains, current and past, lieutenants, and a couple of senior Tribune Cadets.  Some cadets were as young as 7 years old and all helped to carry the Banner of Our Lady of Lebanon, US Flag and the TSG Troop 31 Flag.  The pilgrimage trail consisted of 36 miles overall, with 26 miles the first day and then 10 miles the second day.  The pilgrims traveled up and down many hills and over two-lane gravel back roads, cart tracks, and once across a busy highway.    Food provided for by the pilgrimage staff and warm bonfires at night and benediction on the second night, there was also a TLM Mass in the middle of a hay field on the noon hour of the first day, presided over by a visiting bishop.  After two days of marching, all the pilgrims filed in and filled up the nearly completed old style monastery church that the abbey is in the process of building.  Afterthe pontifical High Mass which was celebrated by His Excellency Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, Nebraskaand assisted by the abbey monks, the pilgrimage ended with a BBQ lunch which was provided for all, before the pilgrims headed home.

Even after sore feet, sore muscles etc. which fade in time, mostly all in our chapter want to go back again in 2022.   Hope to see you there.

All for the Greater Glory and Honor of God! 074411Photo: Tim O'Flaherty 

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