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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Tolerant EU Will Not Tolerate Russia's Intolerance

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Putin meets with young people (AFP Photo) Putin meets with young people (AFP Photo)

Russia’s making headlines again for being just too darn family-oriented and Christian-valued for the NWO:

PARIS (AP) — The European Court of Human Rights issued a fresh rebuke to the Kremlin on Tuesday, ruling that Russia’s continued ban on LGBT rallies is discriminatory and represents a violation of human rights.

Judges at the court based in the eastern French city of Strasbourg called on Moscow to introduce “systemic measures” to remedy the breaches to the European Convention of Human Rights that the Russian Federation became a signatory to in 1996.

It’s unlikely Russia will implement the court’s recommendation of the need for “a sustained and long-term effort to adopt general measures” to ease the freedom to march and counter LGBT discrimination.

Russia in 2011 adopted a vaguely worded legislation on “gay propaganda” that outlaws LGBT gatherings anywhere near where children might be.

REMNANT COMMENT: Stop the hate, for sure! This is outrageous! I’m shocked. Totally shocked. Probably more shocked than you are, in fact, because I’m super evolved!

(Thanks, Facebook censors, for all you do to keep us safe!)

Now for what we really think: Maybe if the Alphabet Soup Gang would refrain from running around naked in the streets of Moscow, turning Main Street Russia into a S&M freakshow, Mother Russia wouldn't be so worried about little Olga and Dmitry losing their innocence forever on their way to grab a Baykal after school.

Is it really so unreasonable for a parent—any parent—to prefer her little daughter not be forced to witness two men in leather thongs flogging each other on her way to ballet class? I mean, really! Who's being the insensitive boob here -- the parent minding her own business, or the doofus in the leather diaper?  

Just a thought. 

I know, we Godly Americans know FOR SURE that President Putin is just trying to fool us with all this, by playing the part of the prodigal. But what if Putin’s presidential playacting is beginning to take a toll on the former KGB guy?  What if his public bearing witness to the Light—no matter how politically motivated it may be—is actually scoring a few points with the “Man upstairs”. You never know. Right?

A politician  “pretending” to be a Christian at a time when just about every country in the West is preparing to outlaw Christianity has got to stand for something.  And why pretend to be Christian if on some level you’re not convinced that a Christian people is far preferable to an atheist/secularist mob?

God's ways are not ours and, let's face it, even Putin’s charade—if that’s all it is—is more Godly than what ninety percent of politicians running around loose in the world today are doing.

Here’s an old RTV Short that I think drives this point home quite nicely:

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