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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Russia and the Moral Depravity of the Obama Administration

By:   Emmet Scott
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Russia and the Moral Depravity of the Obama Administration
It is axiomatic that politics is the art of the possible, and that governments are guided by practical considerations rather than strictly moral ones. Nonetheless, until fairly recent times the citizens of Western nations could be confident that their governments at least subscribed in public to culturally Christian concepts of right and wrong when it came to framing and interpreting legislation and that, by and large, the interests of the citizenry were considered of some importance to legislators and administrators.

That Western governments no longer even pretend to subscribe to Christian morality and that they no longer have the interests of their own citizens at heart is painfully obvious to all but the most blind or obtuse. A new “religion”, namely radical secularism, is the belief system which now informs the thinking and actions of most Western politicians. That this radical secularism is every bit as hostile to traditional Christianity as was the Marxist secularism of Communist regimes is not to be doubted, and we have already witnessed the beginnings of a low-key and so far, bloodless persecution of Christians who insist on holding to their traditional beliefs, when these beliefs clash with the new secularist orthodoxy. A society which can fine a Christian family bakery $135,000 for refusing to bake a lesbian “wedding” cake and which can throw a public registrar into jail for refusing to officiate at a gay “wedding” is a society which has already travelled far down the road of Soviet totalitarianism.
The overturning of Christian ideas relating to sexual morality can only accomplish the complete destruction of the family and the normalization of the most depraved sexual activity imaginable. That the political and economic elites have gone far down that road is fairly obvious, though it would appear from the emerging evidence of the hacked Podesta emails that they have travelled much further even than most people hitherto realized. More on this presently.

If the radical secularism of the Western ruling elites is militant and proselytizing at home, it is equally so abroad. In pursuing the self-same agenda abroad, the Obama administration has stirred up wars and revolutions throughout the globe, transforming America into a real menace to the peace and stability of the world. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in Syria.

The decision of the Obama and Cameron administrations in the US and UK to assist the anti-government insurrection in Syria in 2012, even though they knew that the “opposition” was comprised entirely of Islamist extremists illustrates, in the most graphic manner possible, the utter moral bankruptcy of the Western political class. From 2012 onwards delegation after delegation of Christian prelates and lay-people arrived in Europe begging the West to cease helping the rebels. Even by that time we were already used to seeing images of ancient Christian communities massacred by the jihadists. Yet all such pleas fell on deaf ears, as Cameron and Obama ramped up hostility against the Syrian government. In this they were supported and even encouraged by the equally immoral Western media.

It was eventually left to Russia to save the Assad regime and prevent the country falling to ISIS, Al-Qaeda and their affiliates. Had it not been for Russian intervention at the end of 2015 the whole country would by now have been overrun and the Christian and Alawite communities exterminated. This, apparently, was a prospect which did not trouble Obama, Clinton, Kerry, or Cameron in the slightest.

America under Obama had effectively become an ally of fundamentalist Islam. Neither Obama nor his backers of course see it that way. To them, the Holy Grail is democracy: If they can bring democracy to any society they can transform it into a liberal/secularist paradise. They fail completely to understand that democracy only works in societies like Europe, where the civilizing influence of Christianity has, over the centuries, produced a climate where men can (to some extent at least) agree to disagree. As Christianity fades in the West that civilized modus operandi is breaking down even here. But the idea that democracy can be used as a tool to civilize people is utter idiocy.

Which brings us on to the question of Russia. The demonization of Russia and her leader Vladimir Putin has been a consistent feature of the Obama regime almost from the word go. Many theories have been proposed to explain this; and undoubtedly there is more than one cause. Yet we cannot doubt that Russia's refusal to go along with the secularist agenda is a major factor. Russia has been accused of initiating an ideologically-motivated war against the West, presenting herself as the defender of Christians and Christian morality in a world that is increasingly hostile to both; yet the evidence would suggest that it is the West which initiated hostilities.

In January 2014, long before the Ukraine crisis or Russia's intervention in Syria, a vocal campaign, supported by influential Western politicians, was launched to boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics, on the grounds that the Putin regime was “oppressive” to gays. In actual fact, there was no “oppression” whatsoever; Russia had simply banned “gay propaganda”, namely the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle to children. A couple of decades earlier, such attitudes would have been considered absolutely normal in the West. In this, as in so much else, it was the West, and not Russia, which had changed and which was promoting something radical and new, whilst at the same time attacking and demonizing anyone or any society which did not conform. The same attempts at secularist proselytism (often backed by Soros-funded NGOs) are also to be observed in the allocation of aid and even in trading relations with African, Asian, and Latin American countries. Those states which do not conform with regard to questions such as abortion and LGBT “rights” are punished financially.

But increasingly sanctions against recalcitrant states do not stop at mere economic measures, and America under Obama has stirred up ideologically-motivated revolutions and insurrections in North Africa, the Middle East, eastern Europe and central Asia – much as the Soviet Union did during the second half of the twentieth century. In this regard, it's really no surprise that some of the keenest supporters of regime change in foreign parts have been the “Neoconservatives” - a group of mostly ex-Trotskyist intellectuals posing as “born-again” conservatives. But the so-called conservatism of the Neocons is a sham: their ideal society is a radically secularist social democracy, which has little or no place for Christianity. It is interesting to note that the recent Trump Revolution in America, which is at core a nationalist and traditionalist movement, has exposed the rift with the Neocons, who have in general returned to their natural home amongst the leftists of the Obama/Clinton camp.

And what a motley crew the latter are. The recent release of the Podesta emails by WikiLeaks has exposed a terrifyingly sinister dimension to the lives of the secularist elites. Irrespective of what the evidently code-words found throughout the Podesta emails really mean (and it is interesting that Podesta has made no attempt to explain them), there can be no doubt whatsoever that high-ranking members of the Democrat Party have been involved in extensive paedophile activity. Several of them, such as Anthony Weiner and Dennis Hastert (former Speaker of the House) have already done time in prison for their activities, but it is clear that these are merely the tip of a very large iceberg. We know, for example, that Bill Clinton (and apparently also Hillary) were frequent visitors to Jeffrey Epstein's “Lolita Island” in the Caribbean, where sex-parties involving minors were the course de jour.

It is interesting to note too that, should the code-words in these emails actually refer to underage children, then Obama himself is deeply involved: we are told that he had spent $65,000 dollars on “pizza” to be brought from Chicago (of all places) for a private party in the White House. We know too, from FBI insiders, that repeated attempts to investigate the paedophile activities of high-ranking Democrats have been continually blocked by the White House (i.e. the Justice Department).

That such activities are part of the private lives of the secularist elites should surprise no one. All ideas of sexual mores and restraints are religious in nature, and in the West, that means Christian. The rejection of Christian morality thus opens the way for a sexual free-for-all, where quite simply, anything goes. It should come as no surprise therefore that the liberal elites of various European societies, such as the UK, have already been exposed as harbouring massive networks of paedophiles and deviants of other hues. As in America, they have used (and still use) their positions of power to protect themselves. The recent revelations of horrific abuse by public figures such as the DJ Jimmy Savile and the MP Cyril Smith – as well as several others – are but the tip of an enormous iceberg, which the Cameron (and presumably also now the May) administration succeeded in keeping a lid on. And the extent to which the secularist elites approve this behaviour may be judged from the fact that Harriet Harman, former Labour Party Deputy Prime Minister, and left-wing activist, once headed a body (the National Council for Civil Liberties) which had, as one of its affiliated associations, the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.

Whether the elites in America will also continue to be able to suppress the truth, in view of the Trump victory, remains to be seen. Indeed, the exposure or non-exposure of the truth in this matter may be the litmus test whether Trump is a genuine alternative or just another tool of the anti-Christian elite. Time will tell.

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Last modified on Thursday, December 15, 2016