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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Diabolical Narcissism: When Princes Betray Their King

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The Biblical Roots of Collegiality: "Then his disciples leaving him, all fled away." The Biblical Roots of Collegiality: "Then his disciples leaving him, all fled away."
Editor’s Note: In their May 2016 edition, our friends over at the New Oxford Review enlist the services of a guest columnist to launch an attack on The Remnant for, of all things, posting an Ann Barnhardt article here on this blog some months ago. Ironically enough, our able critic—an old friend, a big fan of Pope Francis and an avowed evolutionist who considers much of what we Catholics believe to be based in myth—finds Miss Barnhardt’s treatment of Pope Francis to be uncatholic. Though there are any number of reasons for why our critic would enlist his considerable talents in this unprovoked attack, he cites the appearance of Ann Barnhardt’s by-line as Exhibit A in his case against The Remnant. As luck would have it, this is just fine by me since I’d take one Barnhardt raising her alarms in protest over an entire army of neo-Catholics raising their arms in surrender. Too bad our oh-so-sophisticated critics aren’t as inclined to read and prayerfully consider the message as they are to shoot the messenger, but c’est la vie. (No hard feelings, John Médaille. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.) Carry on Miss Barnhardt, and with my compliments. MJM

A question that I have always asked myself is, “Who are the people who would dedicate their lives to a Church that they clearly hold in contempt at best, and hate at worst?  What would drive a man or woman to a life driven by and revolving around such pure, focused spite?”

Who are they?  They are Diabolical Narcissists. 
To review, Diabolical Narcissism is the condition in which a human being freely chooses to adopt the psycho-spiritual comportment and emotional palate of the fallen angels.  Simply put, the DN chooses, exactly as the fallen angels chose, to voluntarily purge himself of all love. As a result, he is voluntarily incapable of empathy, and incapable of the emotions derived from love, namely happiness, gratitude, joy, and sadness. 

DNs are capable only of the demonic emotional palette of anger, hatred, envy and fear. They view other human beings as 3-dimensional cartoons to be used as the DN sees fit to provide him with diabolical narcissistic satisfaction.  And, like the angelic demons, deep down, Diabolical Narcissists know that they are monstrosities, and thus are animated by an unquenchable spite, especially toward those “mere humans”, so far beneath them, and yet capable of that which they have freely rejected: love.

DNs derive the greatest diabolical satisfaction from forming attachments, sometimes referred to as the “idealization phase”, grooming the attachment/victim, then turning on and “devaluing” the attachment/victim, and then viciously abusing the attachment/victim.  DNs derive intense diabolical satisfaction from not only the actual abuse of the victim, but oftentimes even more so from the “getting away with it” – watching as others around him, not wanting to incite his wrath or lose their connection to him, give their tacit approval or even their positive approval of his abusive actions. DNs are literally obsessed with the notion that they are a separate caste, an uber-aristocracy, distinct and above everyone else, even “super-human”, and as such the “rules” which apply to the rabble and the great unwashed do not apply to them.  One of the greatest sources of diabolical satisfaction for DNs is to openly commit crimes, atrocities, scandalous sin or acts of abuse and NOT be held to account – to operate outside the law or the rules of human decency. In the secular political sphere this is referred to as “oligarchy”. On the micro level it has many names: megalomania, sociopathy and psychopathy. 

But what happens when a DN forms such an attachment with, and then devalues, hates, abuses, and even declares war on God?

Well, that, dear reader, is what we call a “Jesuit”. That’s a little joke. This dynamic is certainly not limited to the Jesuits. It is everywhere in the Church, and can be seen amongst the laity, and Traddyland is by no means immune.

First, the initial phases of the DN’s “relationship” with God.

It is typically cerebral narcissists, as opposed to somatic or “physical” narcissists, that seek out God Himself as an attachment/victim.  Cerebral Diabolical Narcissists see God as the ultimate attachment, and eventually, as the Ultimate Victim – which, ironically, is exactly what He is.  God is everything that DNs want to be: omniscient, awe-inspiring, admired and adored, mysterious and much-discussed, perfect.  Some DNs, especially those that were deified as children, will view God as their only peer, casting themselves in the role of co-God, fourth person of the “Quatrine Godhead”, or demiurge. 

Across the board, these DNs believe themselves to be the “only one” who genuinely “understands” God.  They believe that they have a completely unique and privileged relationship with God.  It is the DN and God, alone together, against the world.  Some in the protestant cult milieu will even use terms like “anointed”, such as Ted Cruz and Jim Jones.  DNs believe that they derive authority from their privileged relationship with God, and that this authority exempts and dispenses them from laws and behavioral standards as they apply to “mere humans”.  They believe that the rules do not apply to them, but that they are able to sit in God-like judgment of others without countenancing the slightest hint of hypocrisy. 

It bears mentioning at this point that the deification of children is no longer the rarity that it once was, found typically in years past with genius children and the children of heredity monarchs.  In fact, the entire post-Christian education system and media complex today is specifically designed to drive children into pathological effeminacy at best and full-blown Diabolical Narcissism at worst.  If the children around you today seem like insufferable mini-tyrant “Social Justice Warriors”, it is because that is exactly what they are.  They are an army of DN Stormtroopers, eagerly awaiting their orders, convinced of their “otherness”, and perhaps more importantly, regarding other human beings as expendable animated sacks of meat.

For DNs who enter the priesthood, religious communities, or who find themselves in a position of authority within The Church, be it working in the Chancery, or even laymen working within the Church, their predisposition toward sadism and abuse is facilitated by any position of authority, even if they have not yet turned on and devalued God.  Their default position of contempt for others is intrinsic to their diabolical nature, and thus they are attracted to positions in which they can, under the guise of authority, dole out narcissistic abuse.

In the beginning of the “relationship” with God, the DN idealizes God, in the sense that the DN convinces himself that God is completely congruent to himself.  The more he learns about God, the more he sees himself in God.  At this point, one should be reminded of the Archangel Michael whose very name is a refutation of this very dynamic: Who is like God?  The Archangel knows that the answer to that question is NO ONE.  To the DN, the answer, exactly like Lucifer’s answer is, ME!

After a while, the DN becomes disillusioned with God.  When the world fails to fall at the DN’s feet, when the DN is not regarded, adored and obeyed as co-God, when God “fails to deliver”, the DN then devalues and turns on God just as with a human attachment/target.  Interestingly, this devaluing almost always goes in steps, working up finally to God Himself.  For example, a DN might first turn on and devalue his parish, his religious community, his Rite (going from Roman to Byzantine, or vice versa), or even his vows (taking a concubine(s) of either sex).  These are all mere stops along the road to the final destination for the DN, the rejection of God Himself.  When this happens, the DN declares war on God Himself and, motivated by pure diabolical spite, sets out to do as much damage to God as he can.  After all, the bigger the enemy, the more grandiose the DN feels.  And there is no bigger enemy to set oneself against than God Himself.  What this means for the DN is exactly the same as what it means for the actual demons: hurting and even killing the souls of other human beings out of hatred for God – an exact inversion of the Second Great Commandment, hating others for the hatred of God.

One of the surest signals of Diabolical Narcissism in general is what is referred to as “hating your own”.  In the context of The Church, the DN priest or religious (and let’s not forget the loud but dwindling army of apostate lesbian nuns prowling throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls) will hold in the highest contempt orthodox, pious, devout Roman Catholics.  In the micro context, a DN will typically devalue and abuse those closest to him – spouse, children, employees, even eventually friends – if he has any.  To the DN, his “flock”, in whatever form it takes, becomes his hostage.  And the greatest rush of diabolical satisfaction a DN can procure is the attention, affirmation and even adoration of the very people he is taunting, tormenting and abusing, while he is abusing them.

The most strategically effective position for a DN to do this is INSIDE THE CHURCH.  And so, despite their descent into full-blown hatred of God, instead of leaving the Church, they entrench.  They climb the episcopal ladder.  The higher they go, the more damage to souls they can wreak; the more they can enable and protect others like themselves who seek to abuse God and destroy His Church; the more they can destroy the Liturgy; the more they can punish and scandalize those who foolishly love God; the more lies they can tell the miserable, pathetic sheep, and then sit back and watch the sheep skip merrily into hell AT THEIR COMMAND, ignoring the very Voice of the Shepherd Himself; the more they can shake their fists at God, luxuriating in their crimes and not just their total immunity from any earthly consequences, but even to the cheers and cries of adoration of the sheep whom they are slaughtering - adoration given to them instead of to God.

Do I think that certain high-ranking churchmen today could be (or already are) Diabolical Narcissists?  Absolutely yes. Don’t you?

Do I think that it is likely that they have devalued and are now consciously abusing God and with malice aforethought seeking to destroy His Holy Church even from the very See of Peter if possible? Yes, I think it is highly likely.

Do I think it is possible for even the pope himself, vis-à-vis his position as the Vicar of Christ, to come to hate his own - that is, faithful Catholics (i.e. "self-absorbed",  "promethean",  "neo-pelagians", "rigorists", "doctors of the law")? Yes, I do.

Do I think that Jorge Bergoglio is already trying to cast himself to the world as somehow over, above and “beyond” Jesus Christ Himself? It certainly seems so, doesn’t it? Christ has one thing to say about public adulterers, for example, while His vicar on earth now says something else entirely.

Given this, is it not obvious that we must resist all of these DN bishops, priests and religious, and pray every day for their reversion to the One True Faith and the One True Church?

Christ, have mercy.

Quite obviously, The Remnant is under increased attack. Please help us fight back in the name of Truth, Tradition and Christ our Sovereign King:

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Last modified on Sunday, May 8, 2016
Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt spent 15 years in Denver as a commodities broker, specializing in cattle and grains and serving small-to-medium sized livestock and grain producers in the former United States and Canada.  After shuttering her firm in the face of massive, systemic corruption in the financial markets and government, Barnhardt declared a federal tax strike, liquidated her estate, and now lives "off the grid". She blogs at on matters pertaining to the Church, politics, islam, and economics, including monetary theory, banking theory, derivatives and arbitrage. She was born into Jesus Christ and His Holy Church at the Easter Vigil of 2007.  She found the Gregorian Rite in July of 2008, and never looked back. She wears, on occasion, trousers.