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Carlo Maria Viganò

Good Friday, 15 April 2022

Astiterunt reges terræ, et principes convenerunt in unum, adversus Dominum, et adversus Christum ejus (Ps 2 :2). The kings of the earth and the princes have allied themselves against the Lord and against Christ. The Psalm which begins the First Nocturn of Matins on this day declaims succinctly. Let us break their bonds ; let us cast away their yoke from us ! Is this not what we have been seeing happening right before our eyes for a long, too long, a time ? Do not the powerful and the elite want to cancel every tie with God and rebel against His holy Law ? Do they not seek to disfigure the image of the Creator in the creature and the likeness of the Holy Trinity in man ? And how many times are we ourselves tempted to withdraw from the sweet yoke of Christ, ending by making ourselves slaves of the world, the flesh, and the devil?

All of today’s liturgy resounds with the indignation of the Divine Majesty; of the dismay of the provident Father at the revolt of His children; of the sorrow of the Son over the ingratitude of man; of the bitter disappointment of the Paraclete at the insane obstinacy in evil of those who make themselves blind to the Truth and deaf to the Word of God.

English transcript of the interview released by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to Dr. Armando Manocchia for channel TV “Canale Italia”

[Video interview in Italian below]

Beginning with the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), Masonic infiltrations within the Catholic Church have become increasingly substantial. Progressivism and relativism have been employed as weapons to undermine fidelity to Tradition. Did Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was excommunicated by John Paul II in 1988, therefore sense that Catholicism was on the brink of the abyss?

Certainly. Archbishop Lefebvre was one of the few, very few Prelates who wanted to denounce the conciliar revolution, understanding its subversive nature. And I say "who wanted" because many other prelates understood that a real revolution was underway. Some saw it as a danger, others saw it as a "springtime of the Church." But among those who saw the danger, almost no one knew how to denounce it openly. Today we understand the historical merit of Archbishop Lefebvre in having rebelled against the line dictated by the conciliar politburo and having created the premises for a return of the Church to the doctrine and Holy Mass of all time.

 I was not a little amazed by the conflation of my identity with the personality of Colonel Grace-Groundling-Marchpole made by George Weigel in his commentary published on March 16 at First Things (here). My amazement derives from the curious way this article aligns with that of Weigel’s friend Roberto De Mattei, Riflessioni sull’anno che si apre [Reflections on the Year About to Begin], which appeared at Corrispondenza Romana on December 29, 2021 (here), about the alleged refutation of my statements to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (here) made, coincidentally, by Professor Weigel’s daughter, Dr. Gwyneth A. Spaeder (here) [curiously not in English but only in Italia], who is a pediatrician and the wife of an executive at one of the major consulting firms for the pharmaceutical industry.

Japanese Translation Here

Editor’s Note: This morning I received an urgent email from his Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, asking us to give top priority to his message on the crisis in Ukraine.

“In the Russian-Ukrainian crisis,” the Archbishop writes, “we must clearly recognize and denounce the coup d’état of the deep state worldwide, which has worked to install the New World Order, involving the WEF, NATO, UN, the European Union, the IMF…”

I could not agree more with his Excellency, that this is indeed a geo-critical moment and that this discussion must move beyond the realm of Fox News and CNN if we are to bring anything constructive to the de-escalation of this crisis. 

If this issue is not addressed with integrity and objectivity, Viganò cautions, “there is a real risk that the Biden Administration will take advantage of this crisis, of which Joe Biden himself is an accomplice and responsible.”

“There is also a real risk,” His Excellency continues, “that this crisis will serve to cover up Biden’s crimes, those of his son Hunter, the China virus pseudo-pandemic, the Durham investigation, the 2020 electoral fraud, as well as jeopardizing the mid-term elections in the United States.”

As the world finds itself on the brink of World War III—a war orchestrated by a globalist cabal and headed up by the likes of Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Team Biden—I urge readers to prayerfully reflect on this message from His Excellency. “The Truth,” Viganò reminds us, “is the foundation of justice and peace.”  Let us all, therefore, ask God to help us find and defend the light of that truth in this moment of Luciferian darkness.  MJM

Vigano crest 2Venite, convertimini ad me, dicit Dominus.
Venite flentes, fundamus lacrymas ad Deum:
quia nos negleximus, et propter nos terra patitur:
nos iniquitatem fecimus,
et propter nos fundamenta commota sunt.
Festinemus anteire ante iram Dei,
flentes et dicentes:
Qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis.

Transitorium ambrosianum
in Dominica Quinquagesimæ

Come and be converted to me, says the Lord. Come weeping, let us shed tears to God: because we have transgressed, and because of us the earth suffers: we have committed iniquity and because of us its foundations have been shaken. Let us hasten to prevent God’s wrath, weeping and saying: You who take upon Yourself the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

It is difficult for a man of today to understand these words of the Ambrosian Missal. Yet they are simple in their severe clarity, for they show us that God’s wrath because of our sins and betrayals can only be appeased by contrition and penance. In the Roman Rite this concept is made even more clearly in the prayer of the Litany of Saints:

Dear People of Australia,

Humanity is being threatened at this moment by a global coup, by which an oligarchy of globalist criminals has succeeded in installing its exponents at the highest levels of governments and international institutions. We are not talking about a phenomenon that is limited to only one nation. It is instead a plan that extends to many nations, from Australia to Canada, from France to Italy, from Germany to Austria. The myth of democracy and human rights has today been systematically demolished by the very same people who constructed it as a dogma of modernity and progress: the will of the people is being violated, the good of individual nations is being ignored, the social and economic fabric is being destroyed, the protection of workers and of businesses is being trampled, and people’s health is being considered an obstacle to the profits of pharmaceutical companies. And just as for the last two years an emergency pandemic has been imposed that has been used to legitimize scandalous deprivations of natural rights, already they are planning new emergencies – the climate emergency, the computer emergency, the energy emergency, the war emergency – all of which are intended to aggravate and make permanent the disaster that has been provoked. 

vigano crest7 February 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters Canadian truck drivers,

The Global Coup that in these two years of psychopandemic farce has been carried out by the globalist elite appears most clearly if we do not limit ourselves to considering what happened in individual Nations, but broaden our gaze to what has happened everywhere.

Your protest, dear Canadian truck driver friends, joins a worldwide chorus that wants to oppose the establishment of the New World Order on the rubble of nation states, through the Great Reset desired by the World Economic Forum and by the United Nations under the name of Agenda 2030. And we know that many heads of government have participated in Klaus Schwab’s School for Young Leaders – the so-called Global Leaders for Tomorrow – beginning with Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, Jacinta Ardern and Boris Johnson, and before that Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Tony Blair.

Dilecta Mea — About the Holy Apostolic Mass
Viganò's heartfelt message to priests and bishops

You who permit yourselves to prohibit the Holy Apostolic Mass, have you ever celebrated it? You who from the height of your liturgical cathedrae are piqued about the “old Mass,” have you ever meditated on its prayers, its rites, and its ancient and sacred gestures? I have asked myself this many times in the past few years: because I myself, even though I knew this Mass since I was very young; even though I had learned to serve it and respond to the celebrant when I was so little that I was still wearing boys’ knickers, I had almost forgotten it and lost it. Introibo ad altare Dei. Kneeling in winter on the ice-cold steps of the altar, before going to school. Sweating on hot summer days under my altar boy’s vestments. I had forgotten that Mass, even though it was the Mass of my ordination as a priest on 24 March 1968: an era in which one could already perceive the signs of the revolution that shortly thereafter would deprive the Church of her most precious treasure, imposing a counterfeit ritual in its place.


Concerning the “Responsa ad Dubia” of Traditionis Custodes

Vos estis qui justificatis vos coram hominibus :
Deus autem novit corda vestra :
quia quod hominibus altum est,
abominatio est ante Deum.

You are those who justify yourselves before men :
God however knows your hearts :
for that which is exalted to men,
is an abomination before God.  -
Lk 16 :15

In reading the Responsa ad Dubia recently published by the Congregation for Divine Worship, one wonders to what abysmal levels the Roman Curia could have descended to have to support Bergoglio with such servility, in a cruel and ruthless war against the most docile and faithful part of the Church. Never, in the last decades of a very serious crisis in the Church, has ecclesiastical authority shown itself to be so determined and severe: it has not done so with the heretical theologians who infest the pontifical universities and seminaries; it has not done so with fornicating clergy and prelates; it has not done so in punishing in an exemplary way the scandals of Bishops and Cardinals. But against the faithful, priests and religious who only ask to be able to celebrate the Tridentine Holy Mass, no pity, no mercy, no inclusivity. Fratelli tutti?


Like every year, in the cycle of seasons and of history, the Holy Church celebrates the Birth according to the flesh of Our Lord Jesus Christ, eternal God and Son of the eternal Father, conceived by the work of the Holy Spirit by the Virgin Mary. With the solemn words of the liturgy, the Birth of the Redeemer imposes itself on humanity by dividing time into a “before” and an “after.” Nothing will be the same as before: from that moment the Lord incarnates himself to carry out the work of Salvation and definitively snatches man, who fell in Adam, from the slavery of Satan. This, dear brothers and sisters, is our “Great Reset,” with which divine Providence restored the order broken by the ancient Serpent with the Original Sin of our First Parents; a Reset from which apostate angels and their leader Lucifer are excluded, but which has granted all men the grace to be able to benefit from the Sacrifice of God made man, and to regain the eternal life to which they were destined since the creation of Adam.