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Sweden has been maligned by the media for its COVID approach. Instead of government-mandated lockdowns, Swedish officials encouraged citizens to use common sense, work from home if possible, and keep their gatherings below 50. Primary schools are open, as are bars and restaurants. For the most part, Swedes have been spending their spring and summer enjoying life as normal.

Their aim, officials have said, is to slow the pace of the virus, so as not to overwhelm the health care system. This they achieved, without tanking their economy or terrorizing their citizen population into massive depression and substance abuse.

The headlines regarding Sweden read as follows:

Five Problems With the Swedish Approach to COVID-19
Sweden Has Become the World's Cautionary Tale
Sweden Sticks With Controversial COVID-19 Approach

And then there’s the head of Tel Aviv Uni’s Clinical Microbiology and Immunology Department, Prof. Udi Qimron, with a very different perspective. In an interview for IsraelNationalNews, he argued that Sweden is a massive success story:   

"There is a very great interest for anyone who has supported the draconian measures taken around the world to say that Sweden's policy has failed,” said Qimron, “Because if it succeeded, and trillions went down the drain for no reason, someone will have to answer for it.”

“That is why all over the world they prefer to claim that [Sweden] was wrong. But in the end, the truth came to the surface. In a world where decision makers, their advisers and the media were able to admit their mistake and the initial panic that gripped them, we would have long since returned to routine. The ongoing destruction due to the inability to admit this mistake, despite the epidemic’s small mortality numbers, is outrageous. History will judge the hysteria."

If we had not been told that there was an epidemic in the country, you would not have known there was such an epidemic and you would not have done anything about it. The fact that this issue runs all day in the media inflates it beyond its natural dimensions. If black death had raged here, as in the 14th century, you would not have had to follow the situation in the news, the bodies would have piled up in the streets. We were not and we are not in this situation today."

Prof. Qimron noted that the total number of coronavirus deaths does not exceed 0.1% of the total population in any country, and the death rate from coronavirus is less than 0.01% of the total world population, meaning that 99.99% of the world's population so far has survived the epidemic and the virus is negligibly lethal.

COMMENT: Given the fact that, statistically speaking, there is no pandemic since the number of deaths is so low, one wonders how long this charade is going to continue.

Finding traces of the COVID virus does not mean  the person is sick, symptomatic, or even has the COVID disease. A spike in the number of cases only means a post-pandemic spike in the number of tests. And this is why so very few people are dying from it, and the vast majority of us don't even know anyone who's suffering from it anymore.

Take the masks off, ladies and gentlemen, and tell everyone why: the pandemic is over. 

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Comedic Lives Matter

Written by
Johnny Carson Johnny Carson

With the recent death of Carl Reiner, some perspective is in order.  The longtime actor, writer, director, and straight man for Mel Brooks believed humor fostered his longevity and his curtain call proved it by enduring two years short of a century.  

For decades, Reiner’s witticisms and wisecracks were a perennial favorite that crossed generations.  He was the last regular of “Your Show of Shows” and “Caesar’s Hour” that had no hidden agenda other than obtaining laughs.  The comedians, writers and producers of Reiner’s era possessed intelligence, imagination and talent.  


Includes: Michael Matt's Editor's Desk column, Bishop Schneider's Eucharistic Crusade, James Bogle's history lesson, Fr. Celatus's Last Word, and much more!

Dear Remnant Readers:

I have been coordinating a nationwide Novena of 900 Masses for President Trump’s re-election.

Thus far 833 Masses have been pledged across the country. 

Any help you can lend to our 900 Mass Novena for President Trump would be greatly appreciated. Please visit to participate.

God Bless America,

Richard Manougian 
Coordinator, 900 Mass Novena for President Trump

Throughout the mainstream media, leftist doomsayers and their cronies in the Democratic Party are all engaged in a synchronized effort to keep people fearful and locked down. Given that COVID-19 is not the killer we were led to believe, it has turned the opening of public schools into a political maelstrom.

Public education is a huge enterprise that spends $680 billion a year with 51 million students and six million teachers and staff complimented by tens of millions of parents.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Brooklyn stickball days were anything but evident when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch of Major League’s Baseball (MLB) season’s opener between the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals in D.C, proving he doesn’t want anyone catching anything.    

Perhaps Fauci thought he was there to throw out the First Amendment.  

Maybe, Fauci is all bat and no balls, or as the New York Post put it, his pitch had finally flattened the curve straight into the ground.  The screwball attempt was about as accurate as his advice for immobilizing the COVID pandemic. 

If anything, Fauci should be cited for baseball malpractice. 


Contact:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ATLANTA, GA – Procession of Hearts (recently organized by lay Catholics in the Archdiocese of Atlanta) plans to hold a procession, on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15th, 2020, in downtown Atlanta to pray the Holy Rosary and consecrate the city and the state of Georgia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The group prays that the Lord will encourage other faithful Catholics to join the Procession of Hearts in other cities and towns.

A response to people who use the classic fallacious argument, "Well, if masks don't work, then why do surgeons wear them?"

I'm a surgeon that has performed over 10,000 surgical procedures wearing a surgical mask. However, that fact alone doesn't really qualify me as an expert on the matter. More importantly, I am a former editor of a medical journal. I know how to read the medical literature, distinguish good science from bad, and fact from fiction. Believe me, the medical literature is filled with bad fiction masquerading as medical science. It is very easy to be deceived by bad science.

Dr. Birx adds her expertise and sensitive touch to Commander Fauci’s suggestion that we include GOGGLES to our COVID arsenal.

So, quick! Grab your shopping list and write the following: masks, gloves, goggles, face shields, macaroni, glitter, craft glue - and underline goggles a bunch of times. 

Birx makes a great case for the goggles, and she does so with finesse, telling us that we can even decorate our face shields because the American people are so innovative in times of crisis.

What a sweet idea! A chance to prove, innovative as we are, that we have quirky little personalities hidden behind all the soul-cancelling PPE!

Don’t believe me? First we have Fauci on goggles and mucus membranes:



Followed by Birx’s feminine interpretation:

It's craft hour with Dr. Birx over here in America, Land of the PPE and home of the Kindergartners. 

President Andrzej Duda President Andrzej Duda

BREITBART: Poland has announced it will withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, a treaty which requires that governments actively promote gender theory through the media and education system.

Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said problems with the treaty eroded parents’ rights by necessitating far-left social policies be promoted to children. 

According to Article 12 of the treaty, governments who sign the document must “take the necessary measures to promote changes in the social and cultural patterns of behaviour of women and men with a view to eradicating prejudices, customs, traditions and all other practices which are based on the idea of the inferiority of women or on stereotyped roles for women and men”.

Asking whether ordinary citizens in countries like Britain, where the government has signed the Istanbul Convention, “realise that their leaders have signed them up to support a mini-Cultural Revolution”, University of Swansea law professor, Andrew Tettenborn, notes that there is “more than a whiff of totalitarianism” about the treaty’s requirements, and he has commented that the Istanbul Convention does nothing to protect females from domestic violence. He writes:

This provision for the compulsory instilling of a thoroughly ideological position ought to worry anyone concerned with parental rights to educate children according to their own beliefs, not to mention the ability of communities to set up schools so as educate children within reason according to their norms.

Poland’s conservative president, Andrzej Duda, was re-elected earlier this month after promising to “defend children from LGBT ideology” in schools and to protect the interests of the family and the institution of marriage if given a second term. After his re-election, he visited Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa to participate in the evening prayer and to entrust Poland and himself to Our Lady's care:polish president 700x438

Hungary passed a similar declaration against signing the Istanbul Convention, distrusting the treaty’s claim that gender is a “social construct” and its provisions to allow “gender-based asylum claims”.

REMNANT COMMENT: Maybe that's why the New York Times came out swinging this morning against, guess who? Poland and Hungary. The respective leaders of each country were labeled the EU's "major problem":

NYTimes: Europe has a major problem.

It has a rising autocratic movement that the continent’s leaders have no clear strategy for confronting. If anything, the pandemic has strengthened the most autocratic E.U. governments, in Hungary and Poland. Other countries have put a higher priority on fighting the virus and helping the economy than trying to stop the erosion of democracy. 

In a telltale escalation in Big Tech censorship, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all removed a video on COVID-19 that President Trump had promoted Monday evening. 

The video garnered over 17 million views during the eight hours it was hosted on Facebook, until it was taken down from Facebook and banned from YouTube.  The video was of  a press conference in D.C., held by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots.

It was the top-performing Facebook post in the world Monday afternoon.

The press conference featured Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and frontline doctors sharing their views and opinions on coronavirus and the medical response to the pandemic.

Why was this controversial? Evidently, all videos that contradict the leftist media’s COVID agenda and fear tactics are being deleted by big social subscription ad

Yesterday’s press conference still appears in full on some platforms, such as BitChute.

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