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Dear Pilgrims:

This was to be the 29th time I walked the Paris-to-Chartres Pentecost Pilgrimage. In modern times, only two events interrupted this pilgrimage—World War II and the Second Vatican Council. At this point, it looks like we may be facing the prospect of a third interruption—the Coronavirus pandemic.

I have not given up yet, however.  I believe that what our sad and desperate world needs now more than ever is the abundance of grace made available each year on the Chartres Pilgrimage.

I would be lying, however, if I said I’m not concerned. With the Coronavirus now shutting down nearly everything—including Masses, churches, even Holy Week—it’s difficult to see how the international recovery effort could take place in time for this year’s Pilgrimage.

Still, one never knows, and, with God, anything is possible.

So, if you’re willing to wait a little longer I’d like to keep monitoring the situation, along with our French allies, to see if anything changes here in the next few weeks.

France, like everywhere else, is in lockdown right now. So, there’s no great urgency for me to pay for the hotels and restaurants needed for our pilgrimage. In other words, if this crisis continues into April we’ll be able to either refund all or most of your deposit or hang onto it in order to register you for next year.

We’ll post updates on our website: ChartresPilgrimageUSA.com and continue to provide major updates to you via email.

Feel free to telephone us anytime, and please rest assured that we will certainly not go to France unless and until the US State Department gives the all clear. As far as I can see, you have nothing to lose by waiting with me for that to happen. And, if it does not happen, we’ll start planning for next year.

Thanks for your patience. I hope you’re all healthy and safe. May God bless you and may Notre Dame de Chrétiente be with us all during this dark and confusing time.

In Christo Rege,
Michael J. Matt

chartres 6


The March 15th issue of The Remnant Newspaper shipped last week.

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March 15 issue cover


Tired of priests and bishops going MIA during the Coronavirus pandemic? 

Why are so many 'progressive’ shepherds, who said they were going to make the Church into a “field hospital” for the walking wounded, suddenly heading for cover during the flock’s moment of need?

Remember when Pope Francis called on the world’s priests to bring the healing power of God’s grace to everyone in need? He said they were to “stay close to the marginalized and to be shepherds living with the smell of the sheep.”

What happened to all that?

Church of Accompaniment? Not quite. Church of Abandonment is more like it.

But certainly not all priests and bishops are taking orders from their secularist jailors.

In fact, if you're in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area tomorrow--Sunday, March 15), come out to the Church of St Augustine's Traditional Latin Mass tomorrow at 10:00 AM.

The holy water fonts are NOT going to be drained, the church is not going to be locked, communion will be administered on the tongue AND Father will preach a sermon on the importance of keeping the Church engaged and the churches open when faithful Catholics are most in need. 

Plus, look for a shoutout to Archbishop Vigano tomorrow, too…from the pulpit! 

Rather than ordering the faithful to stay away from church, Father is organizing a special Rosary procession for those wishing to publicly turn to Heaven during this moment of crisis. The procession, which will take place outside the church, will include prayers of petition, begging Our Lady to be with us during this time of tribulation.

Seems to me that this is exactly how Mother Church took her children under her protective mantle in times of trouble for a thousand years or more. 

If you're feeling sick or in a high-risk category,  no worries. Stay home and we'll all be praying for you, too.

We thank God for all the courageous Catholic priests willing to keep our churches open to us in the face of this pandemic.

 May God be with us all.


How Francis is Attempting to Complete the Destruction of the Church Begun by Paul VI.

[I drafted the following text on August 6, 2016, but never published it. When reviewing it and slightly updating it in December 2019, I was struck by how much worse the situation has become since the summer of 2016, and how all of my evaluations had been confirmed by subsequent events. Although this document could be considerably expanded, it is better to leave it as a brisk pencil portrait of a Roman Pontiff who would beat the worst Renaissance popes at their own game.]

IT HAS BECOME fashionable to say that Pope Francis is not a liturgical revolutionary. It’s true that he did not rush at the traditional rites of the Church with jackhammer and dynamite the way Paul VI did, leaving a pile of rubble and a sign marked (with mordant irony) “Renewal.” But in his own more devious way, he has made a series of strategic moves that seek to canonize the revolution and immobilize the opposition.

The social media giants, so powerful now as to influence even the outcomes of national elections, are making sure only the right political opinions about ruthless communist regimes are not censored.The last time media censorship got to this point millions of people were soon to be rounded up, imprisoned and buried in mass, unmarked graves all across Eastern Europe.

Back in 2018, The Daily Caller broke the story that the notorious Left-wing hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), is "assisting YouTube in policing content on their platform."  According to the Caller, "the SPLC is one of the more than 100 NGOs and government agencies in YouTube's 'Trusted Flaggers' program." 

No surprise, then, that The Remnant has already been demonetized and shadow banned, and now this: YouTube slapped an age restriction (see screenshot below) on RTV’s most recent Sunday Sermon: CHINESE CATHOLICS BETRAYED: Diocesan Priest Stands with Viganò and Cardinal Zen

Why would a sermon which includes a trending topic (China and the coronavirus) and covers Archbishop Vigano’s latest letter, be deemed unsuitable for those under 18 (Father gave this sermon to his large congregation of all ages, by the way), unless YouTube is trying to tighten the noose around the neck of yet another conservative channel? 

What is YouTube so afraid of? The Chinese communists, as the sermon points out, are forcing abortions, arresting bishops and priests, terrorizing their own citizens. It’s all documented, photographic evidence that’s easy to find, so does YouTube not want us defending Chinese Catholics persecuted by an intolerant and bigoted regime? 

People are losing their jobs merely for expressing on Facebook dissenting opinions on "new and approved" notions of marriage. Mainstream conservative talking heads are not allowed to even question gay marriage anymore. The government is teaming up with new Gestapo agencies such as the SPLC to label as haters all those who deviate from politically correct ideology. And the social media giants, so powerful now as to influence even the outcomes of national elections, are making sure only the right political opinions about ruthless totalitarian regimes are not censored.

The last time media censorship got to this point millions of people were soon to be rounded up, imprisoned and buried in mass, unmarked graves all across Eastern Europe.

Remnant TV (TheRemnantVideo on YouTube) is growing closer every day to being kicked off Google’s massive streaming provider. However, we believe the Catholic cause is worth fighting for, and that video is a necessary medium to help spread the message. 

First off, I'm contesting this ridiculous "age restriction" flag with the YouTube team right now. Why? Because this is beyond stupid! 

In addition, we long ago anticipated the YouTube crackdown by building our own video hosting platform right here at RemnantNewspaper.com. We're revamping it right now by setting it up on remote servers around the country and in Europe to ensure quality playback. This is not cheap, but we hope to complete the project before we get thrown off YouTube entirely.

youtube 1984

In the meantime, here's a simple 3-step process to help us fight back and to ensure RTV continues to thrive: 

  • Like and Share our videos on social media (This is absolutely essential!)
  • Subscribe to The Remnant E-letters. YouTube is already removing RTV notifications from our subscribers' lists. So, let us inform you when a new RTV video is posted. This is free, and it works!
  • Click the bell down and to the right of the Remnant homepage so that you can receive our push notifications whenever we post a video. Again, it costs you nothing, and it works! 

That’s it. Show them that despite their best totalitarian efforts, we won’t be silenced, we won't be intimidated and we certainly won't back down.

Let's start with this Sunday Sermon video; spread it as far as you can. 

youtube warning screenshot

In a press release dated March 3, the Vatican announced that it has postponed Pope Francis's Global Compact on Education for a "new humanism" [read, contraception] Pact from its original mid-May date to October 11-18, 2020.

The meeting was to feature "great men of the earth", i.e., Bono and Jeff Sachs, who were to help Francis build a global village that would establish a new humanism based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

According to population control guru, Jeff Sachs, Francis' global education initiative was going to be financed by the likes of Bill Gates, the IMF, a bunch of rock stars and God knows what other lunatical globalist wackos. 

But then there was Corona.

I guess maybe God needs a break from the sanctimonious papal bloviating, too. 

The meeting has been postponed until October, it's true. But at the moment, NASA's watching a massive asteroid that's supposed to be heading our way next month. So, we'll have to wait and see how aggressive Francis wants to be with this Godless little global village of his. 

Sachs and SorondoA Couple of the Vatican's Great Men of the Earth


(SOUTH BEND, Indiana: 3/2/20) -- Bishop Athanasius Schneider has assumed the role of Episcopal Advisor to the U.S.-based nonprofit TRADIVOX, in their landmark new catechism restoration project .

For the first time in history, dozens of long-forgotten official Catholic catechisms are coming back into print, freshly reformatted as a multi-volume series. This series includes texts that span from the 1200s  to  the  mid-1900s,  issued  and  endorsed  by  bishops  throughout  the  world  - a powerful demonstration of the continuity of Church teaching across time and space.

Tradivox is also designing a digital learning platform to harness the doctrinal content of these venerable texts; a tool able to give instant and reliable answers on matters of faith and morals, according to the approved catechisms through the centuries. This promises to be an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to learn or teach the Catholic Faith in the digital age.

Tradivox is seeking corporate sponsors, regular donors, and additional volunteers for the completion of their publication phase. Please support this timely and much-needed project, aimed at the restoration of integrally Catholic faith and practice ­­­today.schneider for tradivox

"I invite the faithful of the entire world to support this historic effort, as we seek to restore the perennial Catechism of the Church."  + Athanasius Schneider



About Tradivox, Inc.

Begun in 2013 as an international research effort, T radivox incorporated in 2019 to grow their mission of "Giving Voice to Tradition." Based in South Bend, Indiana, they develop faith-based educational resources for the cause of Catholic restoration worldwide.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

REMNANT NEWSPAPER: New Issue Available Now

Written by


The February 29th issue of The Remnant Newspaper shipped last week.

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feb 29 cover


Germany's Federal Constitutional Court rules that the right to die includes the freedom to “rely on the voluntary help of another person.”  Germany's Federal Constitutional Court rules that the right to die includes the freedom to “rely on the voluntary help of another person.” 


So, here we go again. Germany’s highest court has overturned a ban on medically assisted suicide. This means that Germans wanting to end their own lives, or help someone else end theirs, will no longer have to leave the country to get the job done.

Isn't that great! 

According to a New York Times report, Hermann Gröhe, a former health minister who helped create the original ban on assisted suide, told reporters he believes the decision "would pave the way toward the normalization of suicide as a treatment option.”

Beatrix von Storch, a member of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, said the decision would have wide-ranging consequences and would create “a cult of death.”

Ya think? So where certain evil political parties in Germany just 70 years ago got comfortable with the idea of putting Germans to death on a mass scale, a new evil political party is now going to let German put themselves to death on a mass scale. And this they call "progress". 

Welcome to the New World Order. 

We’re pleased that the fine, young editors of the Allium-Cepa (the Latin scientific word for ONION) News Network (A-CNN) have agreed to bring back their satirical offerings.

We share their opinion that one thing the Left -- inside the Vatican and out -- cannot stand is mockery, and we find that, as the nice lady said, "in a time when you can either laugh or cry, laughing at least feels better."

Readers may recall the A-CNN crowd-pleaser by Remnant columnist, Chris Jackson, Converted Trump Now Running for Pope, which was read almost 63,000 times after it appeared back in February of 2016.

Here in February 2020, new offerings include Peter Kwasniewski’s Vatican Announces Beatification of Man Who Rearranged Deckchairs on the Titanic and Matthew Michael’s Hard hearts cannot paint with colors of the wind, Pope says.

With the current Vatican situation such as it is, we here at The Remnant challenge our readers to check these new A-CNN articles out tell us: Is it satire, or not? 

It's getting so difficult to tell the difference. 

We can't recommend A-CNN highly enough, and we hope you'll help us spread the word that the Allium Cepa (again, the Latin scientific word for ONION) News Network is back and funnier than ever. 

ROME, February 19, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — In a new in-depth analysis of the apostolic exhortation Querida Amazonia, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has praised what he views as Pope Francis’ decision not to weaken priestly celibacy or open the door to a female “diaconate.” But he has also criticized the “lamentable doctrinal ambiguities and errors” that he says the document contains.

The auxiliary bishop of St. Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan, maintains that Querida Amazonia’s stance on priestly celibacy and female “deacons” represents “a glimmer of hope amid the ongoing confusion,” despite the document’s “theological limitations and errors.”  Read the rest HERE

Remnant Comment:  We very much agree with His Excellency's analysis. Of course, Team Francis still wants feathers and tom-toms at Mass, but that's only to be expected from these men; it's really not the story here. 

The takeaway from Francis’ Exhortation Querida Amazonia ("Beloved Amazon") is that it fell well short of the mark when it came to the promised ordination of women and married priests in the new and improved Church of Accompaniment. 

That's it. The threatened act of brazen revolution fizzled into a flurry of feathers. 

Is this only a temporary setback for the Francis agenda? No doubt. They'll try again. But let’s not underestimate the extent to which Francis' true agenda at the Amazon Synod was exposed. In the final analysis, he was forced to abandon what was ostensibly the main point and purpose of the Amazon Synod--to bring the Eucharist to the peoples of the Rain Forest on the backs of women deacons and married priests. 

Couple this with the Pachamamas floating down the Tiber, and the Amazon Synod will go down in history as a ridiculous stunt that fell flat on its face and left the Francis pontificate exposed to worldwide ridicule from both friend and foe of Papa Bergoglio. 

Simply put, the totally "woke" Amazon Synod ended in a papal dumpster fire. 

In case you missed it, here's The Remnant’s take on Querida Amazonia (start at minute 13:40):

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