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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Who Is Dr. Gavin Ashenden?

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Who Is Dr. Gavin Ashenden?

Caught and interrogated both by the KGB and SIB, he learned firsthand the techniques of Marxist totalitarian repression. This one-time chaplain to the Queen of England converted to the Catholic Faith and will speak at the Catholic Identity Conference 2024!

Dr. Gavin AshendenGavin Ashenden originally graduated from Law school intending to be a lawyer, but became instead an Episcopalian (Anglican) clergyman, ordained in London in 1980.

In the early 1980’s he began to smuggle bibles into the Soviet Union and copies of Thomas Aquinas and other theological tomes into Czechoslovakia to enable the underground Catholic church to train its seminarians in secret. Caught and interrogated both by the KGB and SIB he learnt first hand the techniques of Marxist totalitarian repression.

His bishop sent him to study postgraduate psychology with the Jesuits at London University, and after gaining a PH.D. he became a chaplain and professor of the Psychology of Religion at the UK’s most radical and secular university.

In 2008 was appointed to be Chaplain to the late Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

During this time he was appointed canon theologian in his Anglican diocese. He also had a three hour weekly radio show on the BBC in faith and ethics. In 2008 was appointed to be Chaplain to the late Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

Nine years later he became caught up in national controversy as he protesting about the reading from the Koran in an Episcopalian cathedral on the feast of Epiphany. Faced with the choice of either keeping silent in the face of the challenge from Islam and the progressive capitulation of Christianity in the UK, or resigning from his role at the palace, he resigned. 

After being consecrated as an Anglican missionary bishop by the Christian Episcopal Church he worked to unify different conservative elements of episcopalianism in the UK. During this period he was increasingly influenced by encounters with the eucharistic miracles, the apparitions of our Lady through a friendship withAbbé René Laurentin a renowned Mariologist, and a growing understanding of the centrality of the Magisterium. In 2019 he was received into the Catholic Church.

He is a commentator in the British media, writing for a number of publications including the Times and the Daily Telegraph and appearing regularly on GB News. He has become Associate Editor of the Catholic Herald, and has a YouTube channel ‘Ashenden Scripted’ - and appears with two colleagues (Katherine Bennet and Mark Lambert) as Catholic commentators on “Catholic Unscripted.' 

Dr. Gavin Ashenden will be speaking at this year's Catholic Identity Conference! 
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