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Friday, November 3, 2023

Open Letter to Pope Francis from Chinese Faithful: "You are killing us!"

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Open Letter to Pope Francis from Chinese Faithful: "You are killing us!"

Dear Pope Francis,

We, the awakening Catholics in the underground and official churches in China, write you this open letter to lament your betraying our Church and destroying our nation.

Since 1949 communist takeover, countless martyrs chose to sacrifice everything to remain loyal to the Holy See – till today. Pope Pius XII, Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have shown appreciation, encouragement and comfort to us. They condemned the evil of communism, confirmed illegality of the “Patriotic Association”, and admonished resistance to immoral cooperation with CCP.     

Pope Francis, here is how you betray us the loyal faithful:

  • You are not ordaining new bishops for the underground community. You are collaborating with CCP to push the loyal faithful to extinction. Some began to ordain “bishops” without your approval.
  • You encouraged clergies to register with the government and become part of the schismatic CCP-controlled “patriotic” Church. (You admitted the schismatic nature of the official church in your talk with Cardinal Zen.)
  • You turned seven excommunicated bishops – at least two having children – to legal and put them on dioceses by expelling faithful underground bishops to vacate sees for your seven unrepentant CCP puppets.
  • You refused to advocate for Bishop Su Zhiming, disappeared and last seen in 2003; Bishop Cui Tai, disappeared and tortured; Father Liu Honggeng, house-arrested for almost 20 years; Father Yu Heping, outspoken and young, “drown himself to death” according to CCP; and many others…
  • You refused to condemn massive demolition of churches and the ban of children to churches, no matter official or underground.
  • You refused to condemn the illegal installation of Bishop of Shanghai and other official bishops/priests, such as those invited to attend your Synods and Father Zhang Tianlu of Shenzhen who exalt Xi Jinping’s atheist thoughts and cruel policies.

Pope Francis, here is how you betray our most beloved Cardinal Zen and millions of Hong Kongers:

  • You refused to condemn his arrest, trial and the current house-arrest. You claimed that you didn’t know the nature of his case and believed it was just like a penalty on an unregistered car (Didn’t Parolin tell you everything?!).
  • You refused to express solidarity or a prayer initiative for Cardinal Zen at the gathering of world’s cardinals in Rome after his arrest.
  • You declined to meet him in 2020, when your 88-year-old brother waiting four days in Rome for your callback, but in vain.
  • You refused to express worries for the religious liberty in Hong Kong at the last minute in 2020. You are silent on the current and previous “Catholic” leaders of Hong Kong, John Lee and Carrie Lam, for abusing human rights and destroying rule of law.
  • You are silent on jailed (solitary confinement 23 hours a day) Jimmy Lai, 75, the Catholic tycoon fighting for democracy and freedom in Hong Kong and facing life sentence.
  • You refused to involve Cardinal Zen and Archbishop Savio Hon in China negotiation. You removed Hon, former Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, out of Rome to certain islands. (You think Parolin and other bureaucrats love more and know more about China than these two loyal Chinese sons?!)
  • You denied the orthodox, courageous Auxiliary Bishop Ha nominated by Cardinal Zen to be the next Bishop of Hong Kong. Instead, you picked your Jesuit CCP-kisser, progressive Bishop Chow and elevated him to cardinal.

Holy Father, we don’t know how and where to start our petition in the face of your endless scandals – we are hopeless!  We can’t believe it is you, our Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ, who is killing us!

Pope Francis, here is how you destroy our nation:

  • You pretend that systemic, grave human rights abuses have not happened and are not happening under CCP? You pointed finger to other nations – except China. You prefer communism to democracy, socialism to capitalism, climate to human.
  • Protestants and non-Christian dissidents (including Tibetans and Uyghurs experiencing genocide and self-immolation) further estrange Catholics because they see you collude with CCP to crack down on all, and even to betray your own Roman Catholics in China. Evangelicals especially find you heretical and immoral in your words and deeds regarding sexuality and religious indifferentism.
  • You don’t know Catholic social teaching is not taught in our churches? CCP bans it and brainwashed faithful fear it. Your Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, after his 2018 China trip, falsely praised “Right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese.” How wicked!
  • You refused to condemn the killing of China’s first Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Liu Xiaobo, and the imprisonment of China’s Bonhoeffer Pastor Wang Yi. Even President Trump, the one you despise, specifically praised Cardinal Zen and Pastor Wang for their moral courage.
  • You scandalously stated that “I don’t identify China as undemocratic” and “(Chinese can be) good Christians and good citizens (at the same time)”. You ridiculously criticized the West for removing dictators and building democracy in the Middle East. The Q&A webpage of the Jesuit Beijing Center, perhaps the only congregational entity not ostracized by CCP, assures American visiting students: “Living in a communist country doesn’t necessarily feel very different than living in a country with a democratic political system.” All these lies – contrary to common sense and basic facts – gravely hurt every human person with conscience.    

Dear Holy Father, before we worry anything, we are most worried about the moral hypocrisy and collapse of our Holy Mother Church, more precisely, your papacy. Cardinal Zen said the heartbreaking truth:  “Someday when China is rebuilding herself, no one will trust the Catholic Church.” At the time we desperately need support, you betrayed us. Now on top of your silent collaboration of systemic persecutions in China is your loud promotion of sexual immorality that will lure our country to the same path of western disorder. (Even CCP is not promoting sex-same marriage, Trans, LGBT…)

Holy Father, we don’t know how and where to start our petition in the face of your endless scandals – we are hopeless!  We can’t believe it is you, our Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ, who is killing us! Are those your decisions? Who are behind you? Did you receive money from CCP and on what conditions? Are climate rights or panda rights more important than human rights? Why are you addicted to promoting the evil ones and persecuting the virtuous ones?

Holy Father, many told us to “save our complaints and sacrifice, Francis doesn’t care”. We have nothing to appease you but our roaring blood shipped to your hand if you continue to betray and destroy us. Respectfully, we cry out to beg and urge you to:

Your unworthy,

The portion of Catholic faithful in China loyal to Holy See but not to CCP

October 22, 2023, Feast of Pope St. John Paul II


Holy Father, we include here a fresh gift for you. During a most recent interview by his diocesan publication Divine Love, an honesty statement was given by Shen Bin, your trusted Bishop of Shanghai, president of the illegal Bishop’s Conference of China, vice president of the illegal Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. You can continue to be fooled by flattery and lies of Parolin, or listen to the tear and blood of Cardinal Zen and anyone of us.

Why the Chinese vocations dropped after their increase between 1980 and 2000? I think one of the reasons is the leadership of the clergies of the older generation. Their charisma and witnesses attracted young people like us to the church. After 2000, we graduated and took over, and perhaps we didn’t do well. We need to reflect. 

I must emphasize this: priests, nuns, seminarians and key lay faithful must be reliable in politics, accomplished in faith, convincing in virtues and effective at key moments. President Wang Yang, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, pointed out: In cultivating religious leaders, we must focus on political qualifications and stance. This is the “1”, the rest are “0”. How important this is. Shanghai diocese made mistakes in this area, and taught us grave lessons; we must be alert and never commit the same mistake. We must stick to our principle of running Chinese Church: independent, autonomous, self-governing, democratic and Sinicized. This is bottom line, nobody can break it; this is high voltage line, nobody touch it.

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Last modified on Friday, November 3, 2023