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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Michael Matt to Address Pro-Family London Conference, Oct 14

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Michael Matt to Address Pro-Family London Conference, Oct 14

Saturday 14th October is an important date, if you are a Catholic and a parent, or a grandparent or want to have children some day.   Family Life International has organised a conference in London entitled “War on the Catholic Family” to address the exiting of young Catholics from their faith in favour of progressive secular ideologies.  The event will help parents to better support their children’s faith in their adult years.

If you cannot attend in-person then attend online via Zoom the links are below

You can find more information and register for the conference by visiting this link:

Or on Zoom by registering here:

As a parent or a Catholic this is the one event you must attend this year. So I hope to see you on Saturday 14th  October  in-person or on Zoom.

This year's FLI conference features 7 exceptional speakers focusing on the Catholic parenting in a secular world. Speakers include:-

Fr Linus Clovis  on the reality of ignoring Humanae Vitae.

Dr Patrick Fagan from the USA provides expertise on how to build strong families.

John Cassidy,  identifies  the factors which drives young men into same sex relations.

Frank Write on how the traditional family is being intentionally dismantled.

Steven Rammelsburg The city of Truth and the city of Man

Michael Matt Living the Christocentric Family life in a Christophobic World

Greg Clovis   Safeguarding the youth from LGBTQ Ideologies

As Catholic parents, your paramount duty is to guide your children in knowing and loving Our Lord. This event equips you to confront the forces that may challenge your objectives for your child's spiritual journey.

To attend this enlightening conference, you can choose between joining in-person or participating via Zoom.

Date: October 14th, 2023 Location: Our Lady and St. Peter, 15 Victoria Drive, Wimbledon, London SW19 6AD

For additional information and registration, please visit our event page by clicking on the following link:

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Last modified on Wednesday, October 11, 2023