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Monday, August 21, 2023

Single-Sex Catholic Colleges in MN now accepting "nonbinary" applicants, while 21 schools in Worcester cancel LGBT agenda

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Single-Sex Catholic Colleges in MN now accepting "nonbinary" applicants, while 21 schools in Worcester cancel LGBT agenda

CNA reported on a pair of single-sex Catholic colleges in Minnesota which are allowing males and females to openly apply to either one of the respective opposite-sex institutions — a rule change the schools say is in response to their “evolving understanding of gender and gender identity. ” 

The rule changes come as leaders in the Catholic Church, including Pope Francis, have warned of the dangers of the recent popularization of transgender ideology.

The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University, two schools for women and men, respectively, say on their joint website that they “support every student’s right to self-identification” and are dedicated to “creating spaces that allow women, men, and those who do not identify within the binary,” including “transgender, nonbinary, gender-fluid, and gender-nonconforming individuals.”

The College of St. Benedict says it will accept both female applicants as well as male applicants who “now consistently live and identify as female, transgender, gender-fluid, or nonbinary.” 

St. John’s University, meanwhile, will consider female applicants who “consistently live and identify as male, transgender, gender-fluid, or nonbinary.”

Meanwhile: Worcester's diocese announces restrictive LGBTQ+ policy in Catholic schools

NBCBoston reports that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester has just announced a new policy which goes into effect at the start of the new school year.

The policy requires students "to conduct themselves at school in a manner consistent with their biological sex." Students also "may not advocate, celebrate, or express same-sex attraction in such a way as to cause confusion or distraction in the context of Catholic school classes, activities, or events."

Bishop Robert McManus approved the policy, called "Catholic Education and the Human Person," in late June. It affects students at 21 schools.

"It's not citing specific feelings or issues by an individual bishop or an individual person, but really citing and basing it all on what the Church has been teaching all along," said Raymond Delisle, chancellor and director of communications for the diocese.

The diocese says schools will "consider the gender of all students as being consistent with their biological sex" in regards to pronouns, restrooms, locker rooms, uniforms, sports and dances.

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