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Catholic Action -


Intro by Chris Ferrara

What follows is my sister’s account of our harrowing last days with my father, Joseph, who died at the age of 96. Never requiring intubation, he was not a victim of the Wuhan virus for which he had tested positive, but of fatal dehydration causing renal failure—a result of the absurd and unspeakably cruel “lockdown” of his nursing facility. The facility was filled with patients who had been returned there from “lockdowns” in hospitals that refused to keep them when they tested positive for the virus.  

This was a deadly game of human volleyball, moving sick people back-and-forth from one “lockdown” to another filled with the frail elderly, cut off from their loved ones and advocates. This insanity was mandated by pseudo-scientific advice from the same “experts” who have destroyed the national economy for nothing, based on fake models, and now demand that millions follow silly public rituals like wearing useless air-permeable face coverings that are nothing but emblems of the Democrat Party.