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Monday, August 21, 2023

Second World Day against Abortion

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Second World Day against Abortion

Second World Day against Abortion
Friday, 8th September 2023 – Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

triariiday against abortionAfter the establishment of the First World Day against Abortion, which had an excellent response from the Catholic population, not only in Italy but also in several other parts of the world, we are re-proposing this important initiative in defense of innocent life, which we hope can become a constant and lasting appointment over time.

The atrocious crime of abortion destroys innocent victims through various, increasingly horrific, techniques, ranging from saline abortion to partial birth abortion, from that caused by scraping to that by aspiration, not to mention the countless abortions obtained through the notorious "day after pills".

The unborn baby is undoubtedly the first and main victim of abortion, but we can think of others. The mother, deceived by a whole system preventing her from recognizing what is most precious to her – the life of the baby she is carrying in her womb. The father, who is made unaware and irresponsible of his sexual activity until he has lost his role and identity. The medical world, which has betrayed the first principle of the Hippocratic Oath: primum non nocere. The laws of the State, which, after abdicating their role of guiding society towards the common good, have now thrown society into a system of denial of Natural Law. Public opinion, made incapable of critical thinking, unable to claim from legislators the due respect for life, which cannot be subjected to any human being’s will.

All the battles fought by the so-called Prolife movements have contributed to raising public awareness on the subject, and this is a great merit before both mankind and God himself, the Author and Defender of life. We are convinced, however, that, in this historical moment of huge anthropological and spiritual degeneration involving the whole world, the battle in defense of innocent human life must take a step forward.

The “Confederazione dei Triarii” has launched the World Day against Abortion, which will be comprehensive of several points:

1) Celebration of Holy Masses against abortion, so that the offering of the Body and Blood of Our Lord may put an end to this modern slaughter of the innocents which takes place every day.

2) Eucharistic adorations, to be accompanied with the recitation of the Holy Rosary, to invoke the help of the Mother of God so that no more innocent creatures are sacrificed to the Moloch of totalitarian relativism.

3) Processions of public reparation for all the sins committed against unborn life.

4) Recitation of the Holy Rosary by the faithful with the same intentions.

5) Offering one or more days of fasting.

6) Conferences and lectures, both face-to-face and from remote, to show everyone the horror of this crime.

7) Creation of a worldwide prayer network for the abolition of abortion.

8) Establishment of a reference site.

Points 1) 2) 3) 4) can be implemented both publicly and privately.

Point One is certainly the most effective, because it offers the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity to the Divine Majesty to implore the end of abortion. To this end, the faithful who have Holy Masses celebrated will have to specify to the priest the intention of the offerer. We trust in the collaboration of the clergy and of Catholic Associations, so that the choral prayer of the Church may obtain this grace from Our Lord and hold back the arm of Divine Justice.

The day chosen for the Second World Day Against Abortion is Friday, September 8th, 2023, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and of all motherhood.

The “Confederazione dei Triarii”

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Last modified on Monday, August 21, 2023