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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland: Neo-Fascists in the Fatherland

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Nice work so far, Chancellor Angela Nice work so far, Chancellor Angela

Let’s talk about Germany for a few minutes, and see if we can get a little perspective, shall we? People are talking about the national guilt complex for the Nazi period that is being heavily exploited by the left, and is, let’s face it, the entire justification for the current German collective national suicide. Simply put, children are taught in Germany that theirs is a country that deserves to die.

Leftist politicians openly call anyone a “Nazi” who


(Nope, not making it up.)

…The result has been a German people brainwashed and willingly, eagerly colluding with their own national demise.

Now, we know that Angela Merkel is the self-loather-in-chief of Germany; this is a woman who hates her own country, who hates the German people, who hates herself and has helped to make this self-hatred into a full-on auto-genocidal ideology that guides this incredible policy, the results of which we are only now really beginning to hear about. even the MSM can’t completely ignore an Islamic truck-massacre at a Christmas market in the centre of Berlin. But there are certainly other things that Mainstreamia can continue to ignore that perhaps have some bearing on the situation, in a contextual way.

There are certainly people who object that their government has invited a … well, let’s face it, “horde” is pretty much the word…of Islamic savages into their country and is allowing them to rape, murder and pillage to their little hearts’ content. There are people who are somewhat annoyed that women can no longer go shopping or to the movies without risking being raped and killed by people who not only believe it is their Allah-given right to do so, but have had this belief confirmed by the self-loathing German elites. I suppose there are these people, but they seem to be pretty resigned. Almost like they’ve been taught all their lives that they deserve it.

Today I listened to an interview with a German woman, Anabel Schunke, who has been reporting on the, let’s say, “carefree” antics of the Islamic migrants in her country. She said women are afraid to go out, that the sale of non-lethal weapons like pepper spray is at an all-time high. (Other sources say that the sale of legal handguns to German and Austrian citizens is also skyrocketing.) When shock-jock videographer Paul Watson asked her what the deal was, he had to more or less answer the question for her, since it seemed not to occur to her that the Left is using recent German history to bulldoze her country. Watson said, in shocked-voice, “Angela Merkel still has the support of the majority of the German people!”

“That’s a really good question. I don’t know the exact answer. I’m asking myself this question all the time. This country is just crazy…”

Really? Because it’s pretty obvious to the rest of us, Brainwash-Girl. Watson had to help her out, but I think it might not have sunk in.

But she did say something rather telling; that Germans think they are a people of “high moral standards, and they talk about humanism…” and this is the reason they can’t object to what is being done to them. It’s the reason, I expect, why they actually turned up at train stations with signs and teddy bears welcoming the Islamic invaders all last year.

But even those who object, and even the ones who are willing to do so publicly – and risk being called a Nazi – are utterly clewless about the origin of the problem. To such people “humanism” (which has become synonymous with secularist socialism) is what gives one “high moral standards.” Of course, it seems not to have occurred to them that it is these “high moral standards” of secularist socialism that has created the problem in the first place.

Mainly this is because the “high moral standards” of secularist socialism are based not on actual objective moral realities, but on two false ideological things: historic guilt and moral relativism. The “creed” of the secularist socialist is indistinguishable from that of the Satanists: “Do what you will shall be the whole of the law.” People, any people, must be allowed to do whatever they want. No objective moral standards can be adopted by any state except that of total license of behaviour – most especially sexual behaviour.

But of course the Total License creed of the secularist socialist is considerably more restrictive in practice. You can indeed do whatever you like with your body parts in Germany. But you can’t do anything with your speech or your thoughts but what the state officially approves. You can’t object to the state of Total License; you can’t say that any aspect of it is morally wrong.

So, let’s look at this country of “high moral standards” for a moment. We’ll take just one item.

Germany legalized prostitution in 2002. Today you can go into a legal, government-subsidized, publicly inspected brothel in Cologne and spend your lunch hour with a woman for a reasonable fee. The old leftist mantra, “safe legal and rare” – make it legal and regulated to reduce the harm – hasn’t worked out quite as advertised, however. What legalization has done – perhaps a little, teeny-tiny bit predictably – has turned prostitution and its related industries into one of the biggest money-makers in Europe, at 15 billion euros a year.

And there are spinoff repercussions, of course. First, there is simply no way to sever the connection between prostitution and human trafficking (that in former times we more forthrightly called “slavery”), and Germany has become a major destination for the trade in women and girls from Eastern Europe’s poverty-nations like Moldova, Slovenia and Bulgaria. This gives lefty-feminist do-gooders quite a little case of cognitive dissonance, since “harm reduction” is a major plank of their programme and they have campaigned for legalization on those grounds. Unintended consequences, right?

And who is doing this trafficking of women from poor countries to go take “jobs” in this burgeoning industry? You guessed it: Turks and Arabs. Is it any wonder that the young Muslim men – who mainly have come out of what to us are unimaginably restricted societies – thought they had been let loose in a candy store? I’m not trying to condone their behaviour, but it isn’t too difficult to see how these contradictions might appear to people from cultures where morality is not only emphatically not relativistic, it is utterly absolute, positivistic and harshly enforced by law?

So now Amnesty International is proposing a new idea: “Hey guys! Let’s oppose prostitution because it kind of sort of tends to lead to the exploitation of women and girls. (And boys.)”

Great idea!

From Huffington Post:

“‘After Germany legalized prostitution in 2002, police reported it became much more difficult to target abusive pimps’ Time Magazine claims. ‘Both Germany and the Netherlands decriminalized sex work early in the last decade, but neither country saw a drop in human trafficking - in fact, the numbers increased. So did violence directed at prostitutes.’

“…Despite hundreds of mentions, the English-speaking media has yet to actually shine light on the German sex trade.”

Can’t imagine why.

The German government, faced with criticisms of its prostitution laws, recently made it illegal to have sex with a “sex trade worker” without using a condom. And because the western world has gone so far from the Real, this was praised as a “moral” step forward, “protecting women”.

The law, enacted in September 2016, “makes licensing mandatory for all brothels to ensure they comply with “minimum legal standards, hygiene and health and safety regulations”.

“For sex workers under the age of 21, certificates will only be valid for one year and they must check in with public health authorities every six months.”

Any fathers in the audience? How does that one strike you when you’re thinking about the government’s legal “protection” of 18 and 19 year-old girls? Right in the gut?

So, is this what our female reporter mentioned above might have meant when she said that the Germans thought of themselves as a people of “high moral standards”?

“Manuela Schwesig, the minister for women and families, said sex workers had been ‘defenceless against the power of brothel owners’ but hoped the new law will ‘protect them from exploitation and violence.’ Elke Ferner, the secretary of state for women and families, previously praised the measures, saying: ‘Finally, there will be better protection for women and men who are involved in prostitution.’”

Remember the old days when social service agencies helped women get out of prostitution? Helped them extricate themselves from that morass, taught them real work and life skills? Yeah, not so much any more.

Out of Germany another story came a decade ago that hardly anyone noticed, about a woman who was being threatened by government social services with having her unemployment benefits cut off if she refused a “job” in a brothel. It’s legal, right? It’s respectable even. It’s “sex trade work”. There’s even a poster around Berlin that says, “Sex work is work.” Can’t refuse it or you’re a parasite on the welfare system.

An eyewitness, Manuela Schon, an activist with an anti-prostitution organization called Abolition 2014, wrote from her native Weisbaden this June:

“Most prostitution can be found in apartments all over the city, which are allowed even in the areas where brothels are prohibited. There are also porn theaters where men can find prostituted women, ‘tea clubs’ (which mainly serve Turkish and Arab men and have mainly Bulgarian and Romanian women working there), your regular escorts, and, of course, online prostitution. Most people are surprised to learn that micro-brothels exist right in their own neighborhood, because they lack the visibility of mega-brothels.”

This is secularist socialism, a system of social organization that can only be maintained by ignoring evidence and facts and pretending that the damage caused isn’t really happening… and then calling the whole mess “moral” by fiat.

So, with this in mind, maybe ask again how this national habit of aggressively ignoring reality might have affected Angela Merkel’s popularity today, the day after an Islamic migrant murdered a Polish truck driver, stole the truck and drove it into a crowd of Christmas shoppers.

Now let’s not kid ourselves. This situation is more acute in Germany because of the Nazi history, of course. But the same ideology is working everywhere. Wondering how many countries in the world have legalized prostitution? It’s more than you think. Out of a hundred countries, in the developed, western countries and the developing countries, 49 have fully legalized prostitution, including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and Poland; traditional Catholic or Christian countries, all. Those 49 countries together have a population of 2.05 billion people. Only 39 countries on the list keep prostitution illegal.

So when we’re thinking about what is happening in Europe, and in Germany in particular, remember that this has been planned. And that while the fault for each individual crime lies squarely with the perpetrator – whether it’s “groping,” street harassment, gang rape, murder, “honour killing,” child prostitution and human trafficking, bombing or truck-massacres – the fault for the situation as a whole lies in a completely different place.

This has been done to Germany by the transnational socialist elites who have openly admitted they want to utterly eradicate the last vestiges of the old native European cultures and national boundaries, national cultural identities. From Marx and Engels to George Soros, they have been talking about creating a “borderless” society, with none of the traditional constraints of objective morality.

Well, this is what it looks like in real life.

Suddenly it seems a lot less puzzling, right?

Happy to help.


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Last modified on Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Hilary White

Our Italy correspondent is known throughout the English-speaking world as a champion of family and cultural issues. First introduced by our allies and friends at the incomparable, Miss White lives in Norcia, Italy.