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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On the Separation of Church and State: Pope Francis vs. Pope Pius X

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The Pope of Surprises The Pope of Surprises
Pope Francis believes that a healthy secularism paired with a strong law that grants above all a religious freedom is the key to a successful and peaceful state, while states tied to a single religion don’t have a future.

“Confessional states end badly…I believe that secularism accompanied by a strong law which guarantees religious freedom provides a framework for moving forward,” the Pontiff said in an interview with Guillaume Goubert, director of French Roman Catholic newspaper La Croix.

Thank you, Francis for throwing St. Pope Pius X under the popemobile officially. At least now the world knows where you stand.

That the State must be separated from the Church," said the great (and actually humble) Pope Pius in Vehementer Nos, "is a thesis absolutely false, a most pernicious error. Based, as it is, on the principle that the State must not recognize any religious cult, it is in the first place guilty of a great injustice to God; for the Creator of man is also the Founder of human societies, and preserves their existence as He preserves our own. We owe Him, therefore, not only a private cult, but a public and social worship to honor Him..." 

I guess old Saint Pius is yet another one of those rigorist doctors of the law that Francis so enjoys maligning. And besides, what did he know about mercy!

At any rate, the Revolution has finally come full circle, with Peter himself now making common cause with the freemasons and their secularist creed so thoroughly condemned by the popes of yesterday.

If you can't lick 'em, join 'em--eh, Holiness?

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Last modified on Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Michael J. Matt | Editor

Michael J. Matt has been an editor of The Remnant since 1990. Since 1994, he has been the newspaper's editor. A graduate of Christendom College, Michael Matt has written hundreds of articles on the state of the Church and the modern world. He is the host of The Remnant Underground and Remnant TV's The Remnant Forum. He's been U.S. Coordinator for Notre Dame de Chrétienté in Paris--the organization responsible for the Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres, France--since 2000.  Mr. Matt has led the U.S. contingent on the Pilgrimage to Chartres for the last 24 years. He is a lecturer for the Roman Forum's Summer Symposium in Gardone Riviera, Italy. He is the author of Christian Fables, Legends of Christmas and Gods of Wasteland (Fifty Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll) and regularly delivers addresses and conferences to Catholic groups about the Mass, home-schooling, and the culture question. Together with his wife, Carol Lynn and their seven children, Mr. Matt currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.