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Thursday, December 7, 2017

SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Legacy of the Sexual Revolution

Written by  RTV
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woodstock thumbnailMichael J. Matt discusses sexual harassment in politics and entertainment, and asks the question: Where is the media's newfound moral indignation coming from? What did they expect after 50 years of sexual revolution, classroom sex education, free love, and women demanding to be treated just like men?  Plus, is there a connection between all of this and the total breakdown of modesty in dress in our culture? Why do the ladies at CNN and Fox dress like ladies of the evening?  Were the pre-conciliar popes and even Our Lady of Fatima paranoid puritans when they issued their foreboding warnings against the paganization of dress and culture?

Why have Catholic priests, parents and schools gone silent on this?  (One conservative Catholic College still has a dress code and campus modesty standards. Do you know which one?)

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