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Michael J. Matt | Editor

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Vatican journalist, Sandro Magister, asks the million-euro question today at a major Summit press conference here in Rome: "What about homosexuality?"  The Archbishop of Malta's answer was epic -- so epic, in fact, that Michael asks the natural follow-up: "Well, was John Paul 'the Great' homophobic then, too?"   Michael Matt offers a late-night follow-up from Vatican City in which he points out how Vatican ineptitude is such that all sides are growing impatient with Francis, including the angry protestors outside of the press hall today calling the Pope and the Summit out.

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Reporting from the Vatican, Michael Matt explains why Catholics around the world will not leave the Church despite the sexual abuse crisis but, rather, are resolved now more than ever to stay, stand and resist. On the eve of the Vatican Summit on clerical sexual abuse, Traditional Catholics stage a silent demonstration in Rome, followed by the answer to their prayer in the form of an eleventh-hour intervention from Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller. Plus, a major press conference provides opportunity for traditional Catholics to present the Catholic case to the mainstream media.

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Fr. askes the question: At this week's clerical sex abuse summit, will the Vatican finally point the accusatory finger back at itself, or will it again reference the "Great Accuser" and continue to place blame on others while ignoring the 900-pound gorilla in the parlor? When will Rome get serious about the homosexual subculture in the Church?

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mattei 1Flanked by Michael Matt and 100 Catholic activists, Professor Roberto de Mattei leads the Stop the Silence demonstration in Rome today, two days before the Vatican Summit on clerical sexual abuse.

I’m writing tonight in the shadow of St. Peter’s Basilica, having just participated in the Stop the Silence public demonstration organized by our friends and allies of the international coalition called Acies Ordinata here in Rome. This demonstration concluded with a press conference in which Catholic representatives from Poland, Canada, the US, Italy, France, and England addressed mainstream media reporters from the AP, ABCNews, the Tablet, and many others.

View Michael Matt’s statement at today’s press conference:

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Reporting from the Vatican, Michael Matt kicks off Remnant TV's coverage of the "Protection of Minors" Summit Meeting between Francis and over 100 prominent bishops of the Catholic Church, Orthodox leaders and representatives of women's groups. Will Archbishop Vigano's allegations come up at all? Or will the Vatican once again say a lot of nice words and do nothing in the face of the most serious crisis in the Church since the Protestant Revolt? Plus, what are the traditionalists going to be doing in Rome this week?

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From the Editor's Desk, Michael Matt connects the dots from the Second Vatican Council, to the 1986 Assisi Prayer Meeting, to Cardinal Bergoglio's support of the URI, to Cardinal Dolan's 2015 Interfaith prayer service in New York, and finally to Francis's 2019 joint statement with the Egyptian Imam on "God-willed diversity and plurality of religions". Are we seeing the establishment of one ecumenical world religion? By the way, Pope Francis didn't come up with any of this. Plus, Pope John Paul called for WHAT at Gandhi's tomb back in 1986?

The man at the heart of clerical sexual abuse coverup for decades--88-year-old former cardinal and archbishop of Washington, Theodore McCarrick--has finally been removed by the Vatican from the clerical state, becoming the highest-ranking prelate in modern times to be punished in this manner, second only to the penalty of excommunication itself. 

While the laicized McCarrick will remain a priest, he is no longer permitted to offer Mass or to in any other way function as a priest. This dramatic step on the part of the Vatican comes after the former Cardinal-Archbishop of Washington had already been removed from the College of Cardinals last year after credible allegations of serial homosexual abuse had been raised.

Five days ago, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò contributed the following statement to the National Catholic Register, which had invited him to be part of a symposium in anticipation of next week’s Vatican summit meeting on the clerical sexual abuse crisis.

Some of Archbishop Viganò’s more vocal traditionalist critics enjoy pointing out that, since His Excellency has been part of the post-conciliar Church, he must be considered part of the problem rather than the solution.  From the moment we reported on the first Viganò letter, we have pushed back against this myopic point of view.

It is interesting to note now, in this latest Viganò letter, that the good Archbishop highlights the years leading up to and including the Second Vatican Council as when sexual abuse in the clergy became a massive problem. The Archbishop also takes a very pre-conciliar position on the admittance of homosexuals to the priesthood. I'd say if we were to scratch the surface of Archbishop Viganò just a bit, we'd find a traditionalist.

You’ll want to read this!

We’ve reproduced the statement below in its entirety:

Despite Grave Problems, the Lord Will Never Abandon His Church

I thank you for inviting me to take part in this symposium on “Abuse and the Way to Healing” in anticipation of the upcoming bishops’ summit at the Vatican. My contribution will draw on my personal experience of 51 years of priesthood.

It is evident to all that a primary cause of the present terrible crisis of sexual abuse committed by ordained clergy, including bishops, is the lack of proper spiritual formation of candidates to the priesthood. That lack, in turn, is largely explained by the doctrinal and moral corruption of many seminary formators, corruption that increased exponentially beginning in the 1960s.

I entered a pontifical seminary in Rome and began my studies at the Gregorian University when I was 25 years old. It was 1965, just months before the end of Vatican II. I couldn’t help but notice, not only in my own college but also in many others in Rome, that some seminarians were very immature and that these houses of formation were marked by a general and very serious lack of discipline.

vigano pull 1

A few examples will suffice. Seminarians sometimes spent the night outside my seminary, as the supervision was woefully inadequate. Our spiritual director was in favor of priestly ordination ad tempus — the idea that ordained priesthood could be a merely temporary status.

At the Gregorian, one of the professors of moral theology favored situation ethics. And some classmates confided to me that their spiritual directors had no objection to their presenting themselves for priestly ordination despite their unresolved and continual grave sins against chastity.

Certainly, those who suffer from deep-seated same-sex attraction should never be admitted to seminary. Moreover, before any seminarian is accepted for ordination, he must not only strive for chastity but actually achieve it. He must already be living chaste celibacy peacefully and for a prolonged period of time, for if this is lacking, the seminarian and his formators cannot have the requisite confidence that he is called to the celibate life.

Bishops have the paramount responsibility for the formation of their candidates to the priesthood. Any bishop who has covered up abuse or seduction of minors, vulnerable adults or adults under a priest’s pastoral care, including seminarians, is not fit for that responsibility or for any episcopal ministry and should be removed from his office.

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I am praying intensely for the success of the February summit. Although I would rejoice greatly if the summit were successful, the following questions reveal that there is no sign of a genuine willingness to attend to the real causes of the present situation:

  • Why will the meeting focus exclusively on the abuse of minors? These crimes are indeed the most horrific, but the crises in the United States and Chile that have largely precipitated the upcoming summit have to do with abuses committed against young adults, including seminarians, not only against minors. Almost nothing has been said about sexual misconduct with adults, which is itself a grave abuse of pastoral authority, whether or not the relationship was “consensual.”
  • Why does the word “homosexuality” never appear in recent official documents of the Holy See? This is by no means to suggest that most of those with a homosexual inclination are abusers, but the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of abuse has been inflicted on post-pubescent boys by homosexual clerics. It is mere hypocrisy to condemn the abuse and claim to sympathize with the victims without facing up to this fact honestly. A spiritual revitalization of the clergy is necessary, but it will be ultimately ineffectual if it does not address this problem.
  • Why does Pope Francis keep and even call as his close collaborators people who are notorious homosexuals? Why has he refused to answer legitimate and sincere questions about these appointments? In doing so he has lost credibility on his real will to reform the Curia and fight the corruption.

viganoo pull 3

In my third testimony, I begged the Holy Father to face up to the commitments he himself made in assuming his office as Successor of Peter. I pointed out that he took upon himself the mission of confirming his brothers and guiding all souls in following Christ along the way of the cross. I urged him then, and I now urge him again, to tell the truth, repent, show his willingness to follow the mandate given to Peter and, once converted, to confirm his brothers (Luke 22:32).

I pray that the bishops gathered in Rome will remember the Holy Spirit, whom they received with the imposition of hands, and carry out their responsibility to represent their particular Churches by firmly asking for, and insisting on, an answer to the above questions during the summit.

Indeed, I pray that they will not return to their countries without proper answers to these questions, for to fail in this regard would mean abandoning their own flocks to the wolves and allowing the entire Church to suffer dreadful consequences.

Despite the problems I have described, I continue to have hope, because the Lord will never abandon his Church.

Archbishop Carlo Viganò is the former apostolic nuncio to the United States. 




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  • Fr. Celatus tees off on: The Ugly Traditionalist Revisited: “You are either with me or against me!”
  • Michael Matt’s Editor’s Desk: CATHOLIC IDIOCRACY: Cardinal Dolan

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Plus, Chris Ferrara’s barnburner, some thoughts on the Single Life, and a reference to 1963’s sci-fi show, The Outer Limits.

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Also included: Michael Matt introduces his readers to the US Rangers:

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The latest in the smear campaign against President Trump has his supporters doing high fives all over the place.

Listen to this!

According to MSN.com, Trump “pounced” Sen. Coons  over the abortion issue at a dinner party in the White House last week… pounced:

The night before last week’s National Prayer Breakfast, President Donald Trump was hosting religious leaders and lawmakers for dinner at the White House when he spotted Democratic Senator Chris Coons — and pounced.

Trump confronted the Delaware lawmaker — who attended the event as the Prayer Breakfast’s official Democratic co-chair — over the issue of abortion, creating a tense scene in the White House’s Blue Room, according to three sources familiar with the exchange.

Trump leaned in close to Coons, who calls himself “a practicing Christian and a devout Presbyterian,” and laced into the Democratic senator over controversial moves to change statewide policies on abortion that have roiled New York and Virginia politics in recent weeks. “He was in his face about it,” said one person familiar with the exchange. The person described Trump as extremely “worked up.”

“He saw a Democrat in the room, a Democrat who’s known to be a person of faith, and he was like, ‘Why aren't you speaking out about this?’” the source added.

Another source who was in the room confirmed the account, describing the moment as both “awkward” and attention-grabbing. Rarely has Trump been so vocal about abortion when the masses aren’t watching, this person said.

REMNANT COMMENT: Can there be anything more terrifying than the face of evil? And yet, for just a moment, let’s try to imagine the personified evil Donald Trump has encountered every day since taking office, keeping in mind he’s never had the benefit of the Sacraments of the Church, he’s never been to Confession, doesn’t have the advantage of grace to steel him against the Powers of Darkness. And yet he finds himself staring down demons, as the default champion of the "basket of deplorables" with their guns, God and Bibles. 

He doesn’t know about the scapular and the rosary and the Mass. It’s just him, with his limited understanding of Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, God and Man.   Just a guy who built a lot of buildings and made a lot of money and now he finds himself facing off against the likes of Soros, Beelzebub and even, God help him, Nancy Pelosi itself!

Sure, Donald Trump used to run in the same circles of people that now want him crucified after he's been duly drawn and quartered. But because he’s standing with us and making statements in defense of the unborn and against the priests and priestesses of satanic child sacrifice, they’ve all turned on him. They never leave him alone, in fact. All night every night, they cackle at him from the shadows and sinkholes of the Swamp, track his every move, wait for him to let his guard down so they can pounce on him, his family, his grandkids, his friends. 

Just imagine how his impression of the “live and let live” liberals must have changed by now. Think of the freaks that show up for the anti-Trump rallies, the cursing and foul-mouthed obscenity, the ugly threats, the violence.  

My point?  Donald Trump has seen the dark side as few people have.  Clearly, he is not the same man now as he was in November of 2016. The demonically possessed scream for his blood every moment of every day. The horns show and the cloven hooves are full on display.  Because he’s defended the unborn (no matter how imperfectly), the “social justice warriors” and “paragons of tolerance” have shown this man more hate and injustice and intolerance in the past two years than most men see in a lifetime.  

I don’t mean to lionize this man. Donald Trump’s weaknesses, flaws and cracks are plain to see. I’m speaking here of the phenomenon, of something we’ve not seen before.  Seems to me he really has only two moves: Throw in with the demons (and move away from the light) or run for his life in the direction of the light.  And at this point, there's nothing to be gained from his trying to placate the demons, which may be why Trump is sounding more genuinely pro-life and pro-God every day.  

When demons want your blood and your soul, why not seek out the company of the unfallen angels? What’s he got to lose!

In other words, it would seem that the Demons of the Swamp, under the watchful eye of Albert Pike, are driving Donald Trump up onto the high ground and into the camps of the righteous. His understanding of theology is superficial at best, obviously, but when he speaks of God these days he knows firsthand how much God is hated by the devils who also hate Trump almost as much.

Honestly, I believe Trump is horrified by the evil of the Swamp creatures, and he's turning to us in all sincerity--almost like a child would—and saying I’m with you. No, seriously, I really am.  

In any case, let us presume so, and let’s pray for Donald Trump now more than ever. 

trump inthe way meme

TRUMP 2020!

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