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Thursday, June 6, 2024

The Fight Continues in Japan Against Global Government

By:   Paul de Lacvivier
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The Fight Continues in Japan Against Global Government

On Friday May 31st, thousands of people - certainly more than ten thousand - marched through central Tokyo all afternoon, while in a packed concert hall various doctors, elected representatives, spokespersons and experts presented the danger of what is happening at the WHO and elsewhere.

The slogans were numerous:

- Reject the so-called pandemic "treaty" and the revision of the IHR (International Health Regulations).
- Against the introduction of a state of emergency into the constitution.
- Cessation of new vaccines, using the population as guinea pigs
- No more plans for flu vaccines to encourage the population to vaccinate.
- Ministry of Health officials to return to their primary mission, which is to serve the common good and protect the lives of citizens.
- Against the law reforming the status of local authorities, which aims to allow greater centralization, enabling the government to give orders to any local authority in the event of an emergency.

Some of these issues apply only to Japan, but they all testify to the same tendency to accelerate the implementation of legal frameworks to limit freedoms and accentuate state control over the population. Paradoxically, Japan is taking advantage of its position as the loser of the war, with a constitution imposed by the United States on Japan, but which has dismantled all the coercive power of the State, while making any constitutional reform more than difficult (4/5 of parliament and a referendum): during the entire COVID period, nothing was compulsory, apart from closing the borders... except that almost all Japanese submitted without being obliged to do so.

The demonstrations of the last few months thus reflect a certain explosion of frustration built up over the last four years, during which the Japanese, accustomed to docility, have been ripped off, violated, sometimes with great suffering...for nothing.

The demonstrations of the last few months thus reflect a certain explosion of frustration built up over the last four years, during which the Japanese, accustomed to docility, have been ripped off, violated, sometimes with great suffering...for nothing.

The May 31 demonstration was preceded by two other all-day demonstrations on May 22 and 23, in front of parliament, in preparation for May 31. Yours truly took the floor (a sneak preview below around 1')

③リレートーク街宣【後半】日本を取り戻す戦い WHO総会前夜【第1弾:若手の部】 パンデミック条約 国際保健規則改悪 反対! 2024/5/22 国会議事堂正門前(まほろばジャパン) - ニコニコ動画 (

And on the 23rd, yours truly read a message from Michelle Cailler, president of the French-speaking federative movement, which is resisting this new global Luciferianism in Switzerland, in civil society.

Here's her message:

"Dear Friends of the Japanese Resistance,

On behalf of the Mouvement fédératif romand in Switzerland, of which I am president, I would like to say the following.
We are full of admiration for your strength and determination to protect your national sovereignty.
In Switzerland, we are doing the same with courage and in the hope that the people will wake up to face the globalist challenges that threaten us.
Today, I'd like to tell you how our beautiful, sovereign Switzerland disappeared.
To do so, I'm going to tell you about my childhood and our national holiday.
August 1st, our national holiday, was an exceptional day of the year. Yes, August 1st was at least like Christmas, except that it belonged only to the Swiss. Usually, the weather was fine, Dad took the day off work, the family got together, a huge fire burned and a few fireworks crackled. There were the bread rolls topped with their pretty Swiss crosses... it was a delightful day, and at the same time full of solemnity.
How fortunate we were to live in this unique country, where life was sweet; we felt free, with respect for each other and for our humanity. Confidence, pride in being Swiss: yes, we could "boast" and say that "there's no one like us".
I felt honored and proud to belong to this sovereign and responsible Helvetic nation. In a country where the only sovereign is the people. A people with the right to self-determination... but what has become of this self-determination today? how have we lost our sovereignty? what's left of freedom, democracy, independence and peace? what's left of respect for others and fairness?
Everything that represented the uniqueness of our country is being lost in a general globalization where profit is the ultimate motto. We have blithely trampled underfoot all the cardinal values that contributed to the construction of a constitutional state and its constitutional order, on the spurious grounds of the security of all and the so-called general interest, which in the final analysis boils down to the interests of a few already wealthy private individuals.
What is left of a people that is no longer characterized by its education or culture, or by so little of it? What is left of a nation that no longer has the citizens to ask questions about the future of its younger generations? What is left of our Constitution, which has been flouted time and again?
Today, we are witnessing an inversion of all our traditional and Christian values. We no longer know who we are, and even our gender is being erased in favor of asexual beings with no morals or spirituality.
All the joy, pride and honor of belonging to this beautiful country and representing it beyond our borders are gone. So there's nothing left to make my patriotic child's heart beat ...
But how could this have happened to us?
How could we have sunk so low in this world where we risk being replaced by robots? How did we not see this coming?
Beware of our sovereignty! It's slipping away from us, and we're the ones to blame. The Swiss nation is but a reflection of the individuals who make it up. This applies to all nations that are experiencing globalization, and Japan is no exception.
We have divested ourselves of our sovereignty out of laziness, comfort and a desire to no longer bear any responsibility.
Now we find ourselves surprised and helpless in the face of this globalist machine which is advancing ineluctably against us peoples who have lost faith.
For I tell you, this is not a political crisis, so there is no political solution to our problems. It is a spiritual crisis on a grand scale, and the only answer, the only solution, can only be spiritual.
 The confrontation between God and the Devil.
This confrontation, in the world of the invisible, is present in each and every one of us.
Let's take back our sovereignty, first personal and spiritual, then that of our nations. The sovereignty of a country is only the sum of all the sovereignties of its citizens.
Today, each and every one of us must reign over our personal lives and the lives of our nations. Together, united we stand, sovereign at home.
Dear friends from Japan, courage is the heart in action, it's an act of faith.
So let's show our faith!
Let us pray for our Japanese friends, who are still unaware of the escathological stakes of the battle, and who often practice what we would call revolutionary procedures, unwillingly.

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Last modified on Thursday, June 6, 2024