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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Prominent Catholic Psychiatrist: Church in Severe Sex Crisis

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Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri (L) and Cardinal Christoph Schonborn pose with a copy of the Pope's Amoris Laetitia--the blueprint of the new Vatican Sex-ed Program Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri (L) and Cardinal Christoph Schonborn pose with a copy of the Pope's Amoris Laetitia--the blueprint of the new Vatican Sex-ed Program

This just in from LifeSiteNews

In recent years, the Catholic Church has been going through one of her most severe crises as a result of the priestly abuse of youth. The primary victims have been adolescent males.1  This worldwide scandal was enabled by the irresponsible and permissive behaviors of members of the hierarchy who made the mistake of “winking” at homosexuality in their priests, according to a Bishop on an EWTN show on the crisis in which I participated. 

This scandal was also enabled by no small number of spiritual directors, who were ignorant of psychological science and told the priests suffering same-sex attractions that they were directing that they were “born that way” rather than referring them to competent mental health professionals, which could have prevented many a youth from being abused.

In order to restore the severely damaged trust and faith in the laity, it is incumbent upon the members of the Hierarchy and priests that they never again act as permissive leaders/shepherds when serious threats are posed to the moral, intellectual, psychological, and sexual well-being of youth.

As a psychiatrist, I have worked extensively with Catholic youth severely harmed psychologically by the divorce of their parents,2 frequently enabled by 'easy’ annulments of their parents’ sacramental marriages, in disregard for justice, mercy and psychological science,3 and by the epidemics of narcissism,4 marijuana,5 pornography,6 and sexual hooking up7 (using others as sexual objects), and the enormous peer pressure to be sexually active, and suffering the psychological conflicts in their parents, siblings, and peers.8

However, in my professional opinion, the most dangerous threat to Catholic youth that I have seen over the past 40 years is the Vatican’s new sexual education program, The Meeting Point: Course of Affective Sexual Education for Young People.  READ ARTICLE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: The Remnant's reaction to this massive scandal can be read HERE. The Vatican's sex-ed program really is the last straw. They have created a hierarchical menace so predatory that they're coming after our kids now, and calling it a "good and positive" thing.

In other words, George Orwell's nightmare has become our reality, where even the Vatican has compromised itself so thoroughly and for so long with "doublethink” that they have developed the ability to "believe that black is white" and to, as Orwell puts it, "forget that one has ever believed the contrary."

To get to this point, everything in the past (read: Catholic) had to be changed--the Mass, the Rosary, the sanctuary, the priesthood, the songs, the prayers (even the Act of Contrition) -- right down to the place where the pope lives. Why?  Because tradition reminds us of who we are and what we need to be, and such reminders have a way of underming revolutions.  The success of this revolution "demands a continuous alteration of the past".  And that, writes Orwell, is “made possible by the system of thought which really embraces all the rest, and which is known as Newspeak." 

Sound familiar? A New Mass, New Rosary, New Evangelization, New Orientation--it's all there, right in front of our eyes. It's called the Novus Ordo -- the New Order, the ecclesial branch, if you will, of the New World Order.

Buckle up because this isn’t going away, and make no mistake about it:  Pope Francis is nothing more than the Revolution of Vatican II's coming out party.

pope listens
Pope Francis wears a saffron-coloured robe as he attends the
Interreligious Encounter at the Bmich in Colombo, Sri Lanka on January 13, 2015. 

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