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Dear Potential Advertiser,

I’d like to take just a moment of your time to introduce you to The Remnant newspaper's advertisement service, and see if there might not be a way for us to work together in the promotion of our Catholic Faith.

The Remnant is a bi-weekly Catholic newspaper that was established in 1967 by Walter L. Matt, longtime editor of The Wanderer. It is read by English-speaking Catholics on five continents and has a strong reputation for being uncompromisingly Catholic and loyal to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.  

I’d like to invite you to consider promoting your products and services in the pages of The Remnant or on our homepage

Since The Remnant is one of the oldest Catholic bi-weekly newspapers in the United States, our reputation for excellence, along with a loyal readership all around the world, generally create a very worthwhile market for Catholic advertisers. We’re confident that if you decide to advertise with us you will discover this for yourself.

I hope you’ll consider giving us a try.

The Remnant is committed to spreading the truth of Christ and defending the teachings of the Catholic Church in the modern world. The only advertisers we solicit are those who share that commitment.  Let’s help each other spread the truth of Christ.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Joan Mahar

Advertising Manager

Email Me
Or Give Me a Call: 602-920-0592


The Remnant is published on the 19th and on the 4th of each month.

Our masthead dates are the 15th and the last date of each month.

All camera-ready ads must be received two (2) weeks in advance in order to guarantee placement in a specific issue.

Pre-payments are required for first-time advertisers, but, after working with you once, we’re happy to bill you.

Payments can be made using the Donate button below.


Print Edition Ads

Our pages are

14” high by 10” wide

  • Half-page ads are $500

  • Full-page ads are $850

  • Quarter-page $250

  • Classified (1" X 3") $25

 RemnantOnline Ads

“Latest News” Ad
Placed at the top The Remnant homepage, and visible for approximately 2 weeks: 

$100 for an actual ad

$50 for a link to your site

Feature Article Break Ad
 Placed between paragraphs of the featured article on our homepage:  $100
(1 small graphic allowed, maximum word count 150)

Remnant Market Place Ad
Ad will be displayed on The Remnant’s Market Place page for 6 months after initial placement. $50

Combo Deal
Ad placed in all three categories: $200


THE REMNANT Advertising
P.O. Box 1117
Forest Lake, MN 55025
(602) 920-0592
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To Contact the
Advertising Department by email,
please click here:

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