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Gay ‘Marriage’:

Non-Artificial Family Planning with 100% Accuracy

Michael J. Matt POSTED: 7/16/13
Editor, The Remnant  


“You can give irrefutable proofs of the stupidity of birth-control theories and of the harm that comes from putting them into practice; but as long as there is no sincere determination to let the Creator carry on His work as He chooses, then human selfishness will always find new sophistries and excuses to still the voice of conscience and to carry on abuses.” 

- Pope Pius XII, The Large Family, 1958 -

Given that so-called ‘gay marriage’ is now becoming the law of the land it is astonishing to see so many neo-Catholics still peddling their various sex programs and family planning initiatives (of the natural sort, of course) as if there is no connection between the post-conciliar Church's new orientation regarding sexuality and the meteoric rise of sexual revolution throughout the rest of the world.

It seems everybody is preoccupied with sex these days, even most modern Catholics. Utterly lost on so many, however, is the fact that a primary reason homosexual ‘marriage’ is now legal in the West is that the moral authority of the Catholic Church since Vatican II is no longer sufficient to keep Christianity’s ancient pagan nemesis underground.  This is the problem, not homosexuality per se.

There’s nothing new about homosexuality; it has been around since the dawn of time. What is new is neo-Catholicism’s bizarre assertion that better sex and more effective family planning is the answer to the modern ascent of neo-paganism.

Let’s be honest: Homosexuals are not the cause of the breakdown of the Christian family; and neither is the US Supreme Court.  In fact, no human court could possibly cure this terminal social disease of which so-called ‘gay marriage’ is but one tragic symptom. For traditional Catholics especially, to act as though the Supreme Court could have voted down our civilization’s apocalyptic free fall into moral chaos is to reveal a myopic understanding of the revolution. 

Fifty years ago, men such as my father were fighting for the proclamation of the social Kingship of Christ as the raison d'être of the traditional Catholic counterrevolution. The virtual abandonment of that proclamation by the Church at Vatican II is why Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre made his last stand. And to the promotion of that proclamation men such as Michael Davies dedicated their entire lives. Why?  Because as students of history they knew that without Christ the King modern men could expect only moral, social and spiritual chaos to reign in His stead.  

Of course, neo-Catholics like to pooh-pooh the idea of the infallible teaching of the Church on the social Kingship. With smirking condescension, they
assure their fans that this outdated notion is no longer applicable, and, in fact, utterly counterproductive. They thus amuse themselves by mocking the “quaint kooks” who see the Social Kingship as indeed the solution to the dictatorship of relativism that is tearing the whole world apart.  

Siding with the great popes on the Social Kingship, therefore, is yet another bulwark of “radical traditionalism” that must be razed to the ground. “Moreover, the annual and universal celebration of the feast of the Kingship of Christ,” Pius XI writes in Quas Primas, “will draw attention to the evils which anticlericalism has brought upon society in drawing men away from Christ, and will also do much to remedy them. While nations insult the beloved name of our Redeemer by suppressing all mention of it in their conferences and parliaments, we must all the more loudly proclaim his kingly dignity and power, all the more universally affirm his rights.”

With neo-Catholics so eager to carry water for the enemies of the Church by dismissing this Christocentric papal plan of Catholic action, is it any wonder they have proved themselves utterly powerless to stop social juggernauts such as ‘gay marriage’? 

But this is the neo-Catholic way. They also lampoon traditionalist cultural “hang-ups” such as immodesty in dress, pagan and revolutionary music, cross dressing, etc.  Yes, it is true that a half century ago traditionalists were very concerned that women dressing like men, for example, would have massive social consequences. "Hence it is in itself sinful," writes St. Thomas in the Summa, "for a woman to wear man’s clothes, or vice-versa; especially since this may be the cause of sensuous pleasure; and it is expressly forbidden in the Law (Deut 22)." 

St. Thomas notwithstanding, traditionalists are to this day raked over the coals for holding that there is a connection between the breakdown of the family and a radical feminist campaign to first dress women in the clothes of men and then to confuse and conflate the respective traditional roles of the head and heart of the Christian home.

Of course now this has become a fait accompli, and I’m not arguing that it is somehow sinful for women to wear pants. But in hindsight is it not reasonable to consider that on this issue (as on so many others) the traditionalists may have had a point?  A couple of generations later, men and women have become so deprogrammed that many don’t even know if they’re male or female, straight or crooked; little boys want to be girl scouts; little girls want to play football, and no one knows quite what to do with gender specific restrooms and words such as “mom” and “dad”.  

The fact of the matter is that traditional Catholicism was never about mere "liturgical preferences", but rather concerned itself first and foremost with holding up Catholic Tradition as a means of preventing Western civilization’s derailment into the current quagmire of social and moral chaos.

Consequently, “gay marriage” comes as no surprise to traditional Catholics, and neither do traditionalists hate nor fear homosexuals. They are the kids we all grew up with. It is not as if homosexuals somehow invaded our country from their distant planet of Homosexualia. They are our brothers and sisters who were effectively abandoned in the name of aggiornamento, only to become the collateral damage of revolution in the Catholic Church. Their homes were broken, parents divorced, priests became predators, and everyone in authority began telling them to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. And where was the moral authority of Catholic Church? Where were the bishops? Where were the priests? With notable and heroic exceptions, they were celebrating the Springtime of Vatican II.

Gay ‘marriage’ became inevitable when the post-conciliar Church seemed to renege on her infallible teaching to be the sole means of salvation; when the human element of the Church established an annulment industry to rival that of secular divorce courts; when even Humanae Vitae itself became too ‘radically traditional’ for post-conciliar Catholics to accept; when natural birth control began to dominate marriage classes in Catholic parishes (thus offering blessings from on high to the radically novel idea of separating the marital act from the end which God Himself had ordained: procreation). The “renewed” Catholic Church left the field in search for justification to join the sexual revolution (au naturel, of course!) and to find ways and means for Catholics to plan parenthood just like everyone else.  Homosexuals didn’t desacralize marriage…we did!

To this day, Pope Pius XII remains the unlikely hero of extremist proponents of natural birth control because of a 1951 address to the Italian midwives in which he allowed for grave circumstances which might justify rare and limited use of natural means to regulate births over and above periodic abstinence. But the exaggeration of Pius’s position on the part of NFP experts constitutes a gross injustice to the memory of the great pontiff and utterly ignores the Holy Father’s adamant objection to planned parenthood, even of the natural variety.

Natural justice demands that the abuse of natural birth control so rampant among otherwise faithful Catholics today not be laid at the feet of Pope Pius XII, who in fact said: “You can give irrefutable proofs of the stupidity of birth-control theories and of the harm that comes from putting them into practice; but as long as there is no sincere determination to let the Creator carry on His work as He chooses, then human selfishness will always find new sophistries and excuses to still the voice of conscience and to carry on abuses.”  (
The Large Family, Pius XII, 1958)

I say “faithful Catholics” since only the most faithful in the post-conciliar Church would bother to follow the Church’s teaching against artificial contraception in the first place. But this only exacerbates the problem, since in so many instances good Catholics are being led astray by neo-Catholics who assure them with plenty of “new sophistries” that they need only have the number of children “they want”, and that they’re perfectly free to put off having any at all, if need be.

Again, the objective seems to be to separate the pleasure of the act from its divinely-established end: Procreation. And this is revolutionary to the core.

The fact remains that homosexual acts come with a one hundred percent contraceptive guarantee, which is why so many in the Church of Nancy Pelosi feel compelled by logic and a sense of justice to accept ‘gay marriage’. Once marriage was no longer first and foremost about procreation why not let everyone get married—even homosexuals! 

Within the context of the present worldwide program to destroy Christian marriage, is it not incumbent upon all Catholics to set aside partisan politics and to raise respectful questions as to the prudence of such massive novelties as Theology of the Body, for example—a no doubt well intended experiment in sexuality that was nevertheless unheard of in the history of the Church?  

Would it not behove us to recall that as far as our grandmothers and grandfathers were concerned, even within marriage the idea was for Christians to wean themselves from the marital act as the years passed, in order to prepare for death and pursue the things of the soul? 

Finding ways and means of maintaining an active “sex life” even well into middle age and beyond via some sort of natural equivalent to Viagra, would have been utterly abhorrent to our fathers and mothers. What if they had it right, and we have it wrong?  Is it “radically traditionalist” to ask the question? After a mere couple of decades of experimentation is the evidence sufficiently manifest to prove that the world is better off now than it was in the days when Christian men and women didn’t speak of such things in polite society?  

For “radical traditionalists” the answer is obvious.  The defence of the Christian family begins with the restoration of traditional Catholic moral theology, the Latin Mass, the large family, and the abandonment of the experimental sex programs that run rampant in the Church since Vatican II. The world needs Catholic tradition and morality, not Catholic novelty and experimentation.

Sex addiction is a growing problem in the Church today, and, whether our neo-Catholics friends like it or not, more sex (even within marriage) may not be the solution.  Every saint in history would argue that self-restraint and self-denial, on the other hand, may well be.  Perhaps we should give that a try again, and leave the sex therapy to Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

The bottom line is this: For our Catholic forefathers the marital act was first and foremost for the purpose of procreation. For modern Catholics this is no longer so. The question is: On the rightness of whose position are you prepared to bet your immortal soul?

Surely, NFP can (and often is) used to promote large families, and there can be no objection to this.  But when those same techniques are used to prevent conception for any and all reasons and for prolonged periods of time, without the slightest  regard  for   Pius’s  “grave reasons”  (e.g.,  life-threatening illnesses), it must be seen as a radical departure from the Church’s timeless teachings.  It is, as the late great Cardinal Ottaviani noted, a dangerous novelty.

“I am not pleased with the statement in the text that married couples may determine the number of children they are to have,” wrote Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, head of the Holy Office during Vatican II, and also the esteemed prelate who personally crowned Cardinal Montini (Paul VI).Never has this been heard of in the Church.” (The Rhine Flows into the Tiber, by Father Ralph Wiltgen, Tan Books and Publishers, 1967.)

Never has this been heard of in the Church! In a world so perilously confused as to embrace ‘gay marriage’ as an act of love and tolerance, what is needed today is what Pius XII called for in his 1958 address—large Catholic families, parents who trust completely in God as the Author of all life, and the Church to reassert her traditional teachings on marriage. His Holiness would have fallen to the floor in horror had he been informed that a day was coming when perfectly healthy Catholic couples would be required to learn how to prevent conception—with 99% accuracy!—as part of diocesan-mandated marriage preparation classes. This is nothing less than sexual revolution in the Catholic Church!

Pius XII’s “The Large Family” was delivered in January of 1958; He died in October of that same year. In other words, in one of his final messages to the world the Holy Father went to considerable lengths to stress the true ends of marriage (the procreation and education of children) and the singular importance of large families to the common good of all.

Months before he died he imparted his papal blessing on men and women who take no interest in what he called “planned parenthood”, but rather open themselves completely to the will of God where procreation is concerned. And this for good reason, since modern society was poised to declare total war on large families and the ends of marriage established by God Himself. Once that war had been declared, gay ‘marriage’ would become inevitable.

Enough is enough. The neo-Catholics have had their say. For far too long they have been allowed to craft definitions of what Catholicism is and is not that represent a radical departure from what the Church had always been. Running with the wolves that bulldozed the sanctuaries of the churches of our youth they are now selling off those churches our fathers built in order to pay for a clerical sex scandal brought on by their own failed policies.

They’re making a laughing stock of the Church’s teaching against divorce and remarriage by allowing an easy annulment industry to establish itself in the heart of the Catholic Church.  (When’s the last time you heard of a Catholic NOT getting an annulment on demand? And this isn’t divorce?  Why not!)

And with gay ‘marriage’ now becoming the law of the land many of our neo-Catholic friends are busy reminding the world that ‘civil unions’ would be far superior, of course, as long as we don’t call it marriage and that blah, blah, blah….

So much for the sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. 

It is because the Church of Vatican II is in total disarray that the world is plunging into chaos.  And we cannot in good conscience blame homosexuals for that.  The fundamental problem in the world today is that the human element of the Catholic Church has effectively uncrowned Christ the King.  Period!

Catholics didn’t lose their identity; it was sold off by their shepherds for a mess of Modernist pottage. And now a secular government that has no fear of a “reformed” Catholic Church feels perfectly comfortable telling the bishops and even the Vatican itself to go to hell. Quite obviously, homosexual ‘marriage’ represents the triumph of the world, the flesh, and the Devil over the Church of Vatican II.  And many Catholics have simply had enough.

The irony, of course, is that for decades  traditionalists were called schismatic for warning that this day was coming, and that post-conciliar Catholicism was no match for it. It was never merely the loss of the Latin Mass that motivated traditionalists. It was always the threat of Tradition-phobic modernists occupying positions of authority in the Church, watering down liturgy and doctrine, betraying the fort, compromising the Faith, and undermining the sensus Catholicus to such an extent that the whole world would be doomed to suffer persecution under a tyrannical new order whose deadly advance only a strong Catholic Church could block. 

Lex orandi, lex credendi! The law of prayer is the law of belief. How we pray is how we believe. The traditionalist pioneers raised their voices only after being ordered by their shepherds to stop worshipping as Catholics always had, to abandon their Catholic traditions, and to take on the mantle of something that looked an awful lot like rank Protestantism.  And all the while the neo-Catholics—poor, befuddled, deceived roadies of the revolution—held the coats of stone-throwing modernists everywhere.  

They smiled and nodded as the revolutionaries ripped out the high altars, abandoned the Latin language, wrecked the Catholic school system, blessed and approved classroom sex-education, set up ‘Catholic’ versions of contraception and divorce, and demonstrated precious little regard for whole generations of lost sheep. 

Under the “reformed” post-conciliar policies, Catholics began to pray like everyone else in the world, think like everyone else, divorce, annul and contracept just like everyone else. And that is a problem which by comparison dwarfs ‘gay marriage’—a mere symptom of a deadly disease called Modernism.

When will the neo-Catholics wake up to what is really going on?

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