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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

“He didn’t come here to pray”

By:   William Dodd
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“He didn’t come here to pray”

Within hours after President Trump’s walk from his residence with Bible in hand to the nearby Episcopal Church of Saint John’s we heard the following from our Capitol’s Christian Church leaders:

  • From Reverend Virginia Gerbasi, the Rector of another Saint John’s Church in Georgetown:  “A sacrilege, an absolute sacrilege.” 
  • From the Right Reverend Mariann E. Budde, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington: “He didn’t come to Saint John’s to pray – his message is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and to the God of justice.” 
  • From the Catholic Archbishop of Washington D.C.: “the late Pope John Paul II would certainly would not condone the use of tear gas and other deterrents to silence, scatter or intimidate them for a photo opportunity in front of a place of worship and peace.”

“Woe to you, you hypocrites.”  If you were doing your jobs, the President of the United States would not have had to walk to a Christian Church and raise the Bible in hand for all to see - the Book that tells us what God expects of us in order to spend eternity with Him.   The Bible opposes violence as the solution for anything.

President Trump does not and has never condoned police brutality in any form and has been outspoken in his demand for justice in the case of George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis policeman.  He is also seeking an end to violent protests and looting in our cities.  He, as we all do, demands safety for our citizenry and opposes wanton violence, theft, and destruction of public and private property.  dodd 1

But where, Church leaders, were you?  Hiding in your plush residences away from the unlawful street mayhem.  And then, after the President acts in your places, running to the media for your own photo ops to denigrate the President and express false pieties. 

Why weren’t you, instead of President Trump, standing in front of your Churches with Bibles held high and proclaiming that this Book provides the answers for justice, not senseless mayhem and destruction? 

You, who are afraid to condemn lawless violence in our cities, are so quick to criticize the one man in public office who has the courage to act righteously and who fears no one, especially timid Church leaders.   Even in the religious realm, Trump is willing to do the heavy lifting when apathetic Church ministers fail to step up.

So, Reverend Budde, you are correct.  President Trump did not go to Saint John’s to pray.  He went there to remind us all that the Bible, not anarchy, provides the solutions for justice and peace.  In the meantime return to your apathy and hypocrisy.  But know that it is your Boss Who has given our country the gift of Donald Trump’s presidency and Who will ensure his reelection this Fall.

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Last modified on Thursday, June 4, 2020