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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The “Great Hair Jesus” is Politically Correct (the real one is not)

Written by  Rick Christensen
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The “Great Hair Jesus” is Politically Correct (the real one is not)

I heard the question posed the other day: "If Jesus were to return to earth today, which religion would He identify with? Which political party? Which country?” It's a question that could generate a lively discussion to be sure, but it is moot. The very idea of Who and What Jesus is has been very diluted and distorted by a number of things in recent decades. Among these are Hollywood, televangelists, many different flavors of Christianity and a continually evolving and shape-shifting Catholic Church, at least that large portion of it that is most visible.


Jesus has been reinvented and remade in the countless images and likenesses of those who would have Him be that which is according to their needs.  The Jesus imagined by the world today, even by those who should know better, is pro-gay, pro adultery, pro pedophile, and basically if it feels good do it and don't worry about it. The new Jesus loves all religions and is effeminate and weak.

So, the right question isn't what Jesus would gravitate to upon His hypothetical present day return, but rather who among us would accept Him? Not the reimagined Jesus, but the real one, King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

There are numerous passages in that give an idea of Jesus' true identity in scripture, but the most telling one I think is in the gospels of Mark and Matthew, wherein Jesus is confronted by the Pharisees and is asked whether it is legal to pay taxes. From this came Jesus well known response "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God's."  But in trying to deceive Jesus, the Pharisees first said an often overlooked thing of great importance.  They said "Master, we know that thou art a true speaker, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest Thou for any man, for Thou dost not regard the person of men."   Matthew 22 verse 16. Douay Rheims

The Pharisees spoke true in this manner, although their intent in the use of this truth was malicious and deceitful.  This passage is very significant in the light of modern times because virtually every religion and country does the exact opposite and regards the person of men at the expense of truth, justice and morality.  The tip of the spear of this issue, and where most of the blame lies is the mainstream Catholic church. Once a solid bastion and loud voice for morality and justice (Real justice, not the often spoke of "social justice" the Marxists in the church speak of today.) the church has become mute and has implicitly if not openly endorsed those things which it is charged with resisting, such as gay marriage and abortion.  Once the Catholic church abandoned it's position of influence in the world on these and other moral issues, every other entity followed along.

Jesus never said, "Everything is ok, do what you want." He never said, "brothers and sisters" or spoke in inclusive language to make people feel good. He never meant for us to be completely comfortable, and while walking this earth He sowed discomfort both among his enemies and His followers as an example and lesson for all of us. Jesus was not politically correct in any sense of the word and this example too is of great value. Jesus also always spoke the truth, regardless of it being shaming, uncomfortable, inconvenient, or difficult. A good example of this is when many of His followers left when He said that in order to be saved you must eat of His flesh, and He made no effort to rephrase or further explain this concept.

Rome, are you listening? Local Bishops, can you hear this? Lay people around the world, can you understand this?

If in the hypothetical scenario that opened this article you accept Jesus exactly as Who and What He is, then it goes hand in hand with being serious about saving your soul. The means to do this and the grace to hold fast to it are found in true Catholicism and apostolic tradition, much of which has been lost since Vatican II.  Seek the Catholic Church that represents and worships Jesus Christ as He commanded, and as He truly is. Don't be lulled into a false sense of comfort, because that is as the world wants you to be and it won't enable you to accept Christ, nor will it enable Him to accept you when your hour comes.


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Last modified on Thursday, December 7, 2017