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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Parable of the Negligent Father

Written by  Magister Athanasius
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The Parable of the Negligent Father

The parable...

There once was a father who had two sons. One son spent his spare time murdering and raping people. The father knew about his son’s transgressions but wanted to keep the peace in the family so he remained silent and refused to discipline him. Even worse, he often praised his wicked son in public and bestowed on him all kinds of honors. The only admonition he ever gave to his wicked son was to tell him to make sure his room stayed clean. The other son was a very Godly man who practiced a life of virtue and out of love for his wicked brother he occasionally rebuked him for his sins. Seeing that the good son refused to “keep the peace” in the family by rebuking his brother, the father insulted the good son, locked him in his room and deprived him of food. After taking such actions against the good son, the father continued to neglect admonishing his wicked son, though he was still quick to exhort him to keep his room clean.

Is this not an exact description of what is taking place with this current pontificate? Like the wicked son, there are bishops who spiritually murder the flock with heresy. Furthermore, they have no shame in raping the faithful by corrupting the innocence of their youth, promoting sodomites in the church and using the money of the faithful to cover it all up. Like the father in the parable, the Holy Father doesn’t discipline these bishops but, in fact, promotes them. His only admonition to these bishops, as well as the rest of the flock, is to protect the environment (e.g. Laudato Si), which is the moral equivalent of a father telling his son to keep his room clean. Like the good son, faithful Catholics charitably rebuke those who wayward sons who spread heresy and rape the flock, only to be met with insults, rigid restrictions (e.g. the Franciscans of the Immaculate) and withholding of food (i.e. neglecting the spiritual needs of the flock). The wayward sons of the church continue to spit on the Bride of Christ and the Holy Father still insists on focusing on the message of the vegetable gospel aka Laudato Si.

A father as the one described in the parable would surely be subject to severe civil penalties when discovered by the state. If this is the case with earthly fathers, how then will our heavenly Father judge a pontificate that is the spiritual counterpart of said parable? May God open the eyes of Pope Francis and help him to be a good father before it is too late.


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Last modified on Tuesday, September 1, 2015